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导读:初中英语作文提纲幻灯片【篇一:英语课前三分钟演讲 ppt】妈妈给了哈里两个苹果,一个大一点,另一个小点儿。跟妹妹分着 吃。妈妈说。 所以, 哈里就把小个的给了妹妹,自己开始啃那

初中英语作文 what things do you dislike?
初中英语作文 what things do you dislike?

初中英语作文提纲幻灯片【篇一:英语课前三分钟演讲 ppt】妈妈给了哈里两个苹果,一个大一点,另一个小点儿。

跟妹妹分着 吃。


所以, 哈里就把小个的给了妹妹,自己开始啃那个大个的。

哼,妹妹说, 如果妈妈给了我,我会把 大的给你,把小的留给自己的。

对呀,哈里说,你拿到的不就是小 的吗?还着什么急呀?英 语笑话:要求加薪 asking for a raiseat the radio station where i worked, the manager called me into his office to preview a new sound-effects package we were considering purchasing. he closed the door so we wouldnt bother people in the outer office. after listening to a few routine sound effects, we started playing around with low moans, maniacal(疯狂的) screams, hysterical(歇斯底里的) laughter, pleading and gunshots. when i finally opened the door and passed the managers secretary, she looked up and inquired, asking for a raise again? 我在一家之声工作。

经理把 我叫进他的办公室, 让 我预试一下我们准备购买的一套新的音响 效果设备。

他关上门,以 免打扰外面办公室的人。

听了几个常规的音响效果后,我们开始试听低声的呻吟,狂乱的尖 叫,歇斯底里的大笑,哀 求 声和枪声。

最后我开门出去,从经理秘书旁边经过时,她抬起头问 道:又要求加薪了?英语 笑话:fish net 鱼网 can you tell me what fish net is made, ann? a lot of little holes tied together with strings. replied the little girl.2?二者皆是,孩 子,皆是。

?the child returns a few minutes later and says, daddy, is michael jackson god?孩子过了一会倒回来说:?爸爸,上帝是 迈克杰克逊吗??【每日一

乐】男生永远不会说的八句话 8 things youll never hear a man say 8) here honey, you use the remote.给,亲爱的,你来用遥控器吧。

7) you know, id like to see her again, but her breasts are just too big.你知道,我也愿意再跟她约会, 但她的胸部实在太大了! 6) ooh, antonio banderas and brad pitt? thats one movie i gotta see!哦!安东尼〃 巴德拉斯和布拉德〃皮特?我一定要看那部电影! 5) while im up, can i get you anything? 我起身的时候,要帮你(顺手)拿点儿什么吗? 4) sex isnt that important, sometimes i just want to be held.性不是那么重要,有时候我只想和你拥抱。

3) aww, forget monday night football, lets watch melrose place.哦!星期一晚上看什么 足球赛啊,我们来看《飞 跃情海》吧!(女生超爱的电视连续剧。

) 2) hey, let me hold your purse while you try that on.4 嘿,你试穿的时候我来帮你拿包包。

1) we never talk anymore.人家再也不跟你说话 了啦!no.1 a helping hand a man who lived in a block of apartments thought it was raining and p ut his head out the window to check. as he did so a glass eye fell into his hand. he looked up to see where it came from in time to see a young woman looking down. is this yours? he asked. she said, yes, could you bring it up? and the man agreed. on arrival she was profuse in her thanks and offered the man a drink. as she was very attractive he agreed. shortly afterwards she said, im abou t to have dinner. theres plenty. would you like to join me? he readily accepted her offer and both enjoyed a lovely meal. as the eve ning was drawing to a close the lady said, ive had a marvelous evening. w ould you like to stay the night? the man hesitated then said, do you act

like this with every man you meet?5 篇二:课前英语三分钟演讲 good morning everyone ,befor our class,i’m going to share something about basketball ,something about nba.as one of millions nba fans ,i’ve been watching nba games for about six years ,for ,as you know ,the nba court is really an amazing place where miracles happen frequently.especially when there is a buzzer beater taking place at the end of zhe game ,it’s absolutely the most excting point in the game. do you know how popular the nba is in china? look at these pictures , celebrities from different fields are watching the game in the stadium. and this picture reflects how popular it is among college students. no one may have never heared something about kobe ,lenbron james ,jaordan, but i believe not everyone know the origin of basketball.so he grabbed a peach basket he found in the janitor’s closet of the school and hung it on a railing about ten feet from the floor. every time the players made a shot though, they had to take down the basket and grab the ball, which became really annoying. dr.naismith decided to cut a hole in the time a group of team owners met on june 6, 1946, in new york to talk about a league they would name the basketball association of america. this meeting was the beginning of what we know today as the nba. nba’s full name isnational basketball association and today there are 30 teams in the association .and in recent days the regular season has began.and the games are very excting .if you have any interst , you could watch them in the morning everyday.篇三:英语课前三分钟演讲 英语课前三分钟演讲 friendship i often wonder what friendship is. friendship is too big a topic to talk about

