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导读:小学英语(PEP)五年级上册测试题3.又漂亮又活泼_____________六.改写句子. (10分)( ) Is he strict?四、情景交际。(10分)B.I play computer games and read books on Saturdays.( )8.-I often play ping-pong.-Great! I can

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六.改写句子. (10分)

( ) Is he strict?



B.I play computer games and read books on Saturdays.

( )8.-I often play ping-pong.-Great! I can play ______you.

3.I watch TV and do my homework on Saturdays. (对画线部分提问)

day. On__________, we have English, Math, Chinese and computer.

bean(复数) tomato(复数)

A. to

6. Opens! The noodles are too (salt)



5.What is Zoom’s favorite fruit? Do you know?

is Tom. He’s very funny. That’s his motorcycle. It’s nice. The girl with long black hair and blue eyes is Angela. She is quiet. She is a university student. The tall girl with short yellow hair is Ingrid. She wears glasses. She is a basketball player. She is very active. That short boy is Mike, my best friend. He has brown curly hair and green eyes. He’s very smart.

小学英语( PEP )五年级上册期中测试题

( )1. Tomorrow is ____.


()9. I am hungry. I’d like ____.

B. Her class is so much fun.

Chen Jie: Welcome to our school. Can I interview you for our school newspaper?

( ) But I don’t like tomatoes. They’re too sour.

4.window( )

A. are

3. Can you use a computer? C. No, I can’t.

Hello, Betty. Please meet(接) Bob at the station(车站)at nine



( ) 2.There ____ some pictures on the wall.

4、The pens is in the pencil-case.

( )3.The window is behind the desk.

Unit Six In A Nature Park

2.There are two birds in the picture.

A. No, there isn’t.



5、There are no flowers near the road. ( )