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导读:用英语上网聊天 1. Where are you from? 你来自哪里? 2. Which city do you live in 你现在住在那个城市? 4. Where is your hometown 你的家乡是哪呀? 3. I live in Beijing, and you? 我在北京,你呢?5. Great! We are fro


用英语上网聊天 1. Where are you from? 你来自哪里? 2. Which city do you live in 你现在住在那个城市? 4. Where is your hometown 你的家乡是哪呀? 3. I live in Beijing, and you? 我在北京,你呢?5. Great! We are from the same city! To cite a famous Chinese saying, when one meets one’s tow n fellow, one cannot help weeping for excitement. Haha~~~~ 太好了!我们是老乡! !用中国话来说“老乡见老乡,两眼泪汪汪”,哈哈。

(学校) 1. Can you tell us a bit about your university and your major? 谈谈你毕业的学校和专业怎么样? 2. Are you an undergraduate or a postgraduate? 你在学习本科学历还是硕士学历?3. Have you heard the saying that "Nowadays bachelor holders are as many as dogs, Master holders are all over the street". 你听说过一句话:“本科多如狗,硕士满街走”吗? 4. Never mind. I’m kidding. But I have a doctorate degree. 这只是一句玩笑,别介意。

我是一位博士生 5. In fact I am a Doctor of Tea. Haha~~~~~ 实际上我只是一个“茶博士”。

哈哈 【性别、工作】 1. Shall we chat more intimately? To me, you are not an ordinary girl. 我们能更亲密得聊聊吗?我认为你不仅仅是一个女孩! 2. You are the queen. Haha~~~~~~~~~~~~ 而是一位女皇,哈哈。

3. I am 23.You must be younger than me! 我 23 岁了,你一定比我小吧。

4. May I know your occupation? 你的职业是什么? 5. I am a salesman. I work like a cow: Make much milk for a company, but eat only a little grass. 我是 一名销售员,像牛一样"光挤奶、不吃草"。

(英语学习) 1. I wish I can get used to speaking in English. 我希望自己习惯于说英语。


2. I can't hold on studying without someone's encouragement. 我正在致力于它,有一天它会是小菜一碟。

4. I’m trying to improve my English through chatting online in English. 我正通过网上聊天来提高我的英语。

5. We’ve got lots of time to improve/practice our English. 我们有很多时间来提高/ 练习我们的英语。

1. I found an interesting and practical way of learning English. That is Wulitou (Casual) way. 我发现了一个即有趣又有用的方法来学习英语,那就是"无厘头英语"。

2. Wulitou (Casual) way makes English learning as interesting as playing a game. 无厘头精神使学习英语变的像游戏轻松有趣。

3. The initiators of Wulitou way are fans of Dahuaxiyou (Talking About Western Odyssey). They include journalists and foreign teachers. They share a common name Zhou Benchi. 立者是一群《大话西游》迷,包括记者、外教,他们共同享有一个名字“周奔驰"。

4. Believe it or not, by reading this book, you will be able to chat online in English very soon. 由你,只要翻开这本书,就能立刻在网上用英语自由聊天。

5. It’s called practice while learning. 这叫做现学现用。

你知道"癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉"怎么说吗? (玩笑) 1. What is the English for 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉? swan"而是"Angels fly out of your arse" 。

信不信 无厘头英语的创3. I am working on it. I hope some day speaking English would just be a piece of cake for me.2. It's not "A toad wants to eat a swan". It is "Angels fly out of your arse". 不是"A toad wants to eat a

3. Literally it means " 屁股(arse)里飞出天使(angels)来". It's very interesting, isn't it? 文是"屁股(arse)里飞出天使(angels)来"的意思。

很有意思,对吗? 4. Don't be oversensitive. I’m just kidding. arse as get next to the likes of her.” 别这么爱过敏,开个玩笑么。

如果直译成中5. That sentence comes from Titanic. The original sentence is “You’d as like have angels fly out of your 这句话的原话来自于 《泰坦尼克号》 , 全句是: “You’ d as like have angels fly out of your arse as get next to the likes of her.” (想和她那样的姑娘在一起,你简直是“癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 ”。

) (休闲/爱好) 1. What do you do in your spare time? 不忙的时候你做些什么? 3.Good health is priceless. 好身体是无价之宝。

2. What's you favorite sport? 你喜欢哪项运动4. What's your favorite movie? 你最喜欢的电影是什么? 5. 5 Smoking affects one’s health. But, to me, bad habits are difficult to get rid of. 吸烟影响健康,但对 我来说,坏的习惯很难更改。