either specifically or generally. i guemost of us are still in a puzzling state about what friendship is, and i myself should be included. maybe people who define friendship according to his own life experience will say that they have a good concept of friendship, which i think is too narrow to get an objectivepsychologically, i still hold that departure is an absolute thing. how could it be possible that your friend (even your closest friend) always keeps you in heart as he/she had, is having and will have different experiences from yours? somehow different experiences make up of different hearts. man’s heart is a quite strange thing. never think that one can wholly touch it. sometimes our heart is so abstract that you don’t even know how to get to them. if we take heart as a cube, and closest friend a gentle breeze, this breeze can only blow one facet of this cube from one direction and can rarely reach any other sides of yourheart. i’m not sure whether i have put it very clearly but believe me that there are no fixed closest friend in your life. with different time, place, space, emotion and situation, you havedifferent closest friends. when i play basketball, i have a closest friend who knows how to cooperate with me and together give our when i am proud and a friend dares to stand out to warn me that i should keep modest, he is my closest friend; and, when i read old man and the sea, i think hemingway is my best friend. you see then, how many closest friends i have. but i must say, though i always want to keep all of them in my heart, they are not actually always in my heart. they have their own friends and their own life. winston

churchill once said that there’s no perpetual friend, nor perpetual enemy, only perpetual interest. i guehe’s right in someway.personally i think it is a shame for people who take a pet as his closest friend as this is a sheer insult to human being and an good morning ,classmates:today ,i’d like to share a small story about my best friend with me with you.when i was in senior high school ,gard two ,i had a girl friend .one day ,i was walking to home with my best friend tom when she called me .she said that she missed me so i decided to go to meet her .i told tom about it then i went to have a appointment with her. to my surprise ,the next day ,tom got angry with me .maybe he thought i shouldn’ t have let him alone .but in my point of view ,it is more difficult to find a girlfriend than to find a friend .what’s more ,in many cases ,your friends can understand you ,but your girlfriend maybe can not .finally ,some words ,you can say to your friends ,while you don’t dare to say to your girlfriend .so ,if you were me ,what would do in such case ?篇五:英语课前三分钟演讲好处多 英语课前三分钟演讲好处 多 “听、说、读、写”能力训练的目的是学好知识、培养能力。

