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导读:我的梦想英语作文150词,我的梦想优秀英语作文 60 字导语:梦想就犹如夜空中的那一颗颗闪亮的星星,照耀着我的心田。梦想就 像一盏明灯,不断激励着我走出困境,越过绊脚石,走向美好的未来!以下是 yj


我的梦想优秀英语作文 60 字导语:梦想就犹如夜空中的那一颗颗闪亮的星星,照耀着我的心田。

梦想就 像一盏明灯,不断激励着我走出困境,越过绊脚石,走向美好的未来!以下是 yjbs 作文网小编为您收集整理的英语作文,希望对您有所帮助。

我的梦想英语作文(1)I have a dream, deeply rooted in my heart. That is when I grow up, I want to be an athlete.Although I have no wisdom, no rigorous thinking, no special accurate judgment, but I still won't give up work. Although the dream away from me very far away, but I still won't stop pursuing. Although in the process of realize the dream, there will be many setbacks and countless hardships, but I'm still not discouraged. Because I believe that only through a hellish hone,To build to create the power of heaven; Only through the blood fingers, to pop up to the swan song of the world. Only experience difficulties and setbacks, can realize their dreams.Previously, every time I see the remarkable achievements of the athletes, always feel envy and admiration. They ran to the motherland, for our world.So, I want to be an athlete, become a contribution to the country, to become the pillars of the country. Whenever I see a waste of time to the person, I will feel sorry for them; Whenever I see frustrated person, we will feel sad for them; Whenever I see work honestly, I feel indignation. Because they didn't see their own value, not their own dreams. Such a life, there is no sense in life.And I, at least have a dream, a goal. With this dream, I will have been trying to go down, never give up. Have a dream, is to grasp their own life course, won't get lost. With this dream, like a beacon, light up my way forward. Have been to the summit of victory.In order to this dream, I will try to struggle. Also hope that everyone can toward his dream to forge ahead, to find belongs to own tomorrow!1/8



尽管我没有过人的才智,没有严密的思维,也没有特别准确的判断力,但是 我仍不会放弃努力。


尽管在实 现梦想的过程中,会有很多挫折和无数的磨难,但我仍不会灰心丧气。

因为我相 信,只有经历地狱般的磨练, 才能练出创造天堂的力量;只有流过血的手指,才能弹出世间的绝唱;只有经 历困难和挫折,才能实现自己的梦想。


他们 奔向祖国,为世界争光。

因此,我想成为一个运动员,成为一个对国家有贡献的人,成为这个国家的 栋梁。

每当我看到浪费时间的人时,我会为他们感到惋惜;每当我看到灰心丧气 的人时,会为他们感到悲哀;每当我看到不务正业的人时,我会感到愤恨。

因为 他们没有看到自己的价值,没有属于自己的梦想。

这样的人生,是没有意义的人 生。


有了这个梦想,我就会一直努力下去, 永不放弃。


有 了这个梦想,就好象一盏明灯,照亮了我前进的道路。



也希望人人能向着自己的梦想奋进,寻找属 于自己的明天! 我的梦想英语作文(2)I have a lot of a lot of dreams, have a past, now, and in the future. My first dream is when astronauts, I don't know why, since self understanding, it has always been my dream, never change. I don't know how to think, before I always thought that I don't want to live forever in the small on the earth, if in my life, can only live on this earth, really think life is meaningless, so I want to be a astronaut, want to fly out of the earth, to explore the mystery of the universe. My classmates all think that it is impossible for me, to be honest, I think so too, but although is such, my dream is not changed, I still want to try, whether can you succeed. Until now I also think so. But I won't think there is no point in living on the earth, because it is gold, will shine through, no matter where. A few months ago, I was sick, sick, I'm worried about my body will bear. But fortunately, the doctor I healed, from then on, I admire the doctor. So I want to be a doctor, take a person back from the brink of life and death, isn't that doctors should do? I want to can have so much ability, and only a doctor, to cure a person, let he/she laughed again,2/8

isn't it a nice thing? A person's smile is the most beautiful, and "I" to his/her smile, isn't it a until the happy thing?I watched a programme, said to be a poor man was framed by a wealth of people, and he engages in a lawsuit, but because they had no money to hire a lawyer, let him get away with that. So I want to be a lawyer, a see money as dirt, a lawyer, a justice of the law for people, I want to help all be wronged and people can't afford to hire a lawyer to court, I want to let those wicked men, what goes around comes around, one good turn deserves another good man, to help those wicked men engage in a lawsuit, I want to let them lose lose, reared its head.Uncle heard that I'm a civil servants pass, our whole family are happy for him. Dad said civil servants is to work for the country. So I want to be a civil servant, I want to serve the motherland, do something for the motherland, to help our motherland a better tomorrow, let our country become more prosperous and strong, let those who look down upon Chinese foreigners feel guilty, to make our motherland into a real dragon....... My ideal too much, but I know that no matter what ideal, all we need to work hard, because heaven won't fall pie. 我有很多很多梦想,有过去的,有现在的,还有未来的。