(感情) 1. Would you mind if I ask you a personal question? Are you still single? 介意我问一个私人问题吗?你是单身吗? 2. Have you got a Flower Guardian, someone who cares for you? You are just like a beautiful flower in my mind.你有护花使者了吗? 因为在我心目中你就像花一样。

3. I like a line from Titanic very much: You jump, and I will jump. 我喜欢电影《泰坦尼克》上的一句精彩对白:你跳我也跳。

4. Another line I like very much is from Inside Detective 008: Are you hungry? Shall I make a bowl of noodle for you? 另一句我喜欢的电影对白是《大内密探 008》里的:肚子饿不饿,要不要我给你煮碗面吃? 5. The favorite scene I like is in a novel by Lu Yao. In the remote country, a boy fell in love with a girl. He handed her a piece of paper with only one line on it which read I Want To Be Good With You. 但是 我最喜欢的是路遥小说里的一个场景:在一个僻远的乡村,一个小伙子喜欢上一个姑娘,他给他写了一 个小纸条,上面只有一句话:“俺想和你好”。

(赞美) 1. I don’t think you are as pretty as Zhang Manyu. 我感觉你长得不如张曼玉漂亮。

2. But you are more beautiful than Zhang Ziyi. 但至少不比张子怡差。

3. Nothing is more pleasant than talking with you. 什么娱乐都不如和你聊天。

4.You are such a smart girl. 你真是个伶牙俐齿(聪明)的姑娘。

5.My passion for you is beyond any words. (情绪化表达) 肯定(搞对)certainly/sure/of course.当然。

Great! 太好了。

No problem. 没问题! Good idea! 好主意! I totally agree with you. 我完全同意。

否定 疑问: No!/ No way! 不行/没门! I don't think so.我不那样认为。

I disagree. 我不同意。

愤怒 How dare you! 怎么敢…… All right. 好吧! I think so. 我也这么想。


Are you sure? 你确定吗? Why are you so sure about that? 你为什么这么确定? Really? 真的吗? Of course, it’s true.当然是真的。

惊叹 Gosh! / God!/My God! / Goodness me! / Jesus Christ! 天哪! It’s terrific. It’s incredible. 太好了,简直难以置信。

It’s incredible. 难以置信。

I can’t believe my own eyes! 我简直不敢相信我的眼睛了。

感谢 Thanks./ Thanks a lot. 谢谢。

Thank you very much. 多谢你。

I’m profoundly grateful to you. 我向你表示深深的感激。

谦虚 My pleasure. / You are welcome. 不必客气 . Don’t mention it. 小意思(一般般) 随便。

It’s up to you. 看你了。

(双向交流/碰撞) 1. I beg your pardon. / I didn't quite catch you on that.我没有听懂你刚才说的话。

2. Do you understand this sentence? / Are you following me? / Are you with me? 你是否明白这个句子? 3. I feel the same. / I think exactly the same way. (打招呼) 1. Sorry. I’m busy at the moment. I’ll talk to you later. 抱歉,我的朋友在和我聊,有空了我再去找你。

3. Forgive me. I sent you a wrong message. Hope yo u don’t mind. 对不起,我发错了信息。


常用语 100 句 1. How are you doing?(你好吗?) 2. I'm doing great.(我过得很好。

) 3. What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?) 4. Nothing special.(没什么特别的。

) 8. How about yourself?(你自己呢?) 5. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。

) 9. Today is a great day.(今天是个好日子。

) 6. So far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。

) 7. Things couldn't be better.(一切顺利。

) 10. Are you making progress? (有进展吗?) 11. May I have your name, please? (请问尊姓大名?) 12. I've heard so much about you.(久仰大名。

) 13. I hope you're enjoying your staying here.(希望你在这里过得愉快。

) 14. Let's get together again.(改天再聚聚。

) 15. That's a great idea! (好主意! ) 16. Please say hello to your mother for me.(请代我向你母亲问好。