它是 语文课的重要任务, 又是学习语文知识的完整过程。

但从目前的现状来看,最被忽视的 就是“说”的训练。

从教 师的心态来看,认为“说”会影响教学进度,而且,中考、高考又不 考它,写好作文就行了。


那么, 怎样训练学生“说”的能力呢?为了提高学生“说”的能力,我们采用 了“课前三分钟演讲”。

具体做法是:每堂语文课 在讲授新课前按学号排,由一名学生演讲,然后根据这名同学的演 讲,由学生或老师做简短 的讲评。

坚持由易到难的原则,开始时,站在座位上讲,后来到台 上讲,从自由讲话逐渐发



这样一学期经 过筛选把较好的演讲稿装 订成册,定题为“撷英——高一演讲集锦”,印发给学生。

“课前三 分钟演讲”有哪些好处呢? 首先,它训练了学生的语言表达能力。



通过演讲,学生内在的表达能 力在教师和全体同学面前 真实地外传。


如在讲话中语言是否准确, 吐字是否清楚,声音是否宏亮,节奏是否合适,声调是否恰当,表 情是否自然,感情是否真 实等。

在讲话中,学生看到了别人,也看到了自己,讲评别人的同 时,也在规范着自己。

其 次,它有助于提高学生的写作能力。

如果按传统的教学方法,每人 每学期写作文八篇,提高 学生的写作能力,效果总是不甚明显。

通过“课前三分钟演讲”有助 于提高学生的写作能力, 因为学生要想三分钟演讲取得较好的成绩,必须演讲前要组织好材 料,经过立意,构思成文, 最后修改成稿。

因而说的过程,也是写的过程,要想说好必须写好, 不能应付,这样就能调 动学生的积极性,激发学生的学习兴趣。

经过一个学期的训练,学 生的作文水平大有提高。

第三,“课前三分钟演讲”为进行思想教育 创造了一个生动活泼的局面,开辟了一条新途 径。


诸如理想抱负、人生价 值、社会生活 现象、个人生活感受、班级活动、家庭关系、读书心 得、理论研究、学生之间关系等, 这都对学生思想有教育意义。


第四,“课 前三分钟演讲”锻炼了学生逻辑思维。

为了准备演讲,学生要选择材 料和组织 材料,进行认真地思考。

先说什么,后说什么,怎样开头,怎样结 尾,怎样提出问题,怎样进行论述,这些都要进行认识、分析、归 纳、推理、判断等各种形式的思维活动。

此外,“课前三分钟演讲” 还能拓宽学生的知识面,培养他们敏捷的思维能力。

【篇二:powerpoint 演示文稿在英语教学中的应用】powerpoint 演示文稿在英语教学中的应用 近年来,随着计算机的普及和各高校多媒体教室的逐步增加,越来 越多的英语教师在教学中使用 powerpoint 演示文稿。

一、在英语教学中使用 power-point 演示文稿的原因 多媒体计算机提供的外部刺激不是单一的刺激,而是多种感官的综 合刺激。


通过大量的 实验证实如果既能听到又能看到,再通过讨论、交流用自己的语言 表达出来,知识的保持将大大优于传统教学的效果。

这说明多媒体 计算机应用于教学过程不仅非常有利于知识的获取,而且非常有利 于知识的保持。

” 不断变换的大屏幕、制作精美的画面、形象直观的阐述、丰富生动 的信息,这一切,比起黑板上的粉笔字当然要活泼有趣得多。

这有 助于激发学生的学习兴趣,帮助学生形成学习动机。

多媒体教学的 五大优点其中三点同样适用于 powerpoint 演示文稿:它使一些在传统教学手段下很难表达的教学 内容或无法观察到的现象能形象、生动、直观地显示出来,从而加 深学生对问题的理解,提高学生学习积极性;它能大大增加课堂信 息量,提高教学效率,成为解决学时矛盾的重要途径;可免除教师 上课时板书的劳累,而更多地注意课堂教学内容的组织和讲授。

二、 powerpoint 演示文稿在课堂上的应用 powerpoint 到底可以在课堂上做些什么呢? 2.1 介绍背景知识 背景知识在理解文章时起着重要的作用。

因此,在学习课文前,教 师都会做相关的背景知识介绍。

在传统教学中,由于时间及条件的 限制,教师只能口头讲授,如使用 powerpoint 就可以将相关的背景 知识用投影仪展示在大屏幕上,同时也便于学生做笔记。

背景知识 可以包括文字、图片、表格、地图等。

2.2 口语活动 把口语活动要求,话题展示在大屏幕上。

还可以把一组图片展示在 大屏幕上,学生可以看图编故事,练习所学语法项目等等。

2.3 词汇教学 可以将相关的词汇、例句展示在大屏幕上。

如在讲解蔬菜、水果、 肉类、谷类、饮料等,将其图案展示在大屏幕上,这样学生就能更 生动理解词汇的含义。

2.4 语法项目 讲解语法。

如不规则动词,词的各种形式,如名词、动词、形容词、 可数名词与不可数名词等等。


2.5 复习 可以放映以前的 powerpoint 演示文稿,也可以把讲授过的知识要点 摘出,制成新的 powerpoint 演示文稿,既便于学生复习,又有新鲜 感。

三、 制作 powerpoint 演示文稿应注意的问题 1)每页演示文稿要有标题。

2)每页演示文稿不要过长,一般为 8-10 行。


有些颜 色不宜在一起使用,如红色与绿色、蓝色与黄色、绿色与蓝色和红 色与蓝色。

4)每页的颜色不宜超过 7 种。






不要使用使学生眼花缭乱的图片或字体, 要使学生集中精力注意所讲授的内容。



powerpoint 演示文稿制作简单,可以不断地修改,也可以同其他教 师交换使用。


它在课堂上的用途是多种多 样的。

相信越来越多的英语教师在教学中会使用 powerpoint 演示文 稿,提高英语课堂教学效果。


各种手段都具有 其各自的特点和独特的功能,在教学中,他们是相互补充、取长补 短的关系。

就像粉笔+黑板、幻灯投影、电视教学等教学手段一样, 多媒体教学只是教师授课的教学手段之一。

将多媒体与其他教学手 段结合起来将会获得更好的教学效果。

【篇三:小升初英语作文写作与指导】小升初英语作文写作与指导 作文主要考察学生运用所学词汇、句型、语法等内容进行组句成文 的能力,是一种考查学生综合运用英语能力的题型。


