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导读:UNIT1 To invite eminent persons to help make advertisements should be regarded as one of the best advertising strategies and could, of course, produce a spectacular(powerful) VIP effect, provided that those celebrities are perfectly willing to accept


UNIT1 To invite eminent persons to help make advertisements should be regarded as one of the best advertising strategies and could, of course, produce a spectacular(powerful) VIP effect, provided that those celebrities are perfectly willing to accept the invitation and, more importantly, the products to be advertised are genuine and of fair prices. Sometimes, while a commodity is of inferior quality, the advertisement is full of words lavishing praise on it, if a celebrity shows up as an image agent for such a product, the advertisement could, if any, be temporarily successful before it turns the brand of the product in question notorious and, more disastrously, ruins the reputation of the eminent person thereafter. So, the famous are well advised to think more than twice before they agree to appear on the commercial. 邀请名人做广告,只要商品确实是货真价实,名人又愿意,这应该是广告技巧的 上策,会产生很强的名人效应。

但是商品质量差,广告有言过其实,又请名人做 广告,这种广告一是也许会有一些好的影响,但最终是砸了自己的牌子,也坍了 别人的台,影响了名人的名誉。


UNIT2 Nowadays in the city’s tonier residential districts there are people named as singles, who are usually young, rich and tech-savvy professionals and choose independently their own lifestyles. The number of singles has increased dramatically over the recent years. The reasons of remaining single are various: some may be busy exploring careers without putting their marriage into the agenda, some may indulge in their jobs, travel, entertainment, physical fitness or friendship, More than 80% of them have not abandoned the value of marriage, and they say they aspire to marry or they want to be married someday, but they are patient and feel content being single until they meet the right person. 当今都市较高贵的居住区中有群被人们称作单身族的人,他们通常是些有技术的 专业人员,既年轻、富有,又独立选择自己的生活方式。

近年来这类单身族的人 数增长惹人注目。

他们中有些人或许是为了追求事业而未把婚姻列入自己的议事 日程中,有些人或许是沉溺在工作、旅游、娱乐、健身或交友等活动中,总之他 们保持单身的原因不尽相同。

他们中 80%以上的人并没有摈弃传统的结婚价值 观,并表示希望结婚或将来要结婚。

但在找到合适的人之前,他们有耐心等待, 并对现在的单身生活满意。

UNIT3 People who are energetic, happy, and relaxed are less likely to catch a cold than thosewho are depressed, nervous, or angry. When the brain is “happy”, it sends messagesto our organs that help keep the body healthy and sound. Your chance of developing the common cold, pneumonia, or even cancer may very well be decreased by keeping your brain in a healthy state. In addition, happy and relaxed people are prone to better health practices than their negative and stressed counterparts. They are more likely to get plenty of sleep and to engaged in regular exercise, and have been shown to have lower levels of certain stress hormones. 精力充沛、快乐轻松的人和沮丧、紧张、易怒的人相比不容易患感冒。

当大脑“轻 松愉快”的时候,它会向各个器官发出有助于保持身体健康的信号。



另外,心情轻松愉快的 人往往比消极紧张的人有更好保健习惯。

他们更容易有充足的睡眠,进行有规律 的身体锻炼,而且他们体内某重紧张激素的含量较低。

UNIT4 As one travels broad and examines the ways in which space is handled, startling variations are discovered; differences which we react to vigorously. Since none of us is taught to look at space as isolated from other associations, feelings cued by the handling of space are often attributed to something else. In growing up people learn literarily thousands of spatial cues, all of which have their own meanings in their own contexts. 当人们到海外旅游时,如果留心观察外国人如何处理空间关系,就会发现许多令 人惊讶的不同之处;而这些不同之处总让我们反应强烈。

因为从来没有人教我们 要把空间与其它联想区别开来,所以我们常认为空间处理引发的感觉是出于其它 的原因。


人们要学会几千种空间暗示,所有这些暗示在不同的情境中 都有不同的含义。

UNIT5 Wealth exposed American manners to continuing international scrutiny because it underwrote an expansion of tourism. In the late nineteenth century the American abroad symbolized for some the dangers of sudden wealth and became an instrument to expose comparative social codes and standards of morality. Boasting, vulgarity, obsessive acquisitiveness, and insensitivity were soon associated with this early version of the Ugly American. Representing a small portion of the population, the international travelers seemed to stand for the whole country in the eyes of many foreigners, and it was the prodigality of their wealth, the apparently limitless wallets and purses, that seemed most dangerous. American money threatened to loot the Old World of its historic treasures, and aggressive celebrity hunters and relic gatherers to invade European privacy as well. 财富使美国人的行为一直受到国际上的关注,因为它是旅游业的基础。

