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导读:2013 最新人教版英语八年级下 课堂十分钟 第一单元 Section A 第一课时(10 分钟,30 分) 一、从框中为下面各题的空格选择合适的单词填空。(5 分,每小题 1 分) throat; neck; matter; rest; sore;1.---Wh

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> 课堂检测10分钟八年级英语下册人教版 > 第1页 参考答案

2013 最新人教版英语八年级下 课堂十分钟 第一单元 Section A 第一课时(10 分钟,30 分) 一、从框中为下面各题的空格选择合适的单词填空。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) throat; neck; matter; rest; sore;1.---What’s the with you?. ----I have a stomachache. 2.He tells the doctor that he has a back. 3.We often work in the day and at night 4. Song Zuying has a fine and she sings best. 5.I fell from the bed and hurt my . 二、用括号中所给的英语单词的适当形式填入到句子中,使其结构正确。

(4 分,每小题 1 分) 1. Man can walk with his .( foot) 2.I saw him on the bed and do nothing just now.(lie) 3.You shouldn’t sit in the same way without .(move) 4.The boy’s head very hot just now.(feel) 三、词组互译。

(6 分,每小题 1 分) 1.lie down 2.感冒 3.发烧 4.量体温 5.have a stomachache 6.go to the doctor 四、单项填空。

(10 分,每小题 1 分) ( )1.What’s the matter your right hand? A.for B.on C.with D.to ( )2.He hurts his left foot and can’t walk,so he has to go to the doctor and an X-ray. A.has B.gets C.takes D.eats ( )3.I talked too much yesterday ,so I have a sore throat.What I do? A.should B.must C.can D.may ( )4.李明削平果的时候不小心把手割伤了,下面那个建议对他有用? A. Lie down and have a rest B.Put some medicine on it C.Drink some hot tea wiht honey D.Take his temperature ( )5.It doesn’t sound a good idea to stay up before the test. A.like B.is C.have D.X ( )6.---My cousin sister has a toothache.Should she lie down and rest? --.She should go to see a dentist. A.No,she doesn’t. B.No,she shouldn’t. C.Yes,she needn’t. D.Yes,she should. ( )7.It isn’t good for your health the samy way with too long. A.on B.for C.with D.in ( )8.Lucy plays computer games long.She needs some sports sometimes. A.do B.does C.doing D.to do ( )9. Lisa fever? A.Has,has a B.Do;has C.Does;have a D.Does;have ( )10.If your head and nect still hurt tomorrow, go to a doctor. A.and B.then C.so D.should 五、把下面的几个句子用正确的顺序连起来,组成一个符合逻辑的对话。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) A. Thank you,doctor.I will do as you tell me. B.I have a sore throat. C.What’s the matter,young man?

D.It isn’t serious.Drink some tea with honey for a time and you’ll be OK. E. What should I do? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.答案 一、1.matter 2.sore; 3. rest 4.throat; 5.neck 二、 1.feet 2.lying 3.moving 4.felt 三、1.躺下 2.have a cold 3.have a fever 4.take one’s temperature 四、1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.A 7.D 8.D 9.C 10.B 五、1C 2.B 3.E 4.D 5.A5.胃疼6.看医生

Section A. 第二课时 一、为下面各题从框中选择适当的单词,有的需要相应的变化。

(5 分,每小题 1 分)passenger; matter; trouble; toothache; cough;1.No one wants to be in . 2.I will go to the hospital to buy some medicine for my . 3.Some on the bus were talking on the way. 4.Lingling has a and she has to see the dentist. 5.It doesn’t to your fever. 二、词组互译(5 分,每小题 1 分) 1.get off--2.使------惊讶的 3.同意(做某事) 4.get into trouble--5.fall down--三、单项选择(10 分,每小题 1 分) ( )1.At 7:00 am yesterday we dinner when the telephone rang. A.ate B.are going to eat C.are eating D.were eating ( )2.My cousin sister, Lucy,likes doing sports on weekends. A.15 years old B.15-year-old C.15-years-old D.15-year old ( )3.Because they must finish the work by the evening,they went on working without . A.resting B.rests C.a rest D.to rest ( )4.--? ---I had a heart problem. A.What can I do for you? B.Can I help you? C.Do you have any problem? D.What’s the matter with you? ( )5.Thanks our English teacher,my English improved fast. A.to B.with C.for D.on ( )6.Don’t worry.We are for the class. A. on time B.for time C.in time D.with time ( )7.It’s pleased that many people like to help now. A.others B.the others C.the other D.other ( )8.Doctor,I have a fever. ---I’m sorry to hear that.Let me your temperature. A.have B.get C.take D.make ( )9.Li Ming has a toothache.Let’s give her . A.some advice B.some advices C.a advice D.a good advicee ( )10.---What’s the matter? ---I hurt myself dinner. A.to cook B.cooked C.cooking D.cook 四、从给的 7 个句子选 5 个填入到对话中,使对话意义完整正确。

