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导读:关于申请成为2012年伦敦奥运会志愿者的英语作文!~~~急!,关于全运会志愿者的英语作文:高中水平 Transported together with brilliant peers As the Olympic torch flame of the sunset as people left a bright and charming movement of the United States, so that we feel is full of country


关于全运会志愿者的英语作文:高中水平 Transported together with brilliant peers As the Olympic torch flame of the sunset as people left a bright and charming movement of the United States, so that we feel is full of country charm and bravery. Full of harmony of the whole of the United States have been shipped to us. This time the National Games held in Shandong, Jinan is the main theme of the slogan of the host city is a harmonious China, all the people the whole operation, the mascot is the Mountain Boy. Mascot "Tarzan Boy" to a culture, natural content and moving story based on the Mountain , combined with modern sports concepts, new prime minister to create an auspicious meaning, so that the whole sky continuously transported flash flame burning planet, we gazed, waiting, cheering, applause. Not to mention the sports teams will superhuman athletes, as well as the flashing golden glory, that they do not have to sweat and hard work paid on only the most intuitive for our vision of the body brought on the blood boiling. They are transported across the burning flame, the waving arms to pursue their own goals and ideals. Tough action, super-time training, the honing cross-intensity, positive sense of ... ... them with the Superman of the times and the cost of the significance of the historical process has not indelible contribution. We may not have his strong physique, but their dedication to honor the feelings of the motherland as well as the kind of "suffering of their mind, workers of their bones," the spirit of what we admire Three to four decades on behalf of the last century, when the Chinese invaded into the middle of the enormous suffering that our ancestors did not yield, but in a "up and people do not want to be slaves ... ..." for the students, the one heart and one mind, with their strong will to resist oppression and blood, and ultimately allow the Chinese people took to the road of rehabilitation. 1978, China embarked on the path of reform and opening up, people of all ethnic groups, "one heart and one mind" to develop the economy and 30 years of reform and opening-up process of China's economy has witnessed rapid development. Practice has proved that the Chinese people have the ability not only embark on the path of national independence, but also have the ability to embark on a strength and prosperity. When Juan Antonio Samaranch announced that Beijing won, the moment, all the Chinese people are cheering. Beijing's successful Olympic bid was the result of joint efforts of one mind, it is one of the world's trust in Beijing, it is sure to China. Snow disasters, destruction of separatist forces, Wenchuan earthquake, floods ... ... 2008 China has undergone many twists and turns, can be difficult for the Chinese nation is not intimidated by any of the people across the country one heart and one mind "carry" over the difficulties one after another. Win and the whole of this year's National Day held at the same time 60 years, made us feel the blood boiling. Short-term and youth life to remind us of the perishable must be cherished. Always look forward a long way to go endless, but between 疾如电光石火 recalled a dream. Athletes with long-lasting endurance, the rock layers to gradually ground into fine powder,雕凿 to his mind the image. They have life in the sports arena of struggle were to have fought a battle against them is taken cried too, in their eyes, the day on a blue flicker of the numerous flash 银芒, we have a total cover up or try to gloss over their own laziness and evasion is Games never admit defeat the spirit of this activation, we indulge in the heart without realizing it, is the National Games flame lit the beacon of our pursuit of this life-like vibrant Zhuo in recovery, how life should be a powerful force.1.Burn one's bridges。


背水一战2.Great minds think alike。

英雄所见略同 百闻不如一见 生活充满起伏3.No news is good news。

没有消息就是好消息4.One picture is worth a thousand words。

6.Life is full of ups and downs。

5.Nothing ventured, nothing gained。

7.It's no use crying over spilt milk。

9.Better late than never。

11.Love me, love my dog。

不入虎穴,焉得虎子 覆水难收8.Hunger is the best sauce。

饥饿是最好的调味品 天助自助者。

小鸡孵出之后才算数 人人都有不可告人之事迟做总比不做好。

爱屋及乌10.God helps those who help themselves。

12.Don't count your chickens before they hatch。

14.Everyone has a skeleton in his closet。

16.Rome wasn't built in a day。

13.He bites off than her can chew。

15.To teach a fish how to swim。

17.Well begun, half done。

19.Look before you leap。

贪多嚼不烂 班门弄斧。

伟业非一日建成 乌云背后是银边好的开始,成功了一半 三思而后行18.Every cloud has a silver lining。

物以类聚20.Birds of a feather flock together。

21.A little knowledge is dangerous。

23.A good medicine tastes bitter。

25.strike while the iron is hot。

一知半解最危险 良药苦口。

22.Clothes make the man。


佛要金装24.History repeats itself。

历史会重演 穷得一文不名趁热打铁26.as poor as a church mouse。

27.Where there's smoke, there's fire。

千里之行始于足下 人多好做事。



事出必有因28.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step。

30.Many hands make light work。

29.A rolling stone gathers no moss。


转业不聚财31.A miss is as good as a mile。




32.A friend in need is a friend indeed。

34.A young idler, an old beggar。

33.A bad beginning makes a bad ending。

35.Do as the Romans do。

少壮不努力, 老大徒伤悲。

36.Many things grow in the garden that were never

sown there。


37.Misfortunes never come alone。




38.Never too old to learn, never too late to turn。


40.No sweet without sweat。

39.No one can call back yesterday。


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