19 世纪 末,有人认为,在海外的美国人是那些骤增财富的内在危险的象征,并使他们那 并非完美无缺的社会准则和道德标准面临腐蚀的危险。

自吹自擂、粗俗鲁莽、贪 得无厌、麻木不仁很快成了早期的丑陋美国人的象征。

周游列国的旅行者在全国 人口中虽然只是一小部分,但在许多外国人眼里,他们好像代表了这个国家的所 有人。


美钞大有把 旧世界历史上的奇珍异宝掠之一空之势。

一群追逐名利和涉猎文物古玩的人无孔 不入,极大地扰乱了欧洲人的私生活。

UNIT6 I agree to this ideal: people should be good in all aspects, It is necessary to have not only the mind, but also magnificent physique. I hope to get some kind of happiness and joy. The United States is the best place to get these things, because the people here and their ideas come from all over the world. So far , here are still many people to seek a dream. Now I know, It is not education, not opportunities, and not hard work, but power and fear that decide whether the American dream can come to be or not. The higher your position is in enterprise, the more you lose something. The American dream is not the end. The idea is very popular in the United States today: never lose

one’s dream. 我赞成这样的理想:人应该各方面都很出色,既要有头脑,也要有健美的体格。


美国是能得到这些东西的最好的地方,因为这里 的人和我们的思想来自世界各地。


现在我明 白了,决定美国梦能否实现的不是教育、不是机会、也不是艰苦的工作而是权势 和恐惧感。




UNIT7 Clinton and Bush are different greatly from each other. Clinton attends in person to everything, trivial of critical; He can memorize data well just like a computer; He and his advisors never fail to take part in the interminable meeting of politics or economy. On the contrary, Bush dislike a meeting that lasts over 15 minutes, and even loathes being bothered by confusing figures. Clinton has cared very much about public approval presented by polls since his early presidency, where Bush, in a sharp contrast, proclaimed at the outset of his election that he would make all decisions on his own. Clinton is an avid reader, but his successor is not. Joyful, casual and elegant, the ex-president time and again drinks a little, but the new president has been a teetotal since he abstained from it 14 years ago. Bush Jr. was born of a privileged WASP family in Texas, while the former, from an ordinary family, has tempered himself and developed his talents in hardships. He works with his wisdom and eloquence, which his successor is short of. 克林顿和小布什根本就是两种不同的人。


在记 忆资料时,他是一部机器;那些无休止的政治或经济问题的会议,他与顾问们必 定参加。

相反,小布什痛恨那些超过 15 分钟的会议,更不喜欢人们用乱七八糟 的数字去烦他。

克林顿从一开始出任总统就十分关注民意测验对他行为的认可程 度。



克 林顿酷爱读书,而其继任者却非如此。

前总统生活快乐,风流倜傥,还经常喝上 几口。

但新总统自 14 年前戒杯之后,已滴酒不沾。

小布什出生于德克萨斯州新 英格兰贵族家庭;前任总统是来自于普通家庭,经历艰辛,锤炼了自己的才能。


UNIT8Uncomfortably,Women's liberation seems to be a more work "rights"。

Is a liberatedprofessional woman happier than a very contented mother? If men like to work, andwomen are willing to help them share the pressure at home,is there anything to beblamed? I don't think that "equality" is threatened, it’s only the rational division of labor. I believe that it is women’s responsibility to create a harmonious family, and does not all depend on women whether success or not, but they play a far greater role than men. It is not the real problem whether men and women are equal, but is what create a happy life. By what standard, can we determine that life is rich and desirable? I often ask, why the success of career is always regarded as the same in life? As a woman, if I am a successful wife and a successful mother, and very satisfied with my work, I will think that my existence is not bad, and will feel contented with it. Perhaps,

we should give attention from women to men, men will be very sad if they can't see their children grow up. I dare say, many husbands will be more pleased, if they have less time-consuming work and can go home to play with their children. 令人不安的是,妇女解放似乎是一种让妇女多干活的“权利”。