(10 分,每小题 2 分) May:Sindy, 1 ? Sindy:I have a headache and I can’t move my neck. 2 ?Should I take my temperature? May:No,it doesn’t sound like you have a fever. 3 ? Sindy:I played computer games all weekend. May: 4 .You need to take breaks away from the computer. Sindy:Yeah.I sat in the same way for too long without moving. May: 5 .If your head and neck still hurt tomorrow,then go to a doctor.

Sindy:OK.Thanks,May. A.That’s problem why. B.are you OK? C.What do you do? D.What should I do? E.I think you should lie down and rest. F.What did you do on the weekend. G..Don’t play computer games any more.答案 一、1.trouble 2.cough 3.passengers 4.toothache 5.matter 二、1.下车 2.to one’s surprise 3.agree to(do sth)4.造成麻烦 三、1.D 2.B 3A 4D5A 6C7A 8C9A10C 四、1.B 2.C 3.E 4.A 5.D5.摔倒

Section B 第一课时 一、为下面各题从框中选择适当的单词,有的需要相应的变化。

(5 分,每小题 1 分)risk; blood; mean; knee; decide;1.There is something wrong with my when climbing the mountain. 2.Zhang Lili saved her students on the of life. 3.What do you by the word? 4.Do you agree to my ? 5.We saw ran down his nose. 二、用括号中所给的英语单词的适当形式填入到句子中,使其结构正确。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) 1.Be careful with your ,boys.(knife) 2.Every student knows the of study.(important) 3.We are big boys and can take care of .(we) 4.The policeman don’t be afraid of .(die) 5.Everyone saw he the dog just now.(hit) 三、词组互译(6 分,第一小题 2 分,2--5 小题每题 1 分) 1.习惯于--2.cut off 3.冒险 4.be in control of 5.run out (of) 四、单项选择(14 分,每小题 1 分) ( )1.His mother washed clothes for two hours and she went on other housework. A.do B.to do C.did D.doing ( )2.I like doing sports in the morning and I am used to up early. A.getting B.get C.got D.geting ( )3.Grandpa fell down on the floor and I don’t know what to do.What should I do ? A.Run it under the water. B.Clean his clothes. C.Put a bandage on it. D.Go to the hospital and get an X-ray. ( )4.Li Hong ate some yesterday’s food and she now. A.feels sick B.has a fever C.has a nosebleed D.has a sore throat ( )5.I’m sorry to hear that you got hit a ball when playing basketball. A.on B.with C.by D.for ( )6. the car accident,he lost his left leg. A.Because B.Because of C.Thanks to D.Thanks for ( )7.My sisters bought many expensive clothes,so she her money soon. A.used B.ran out C.ran out of D.ran out off ( )8.There was a car accident and luckily nobody badly. A.hurt B.hurts C.hurted D.was hurt ( )9.One shouldn’t use water when he washes clothes. A.much too B.too much C.many too D.too many ( )10.Let’s help the man the car.He is in danger. A.get off B.get out C.get out off D.get out of ( )11.There is something wrong with the apple.We must . A.cut it off B.cut it of C .cut off it D .cut of it ( )12.Our heart beat fast after . A.run B.ran C.runing D.running ( )13.The skirt is beautiful that every girl wants it.

A.so B.and C.but D.too ( )14.I borrowed much money I could buy the famous painting. A.because B.if C.so that D.when 答案 一、1.knee 2.risk 3.mean 4decision 5.blood 二、1.knives 2.importance 3.ourselves 4.death 5.hit 三、1.be used of 2.割下 3.take risks (a risk) 4.控制 5.用完;花光 四、1.D 2 A 3.D 4 A 5C 6B 7C 8D 9B 10C 11A 12D 13A 14 C

Section B 第二课时 一、为下面各题从框中选择适当的单词,有的需要相应的变化。

(5 分,每小题 1 分)condition; spirit; hardly; control; nurse;1.The work is in our . 2. can take good care of the sick men in the hospital. 3.We should train our of overcovering the difficulties. 4.The of our local air is better and better. 5.They finished the movie,though there was a little left.. 二、用括号中所给的单词填入到短文中,注意需要相应的变化。