第四档(很好):(9-10 分) 完全覆盖了所给信息,应用了较多的语法结构和词汇,没有语法和 词汇错误,具备较强的语言运用能力,完全达到了预期的写作目的。

第三档(好):(6-8 分) 覆盖了所给信息,应用的语法结构和词汇符合要求,基本没有语法 和词汇错误,达到了预期的写作目的 第二档(一般):(4-5 分) 未完全覆盖所给信息,未描述清楚主要内容,有语法和词汇错误, 影响对写作内容的理解,未能清楚地传达信息。

第一档(差)(1-3 分) 未覆盖所给信息,写了一些无关内容,语法结构单调,词汇数量有 限,有较多的语法和词汇错误,影响对写作内容的理解,未能传达 信息。

0 分:未能传达给读者任何信息,内容太少,无法评判,写的内容 均与所要求内容无关或所写内容没法看清。

二、作文要求: 1. 内容要点是否完整 2. 语法结构是否正确 3. 词汇运用是否准确 4. 书写是否整洁(如书写较差,以至影响阅卷,将分数降低一个档次) 书写注意事项: ①作文答题纸一般为单线,我们应将单线作为“四线格”中的第三线 并以此为基准书写,不②要把它作为第四线,让字母吊在线上。

③坚决不能在试卷上出现乱涂、乱写、或用修正液覆盖现象——给 人一种凌乱的感觉。


he can speker english very well. 三、写作步骤: 1、审:确定基本要素 5w1h。

who(第几人称?单数还是复数?) when(什么时态) where what how ,即 何人 何时 何地 如何 做了何事 为何 2、列:用核心词汇或短语列出文章要点 3、整:将列出的核心词汇或短语整理成句子,使结构完整,符合表 达习惯。


表示并列: and 表示条件: if 表示顺序: first , next,then 表示因果: because, so 表示选择: or 表示转折: but, however 5、美:修改词句,美化文章。

在有把握的情况下改变句式或添加语 句,展示自己的语言功底。


1. 粗心马虎,审错题目。

例如:“ 假设你是小明,你……” 一部分学生一看到小明就想当然以 为是用第三人称写。

2. 单词拼写错误。

i come form china. 3. 单词大小写。

i don’t like winter, it’s too cold. let’s go the jiaxin cinema this afternoon. 4. 标点符号。

there is a chair、a desk and a shelf in my study。

5. 语法错误。


i have a friend, they are mike and tom. i have some eggplant and tomato. i can see much fish in the river. 时态。

they are runing to us. he can sweeps the floor. she goes to park tomorrow. chinglish 现象. my city has a nice park. i often go there on sundays. my friends and i by bus to school. 行文的逻辑性。

apples are tasty, because i like them. you can go there by bus and on foot. 词类错用。

he is a good singer, he sings good.

i often go there with he. let’s try. 做小老师修改以下作文。

(1) hallo, my name is liu xiao ming.they are three peoples in my family. there are my father, my mother and me. i get up at 6 on monday to friday. than i have breakfast. i go to school by bus, because is not far from my school. my father usually get up at 7. he usually go to the work by car, but him car is broken, so him by bus go to work. my friend go to school on foot, because them homes it’s very near our school. (2) my is a girl. my name is li xiao ming. i am a zhongshan school’s student. my age is 11 years old. i have a big eyes and a nose. i is helpful. i can water flower and cook dinner. i like play ping-pong and read a book. my favourite food is a eggplant, because it healfty. i very like chinese’s food. because is very tasy. 五、考试题型。

1. 介绍人。


请你根据下面提供的信息以“my favourite singer”为题写一篇 50-60 字的短文。

english name:jay chow height:173cm birthday:jan,18,1979 favourite sport:basketball weight:60kgfavourite food:chicken favourite nba player:michael jordan. hobbies:songwriting,movie,computer games ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______

2. 写事。

根据下面图片,以 “my day”为题写一篇 60-70 字的的小作文,要 求句子正确,表达连贯,语言得体,书写工整。

(不要出现真实姓名、 学校等信息。

) ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______ 3. 书信。

假设你是张俊,你有一位美国笔友叫 jim,请你写一封 email 告诉他你是怎样度过每年的父亲节的.提示如下: 1.早上给爸爸做早餐. 2.下午和爸爸一起踢足球. 3. 晚上一家到外面 吃饭.饭后,和爸爸合照. 4. 给爸爸制作了一张卡片并告诉爸爸: “我爱你!” 要求: 1. 词数 60 个左右,邮件的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数. 2. 所写短文必须包括以上所有要点,但可适当发挥. 3. 文中不得出现真实的人名,校名和地名. dear jim, how are you ? i miss you very much. i make my father very happy on father’s day. ______________________________________________________ _______________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

jim, how do you celebrate father’s day? can you tell me something about it? please write to me soon. yours,