一个获得解放的 职业妇女比一个很满足的妈妈更快乐吗?如果男人喜欢工作,而女人乐于在家帮 助他们分担压力,这有什么可指责的呢?我不觉得“平等”受到威胁,这只是理 性的劳动分工。

我相信创造和谐的家庭是妇女的责任,而成功与否并不全部取决 于女性,但她们所起的作用要远大于男性。

真正的问题不在于男人与女人是不是 平等,而在于是什么创造了幸福生活。

我们是以什么为标准确定生活是富足的、 令人向往的呢?我常常问,为什么事业上的成功也常常被人们看成生活上同样是 成功的呢?作为一个女人,如果我在为人妻为人母方面做的很成功,而且对自己 的工作也很满意,那么我认为我的存在就挺不错,并由此而感到知足。

或许我们 该把注意力从妇女身上移开,而去关注一下男人,男人们不能看着自己的孩子成 长是很难过的。

我敢说,很多丈夫若是有不太耗时的工作而能回家与孩子们玩耍, 他们会更高兴。

UNIT9 Mounting evidence shows that animals also have emotions. Because feelings are intangible and tough to study scientifically, it is hard for scientists to bear out the possibility of complex animal feelings that entail mental processing. But some scientists believe there are similarities in the brain anatomy and chemistry of humans and animals. For example, scientists studying the biology of emotions have found that emotions seem to arise from parts of the brain located below the cortex, the regions that have been conserved across many species throughout evolution; behavioral neuroscientists have found in the experiments that rats’ brains release copious amounts of dopamine associated with pleasure and excitement. All these show that some creatures have true feelings at least. 有越来越多的证据显示动物也有感情。

由于感情是一种无形的东西,很难用科学 手段进行研究,所以科学家很难证明动物可能拥有那些必须有心理活动过程的情 感。

但有些科学家认为人脑与其他动物的大脑在解剖结构和化学构成方面都存在 相似之处。

如致力于情感生物学研究的科学家发现情感似乎产生于大脑皮层之下 的区域,这些区域在许多物种的进化过程中得以保存下来;行为神经科学家发现 在实验中老鼠的大脑会释放出大量与快乐和兴奋等情感有关的多巴胺等物质,这 表明至少某些动物拥有真正的感情。

UNIT10“OOOF!” Using your mouse, your heave a data file across the screen- a coupleof gigabytes of data weighs a lot. Its rough surface tells you that it is a graphics file. Having tipped this huge pile of data into a hopper that sends it to the right program, you examine a screen image of the forest trail you’ll be hiking on during your vacation. Then, using a gloved hand, you master its details by running your fingers over its forks and bends, its sharp rises and falls. Later you send an e-mail to your beloved, bending to the desk pad to attach a kiss. “哇!”你可以用鼠标在电脑屏幕上拖出一个数据文件——两三千兆的数据分量 可不轻。



器,并由该存储器将其输到适当的程序中,那么你就可以在屏幕上仔细观察到自 己将在假日徒步沿走的丛林小路的电脑图像了。

接着,你可以用戴着手套的那只 手来掌握沿途细节,手指掠过小路上的岔道和转弯路,掠过陡峭的上坡和下坡。

稍后,你可以发一封邮件给你的所爱,并弯下身去,在鼠标垫上附上一个吻UNIT11 One of America's most cherished values is to give its people the ability to move upwards over their lifetime. But nowadays the chances for upward mobility are getting fewer. It is determined increasingly by a college degree and it's attainable mostly to those whose parents already have money or higher education while a college degree is out of reach for most students from low-income families. Although college enrollment has soared for higher-income students, more children from poor families can only afford to go to community colleges, which generally don't offer bachelor's degrees. The number of poor students who get a degree -- fewer than 5% in 2001 -- has barely budged in 30 years. Many scholars worry that it will lead to a greater stratification along class lines. 美国社会最受最视的价值观之一就是使国民有能力在有生之年不断“向上升迁”, 但是现在这种升迁的机遇比过去少了。