(10 分,每空 1 分) Aron Ralston is an 1 (America) man who is 2 (interest) in mountain 3 (climb).As a mountain 4 (climb),Aron is 5 (use)to taking risks.This is one of the exciting6 (thing) about7 (do) dangerous sport.There (be) many times when Aron almost 8 (lose) his life because of accidents.On April 26,2003,he 9 (find) 10 (he)in a very dangerous situation when climb in Utah. 三、单项选择(10 分,每空 1 分) ( )1.What’s with you? A.trouble B.the trouble C.matter D.the matters ( )2.You go to school if you really have a fever. A.must B.should C.mustn’t D.shouldn’t ( )3.I fell down when playing basketball and my right leg . A.hurt B.hurted C.sore D.sour ( )4.Li Ming’s grandpa has a toothache.What does he have to do ? A.Go to the hospital and take a temperature. B.Lie down and have a good rest. C.Drink some hot tea with honey. D.See the dentist and get an X-ray. ( )5.What’s with your throat? A.wrong B.the wrong C.trouble D.matter ( )6.---My brother has a stomachache. --. A.Why not let him lie down and have a good rest? B.He shouldn’t eat anything today. C.He should go to the dentist. D.He shouldn’t go to school. ( )7--? ---My back hurts for two days. A.What can I do for you? B.What’s up? C.Can I help you? D.I am sorry. ( )8.I will never give up ,though it is sometims boring. A.studying B.studies C.to study D.studied ( )9.Marry has a a little cold .She shouldn’t . A. sleep B.go to school C. exercise D.eat food ( )10.The girl has written five books.And she keeps on . A.write B.to write C. writing D. wrote 四、下面五个句子组成一个对话,但是顺序乱了。


(5 分,每小题 1 分) A..What should I do ? B.Lie down and have a rest,then go to the hospital and get an X-ray. C.What’s the matter?

D.I fell down from the tree when getting the kite in the tree and hurt my back. E. Oach.Oach.My god. 1. 2. 3. 4. .5. 答案 一、1.control 2.Nursers 3.spirit 4.condition 5.almost 二、1.American 2.interested 3.climbing 4.climber 5.used 6.things 7.doing 8.lost 9.found 10.himself 三、1.B 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.A 6.A 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.C 四、1.E 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.B

第一单元检测(50 分钟,100 分) 一、基础知识与运用(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) A)单项选择(10 小题) ( )1. Mark a fever? A.Do…has B.Do…have C.Does…have D.Have…X ( )2.Don’t hurt yourself down the mountain. A.climbing B.climb C.to climb D.climbed ( )3.I talked too much and didn’t drink enough water yesterday.So I have a throat. A.good B.hot C.cold D.sore ( )4. ,the little boy can write 500 Chinese words. A.To everyone surprise B.To everyone’s surprise C.With everyone surprise D.For everyone’s surprise ( )5.My uncle living here because of the clear air. A.is used to B.is used for C.used to D.is using to ( )6.The bus arrived the bus stop and some passengers the bus. A.get out of B.come out of C.get off D.get of ( )7.---I can’t move my neck because I played computer games all weekend. ---You to take breaks away from the computer. A.can B.may C.could D.need ( )8.---My head feels hot.What should I do? ---you your temperature. A.had better take B.had better took C.had better to take D.have better not take ( )9.What should we do when we saw an old man falling down on the street? A.We should let him take some medicine. B.We shouldn’t stop and help him. C.We should call the doctors at 120. D.We should help the old man stand up. ( )10.One cannot lost his hope even though you cannot seem the dangerous situation. A.get out B.get out of C.get out off D.to get out of B)补全对话。



(Linda doesn’t feel well today,so she goes to the doctor ) A. But nothing serious. E. I'd like a T-shirt. B. Anything else? C. Where is your pen? D. Linda. F. I've got a sore throat.. G. Did you cough a lot last night?Doctor: Good Morning! What’s your name, please? Linda: (11) D Doctor: What's your trouble? Linda: (12) F Doctor: (13) B Linda: I felt weak yesterday. Doctor: (14) G Linda: Yes, I coughed hard last night. Doctor: Then you've had a cold. (15) A Drink more water and have a good rest. You'll b€ better soon. Linda: Thanks, doctor.二、完形填空。