我最初的梦想是当宇航员,我也不知道为什么,自我懂事以来,它就一直是 我的梦想,从没变过。

我都不知道自己是怎么想的,以前我一直认为我不想永远 活在这个渺小的地球上,要是在我的一生中,只能在这个地球上生存,真的觉得 生命毫无意义,所以我想当宇航员,想飞出地球,去探险神秘的宇宙。

我的同学 都认为这对我来说是不可能的,说实话,我也这样认为,可虽然是这样,我的梦 想还是没有改变,我还是想试一下,不管能不能成功。


不 过我不会在认为活在地球上会没有意义了,因为是金子,总会发光,无论在哪里。



所以我 想当一个医生,把一个人从生死的边缘拉回来,这不就是医生应该做的吗?我想 能够有这么大本事的人,也只有医生了,把一个人的病治好,让他/她重新笑起 来,这难道不是一件惬意的事吗?一个人的微笑是最美的,更何况还是“ 我”让他/她微笑的,这难道不是一件直到高兴的事吗?我看了一期节目,说是一个贫穷的人受到一个富贵的人的诬陷,和他打官司, 却因为没钱雇律师,让他得逞的事。

所以我想当一个律师,一个视金钱为粪土的 律师,一个替民伸张正义的律师,我要帮所有受冤枉而又雇不起律师的人打官司, 我要让那些恶人恶有恶报,善人善有善报,对帮助那些恶人打官司的人,我要让3/8




所以我想当一个公务员,我想报效祖国,为祖国做一些力所能及的 事,帮助祖国建设更美好的明天,让祖国变得更加繁荣富强,让那些瞧不起中国 人的外国人感到愧疚,让我们的祖国变成真正的东方巨龙。

…… 我的理想太多太多,但我知道,无论是什么理想,都需要我们去努力,因为 天上是不会掉馅饼的。

我的梦想英语作文(3)I have a dream, that is to become a traveler. Because travellers can travel around the world, and enjoy all the beautiful scenery.If I become a traveler, I first want to go to place is Beijing. Where is our capital, is the place where we all aspire to. There, I can go to the tiananmen square, the Great Wall, and a beautiful Summer Palace, I need to see the little swallow and crape myrtle vanquish a palace of life.If I become a traveler, I want to go to the second place is xiao xing. Because in the text, I know where the beautiful scenery, rich products, I really want to go take a look at where filled with water streams, drinking water from a stream of deer, workers quarters in front of the beautiful wild flowers, also want to go to the forest pick amur grape sour and sweet and tasty, sweet and crisp hazelnut, and fresh mushrooms and black fungus.If I become a traveler, I need to go to the third place is Hong Kong Disneyland. Every time to watch TV programme "the family general mobilization", those who win the family can go there to play, I envy them. There is a paradise for children, can go to adventureland, fantasyland and tomorrowland, there are many household our children like a cartoon character, can we take photos of them as a souvenir.If I become a traveler, I certainly hope not just sightseeing tour on earth, I also want to go to the moon, mercury, Mars, Saturn, and so on star play, may I'll find other human on the planet, make more friends!My dream must learn to create, through my efforts to make my life more wonderful.我有一个梦想,那就是成为一位旅行家。

因为旅行家可以周游世界,去欣赏 各个地方美丽的风光。


因为那里是我们的首 都,是我们人人都向往的地方。




因为在课文里,我知道了那里风景优美,物产丰富,我真想去看一看那里涨满春水的小溪,在溪 边喝水的小鹿,工人宿舍门前美丽的野花,还想去森林里采摘酸甜可口的山葡萄、 又香又脆的榛子、以及鲜嫩的蘑菇和木耳。


每一次 看电视节目“全家总动员”,那些获胜的家庭可以去那里玩,我都好 羡慕他们。

那里是孩子的天堂,可以去探险世界、幻想世界,还有明日世界游玩, 还有很多家喻户晓的我们小朋友都喜欢的卡通人物,我们可以和他们照相留念。

如果我成为了旅行家,我当然希望不仅仅是在地球上观光旅行,我还想去月 球、水星、火星、土星等等星球上去玩玩,有可能我会在那些星球上找到其他的 人类,交到更多的朋友呢!我的梦想一定要通过我的努力学习来创造,让我的生活更加的美好。