大 多数受过高等教育和有钱人的绝大多数子女都有有可能获得大学学历,而大学学 历文凭对于大数低收入家庭的学生只能是可望不可及。

虽然高收入家庭的子女进 入大学的人数剧增,但是越来越多的贫困家庭的子女只上得起社区大学,而这类 大学通常不授予学士学位。

2011 年拿到学位的贫困学生的比率不足 5%,30 年来 这比率几乎是纹丝不动。


UNIT12The world is marching towards a new ear—the ear of the knowledge economy. Thedevelopment of advanced technology and rapid industrialization will be key factors in determining a country’s future success. Chinese media often focus on the nation’s level of technological advancement, thus arousing unusually widespread interest among the Chinese. But there is a gap between the media’s ideological emphasis and reality. The transition from an industrial and manufacturing economy to advanced technology economy or knowledge economy, poses many difficulties. 世界正迈向一个新的时代――知识经济时代。

高新科技的研究开发及其快速产业 化,将是每一个国家决胜未来的关键因素。

中国媒体经常关注国内科技发展的水 平,高科技这一主题已引起了中国人的极大兴趣,但思想上的重视到实际行动之 间还有一些距离。

怎样实现从商业、制造业经济向高科技经济或知识经济转型, 在具体操作上还存在一些困难。

UNIT13 Although privacy seems to be desired by most citizens, the definition of what privacy is, and how it should be defended are under constant dispute. Philosophical and political discussions on privacy can be categorized into two major discourses on privacy: privacy as the right to restrict access to one’s self and privacy as the right to make certain life decisions about one’s life. These two approaches to the concept of privacy, hereafter called “access-based privacy” and “ autonomy-based privacy,” are distinctly different in their expectations of the social function of privacy, the object

affected by privacy and the justification for privacy. The function of access-based privacy is to restrict the degree of access to physical persons or information about them for the purpose of encouraging social consequences consistent with the ideals of the American system. The function of control-based privacy is to increase control of a person’s actions or decisions because to do so respects his or her person. 尽管从政治角度看,保护隐私似乎是广大百姓所期盼的;但是人们对于隐私的确 切含义以及如何保护隐私却一直争论不休。

有关隐私在哲学与政治领域的讨论可 以在总体上分为两个范畴:作为限定接近到某人权利的隐私和有权做出决定某人 人生决定的隐私。

有关隐私概念的这两个范畴,简称为“接近权隐私”和“自治权 隐私”,无论在隐私的社会功能上、隐私所涉及的主体上以及在正当隐私的解释 方面都有明显的差异。

接近权隐私的作用是限定所能接近到个人信息的程度,其 目的是为强调社会的意义与理想中的美国体系保持一致。

而自治权隐私的功能则 是对个人的行为或决定加强控制,其目的是凸显对个人的尊重。

UNIT14 There were various signs indicating that more and more parents and teachers were concerned about the standardized tests in high schools in every state. Some people thought the tests contributed to the improvement of teaching quality while a substantial part of the public were skeptical and even held a critical attitude. A teacher of mathematics from California said, “Every day we have to teach for exams with no time to consider how to develop students’ interests and how to enhance their creativity.” Many parents complained that real learning in schools was shoved aside in order to boost the test scores and that children have been changed into test machines with endless simulated tests. The students felt more strongly that they came under great pressure and, weighed down by everyday tests. The standardized test have led to more and more backlashes in every state. 种种迹象表明,越来越多的家长和教师对各州中学的标准化考试感到关注。

即使 多数人认为标准化考试有助于教学质量的提高,然而,有相当一部分的人对此持 怀疑甚至批评的态度。

一位来自加利福利亚洲的数学教师说:“我们每天为应试 而教,根本没有时间去考虑如何培养学生的兴趣和提高学生的创造力。

”许多家 长抱怨说各校为了提高考试成绩而把真正要学的知识撇在一边,没完没了地进行 模拟考试,使孩子们变成了考试机器。

学生更是觉得压力太大,每天的考试几乎 使他们窒息了。


UNIT15 As I walked along I wondered if I would ever fall in love again, have a good relationship with a man, get a chance of lasting happiness with someone, some day, in the not too distant future. I laughed hollowly to myself at the mere idea. It would take a miracle to make that happen, and I surely didn't believe in miracles. Again, I laughed dismissively, not realizing that I would soon discover how wrong I was. 我一边走一边寻思,难道在不久的将来我会再次陷入爱河,与某个男人产生一段 美好的感情,然后有幸运的获得终身幸福吗?我不禁觉得自己的这个念头可笑。



我再次不屑的打消了这个 念头,却没有意识到自己当时大错而特错了。