(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) Many years ago,there was a Frenchman 16 in London in winter.He wanted to live in Engliand for months to visit a lot of interesting places.As we know,London is a 17 city.So the weather there is wet and sometimes cold in winter.But the Frenchman didn’t 18 warm clothes on

him.And he soon caught a bad 19 .He had a fever and coughed day and night.He felt ill seriously.At last he had to see the 20 .After the doctor asked him what was the 21 with him,he told the doctor that he had a fever and a cow badly.The doctor was very 22 after hearing the answer.The doctor asked him where his cow was.The Frenchman pointed his chest(胸) and 23 By showing this,the doctor understood that he had a fever and a cough,but didn’t have a cow.Because a cow is an animal that gives people milk. 24 he was a Frenchman,he couldn’t speak English well and he made a mistook.Luckily the doctor understood that the Frenchman wanted to have some 25 for his fever and cough. ( )16.A. live B.lives C.to live D.living ( )17.A.hot B.rainy C.windy D.sunny ( )18.A.take B.have C.bring D.bought ( )19.A.toothache B.stomachache C.cold D.sore throat ( )20.A.doctor B.nurse C.dentist D.hospital ( )21.A.wrong B.matter C.thing D.up ( )22.A.happy B.interesting C.surprised D.relaxed ( )23.A.coughed B.cried C.spoke D.jumped ( )24.A,If B.When C.Though D.Because ( )25.A.notes B.medicine C.water D.food 三、阅读理解(5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) Will you have to do a lot of homework every evening? Will your English classes be interesting? Who will teach you? Maybe you have lots of questions before school starts. Well, I want to give you some good advice about these questions. First, keep calm(平静). Don't worry about all the questions you have. Put your heart into learning, and you will certainly find something you are interested in. Second, try your best to finish your homework quickly. Don't spend a lot of time on it. Do as much reading and writing in English as possible. Don't stay up(熬夜) late, or you won't be able to study well the next day Third, find your own study methods instead of copying or repeating others'. If you can remember new words in your way, tell your teachers you don’t want to study new words by copying them again and again. If you are sure you can pass the tests well, I think your teachers will agree with you. And they can give some interesting work to do. The school is really a good place for us to learn in. 26The writer writes this article to A. ask students not to do their homework B. tell students what a good teacher and a good school are C. give students some good ways of learning D. ask the students not to listen to the teacher carefully 27How many pieces of advice does the writer give? A. Three B. Four C. Five D. Six 28What does the writer say about students' homework? A. They should spend much time on it B. Do the homework as soon as you can C. They should do more reading or writing in English D. They should stay up late doing their homework 29What's the third piece of advice about? A. Study in your own way B. How to get high marks C. How to get on well with the teachers D. What kind of schoolwork is better for students 30What doed the underlined word “methods”mean? A.努力 B.思考 C.效仿 D.方法 四、阅读短文,然后用括号中所给的单词的适当形式填空。

(10 分,每小题 2 分)Last Friday afternoon, when I 31 (play) football with my friends, it began to rain. We 32 (be)so interested in playing that nobody was willing to go back home. The next day, I 33 (have)a bad headache and

had to lie in bed. In the afternoon, I got a high fever. 34 (I)mother took me to the hospital. The doctor gave me some medicine and advised me to drink more water and have a good rest. He told me not to play in the rain any more. I took the doctor's advice and now I feel much35 (well) 五、翻译句子。

(15 分,每小题 3 分) 1.李明得了什么病 What the Li Ming? 2.我上周嗓子痛而且发烧了。

I throat and . 3.如果我们在路上看到有人病了,我们应该怎么做? we see someone , we do? 4.帮助他人快乐自己。

can make ourselves . 5.我母亲胃痛躺下休息了,我只好自己做饭吃。

My mother and to rest,I cook by muself.六、写作。


字数在 80 个单词左右。

(15 分)

答案 一、1.C二、16.D2.A 3.D 4.B 5.A 6.C7.D 8.A 9.C10.D11 D 12F 13B 14 G 15 A17.B 18.C 19.C 20.A 21.B 22.C 三、26.C 27.A 28.B 29.A 30.D34.My 35.better23.A 24.D 25.B四、31.was playing 32.were 33had 五、1.is; matter; with2.had;a;sore;a;fever 3.If;feel;ill/sick;what;should 4.Helping / To help;others;happy 5.has;a;stomachache;lie;down;have;to 六、 I was weak and often ill two years ago because I was younger and didn’t know how to keep healthy.I ususlly wore thin clothes when it was cold to show cool.So I often had a fever and a sore throat.I felt very sick and couldn’t go to school.My parents took me to the hospital to find out if I was worse.Because of my parents’s caring,I didn’t feel worse.But I had to take the medicine for my cold.As I grow up and exercise often,I have a strong body.


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