) 17. I'm glad to have met you.(很高兴遇到你。

) 18. Don't forget us.(别忘了我们。

) 19. Keep in touch.(保持联系。

) 20. I had a wonderful time here.(我在这里度过了难忘的时光。

) 21. Have a nice weekend.(周末愉快。

) 22. Same to you.(彼此彼此。

) 23. Nice talking to you.(很高兴与你聊天。

) 24. Take care of yourself.(自己当心/照顾好你自己。

) 25. Thank you for everything.(谢谢你的多方关照/你为我所做的一切。

) 26. Thank you all for coming.(谢谢光临。

) 28. You're always welcome.(别客气/不用谢) 30. It was my pleasure.(不用谢。

) 32. I'm terribly sorry.(实在抱歉。

) 27. I appreciate your help.(我感谢你的帮助。

) 29. Forget it.(算了吧) 对不起,我现在很忙,有时间再和你聊。

2. Sorry. I’m speaking with a friend at the moment. I will talk to you later. 我也这么想。

4. Me too. 我也是。

5. Anyway, believe me. I am serious. 不管怎样,请相信我,我是认真的。

随意 Be at home. / Do as you please.31. I made a mistake.(我弄错了。

) 33. I must apologize! (我必须道歉! )

34. I feel terrible.(我感觉糟透了。

)35. It's not your fault. (那不是你的错。

)36. Sorry to bother /have bothered you.(抱歉,打扰一下/打扰你了。

) 37. What do you do? (你做什么工作? 38. How do you like your new job? 你觉得你的新工作怎样? 39. I like it a lot.(我很喜欢。

) 40. I like reading and listening to music.(我喜欢阅读和欣赏音乐。

) 41. What's wrong?(怎么回事?) 42. What happened?(发生什么事了?) 43. I hope nothing is wrong.(我希望一切顺利。

) 44. I know how you feel.(我知道你的感受。

) 45. Sorry to hear that.(听到这个消息我很难受。

) 46. Come on, you can do that.(来吧,你能做到的。

) 48. You did a great job.(你赶得很好。

) 50. I'm very proud of you.(我为你感到自豪 52. I love you guys.(我爱你们。

) 54. You look great! (你看上去棒极了! ) 47. Use your head.(动动脑筋。

) 49. That's very nice of you.(你真好) 51. I like your style.(我喜欢你的风格。

) 55. That's fantastic! (那真是棒极了! ) 53. How do I look?(我看起来怎么样?)56. That's really something.那真是了不起! 57. I t's a pleasure working with you.与您合作很愉快 58. Congratulations on you success.(祝贺你的成功。

) 59. I'd like to propose a toast.(我提议干杯! ) 60. Are you married or single?(你结婚了吗?) 61. I've been dying to see you.(我非常想见到你。

) 62. I'm crazy about you.(我为你疯狂/痴迷 /神魂颠倒。

) 63. I love you with all my heart.(我全心全意爱你! ) 64. You're everything to me.(你是我的一切! ) 65. You're in love! (你恋爱了! ) 66. I'm tired of working all day.整日工作使我厌烦 67. You work too much.(你做得太多了。

) 68. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物。

) 69. Are you crazy?(你疯了吗?) 70. Have you got it?(明白了吗?) 71. I've got it.(我懂了。

) 72. I can't afford that.(我承担/买不起。

) 73. I did it, I'm so happy now.(我做到了,现在我很满意。

) 74. I don't care.(不关我的事/我不管。

) 76. I guess so.(我想是吧。

) 80. I'm so scared.(我怕极了。

) 75. I don't think so.(我不这么想 /我看不会/不行/ 不用。

) 77. I have no other choice.(我别无选择。

) 81. It's hard to say.(难说。

) 83. It's a small world.(世界真小。

)78. I will do my best! (我会尽力的! ) 79. I mean it.(我是认真的。

) 82. It's a long story.(说来话长 /一言难尽。

) 86. It's dangerous! (危险! ) 88. No doubt about it.(毫无疑问。

) 90. Think it over.(仔细考虑一下。

)84. It's against the law! (那是违法的! ) 85. It's a good opportunity! (好机会! ) 87. May I help you?(我能帮忙吗?) 89. That's bullshit! (废话! ) 91. Time will tell.(时间会证明的。

) 93. Whatever you say! (随便你! )92. What a surprise! (太令人惊讶了! )94. You are the boss! (听你的!你说了算! ) 95. You have my word! (我保证! ) 96. Tough job, tough day, tough world. Life is not always sweet. That's life! (艰苦的工作,艰难的日子,不幸的世界。


这就是生活! ) 97. I need some sleep.(我需要睡眠。

) 99. Just relax.(放松一下。

) 98. Take it easy.(别紧张。

) 100. Zip your fly! (闭嘴! )


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