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导读:Lawyers practice a difficult and demanding profession.They expect to be well compensated. In thinking about what that means,it can help to consider the basic question,"why do we work?"Samuel Johnson supplied an obvious answer when he famously observe

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人教版九年级英语课文翻译82页 2d

Lawyers practice a difficult and demanding profession.They expect to be well compensated. In thinking about what that means,it can help to consider the basic question,"why do we work?"Samuel Johnson supplied an obvious answer when he famously observed,"No man but a blockhead ever wrote,except for money." But I am not being paid to write this article,and instead of labeling myself a blockhead,let me refer to the insight of eminent psychologist Theodor Reik:"Work and love--these are the basics.Without them there is neurosis." 律师行业是一种困难而高要求的职业。


通过 思考它的含义,可以帮助考虑那个基本问 题,“我们为什么工作?”塞缪 尔· 约翰逊曾经在他的一个著名的评论中给出一个明确的回答 ,“除了 傻瓜没 有人写道,除了钱什么都行。

”但是我没有打算通过写这篇文 章赚钱,并不意味这我将自己标签为一个傻子 , 正如著名心理学家的 见解所说:“工作和爱情都是最基本的。


Why do we work?For money,but also for sanity. We expect and need to be compensated in nonmonetary ways. Noneconomic compensation matters to top-flight lawyers--otherwise,they would have long ago fled to investment banks. Law firms that want to recruit and retain the best (and the sanest) must compensate not only in dollars but also in psychic gratification. Accordingly,managers of elite firms need to think consciously about what lawyers are looking for beyond money. Here are some key noneconomic element of compensation.


我们期待同时需要得到非货 币方式的回报。

非经济薪酬对顶级律师 而言很重要,否则,他们可能在 很久以前就跳槽到投资银行了。

律师事务所 ,想招聘和留住最好的律 师必须不 仅回报以美元,而且要使其得到精神满足。

因此,精英公 司的经理需要有意识地思考什么律师正在寻找超 越金钱的价值。

这 里有一些关键的非经济因素的补偿。

Professional identity 专业的身份 Many lawyers define themselves with reference to the privileges and attributes of their profession . When firms recognize professional prerogatives, they provide an important form of compensation . 许多律师通过自己职业的特权和属性定位自己。

当公司承认专业 的特权时,他们就提供了一种重要的回报形式。

For example, lawyers pride themselves on belonging to a learned profession. By providing opportunities for continued intellectual growth, law firms can simultaneously provide a form of compensation and reinforce a core value of the profession. This isn’t hard to do. Organize and host seminars with leading scholars, support scholarship in-house with resources such as research assistance and create venues for lawyers to engage in serious discourse. 例如,律师是一种讲学识的职业让他们引以为豪。

通过提供持续的 知识增长的机会,律师事务所可以同时提供某种形式的回报和加强这 一职业的核心价值。



也可以以 诸如研究援助和为律师们供场所从事严肃的讨论的资源提 供学术内部支持。

Another core professional value is autonomy. A law firm pays psychic compensation when it understands and accepts that in matters of professional judgment, lawyers are their own masters. In this regard,firms should encourage a diversity of approaches,letting each lawyer develop his or her own style of practice. Empowering lawyers in this way inculcates a heightened sense of personal responsibility, which in turn reinforces the drive for individual excellence. 另一个核心专业价值是自治。

律师事务所在理解和承认专业方面 的判断的时候支付精神报偿。


在这方面 ,公司应 该鼓励方法多样性,让每个律师有他或她自己的风格的实践。

这样授 权律师不断灌输高度的个人责任感,进而强化追求个人卓越。

Equally important to professional autonomy is that firms need to take care not to impinge on a lawyer’s exercise of considered professional judgment, even when that means refusing a clients. In appropriate circumstances, telling the client “No ”is an act of the highest professionalism. A lawyer is well-paid with the confidence that the firm will stand behind him or her in such circumstances. 专业自主权的重要同样体现在,企业需要注意不要影响律师被认 为是专业判断的行为,即使这种行为意味 着拒绝客户。



律师有信心拿高薪,在这种情 况下公司应该支持他或她。

Lastly, professional status encompasses adherence to ethical standards. Most lawyers find self-worth in setting an example--both within the profession and within the larger society--as ethical actors. When management affirms the special respect due to lawyers who act with the utmost integrity and civility in all of their professional dealings, it provides yet another form of compensation. 最后,职业地位包括坚持道德标准。

大多数律师像道德演员一样通 过树立榜样(在职业和在更大的社会)发掘自我价值。

当管理者由于 律师们在他们所有的专业交易中都极为完整又端正地按照其专业标 准行事而申明对其特别的尊重之时就提供了另一种形式的精神回报。

Personal pride 个人荣誉 Few of us make it through the rigors of a legal education without having a deeply internalized sense of excellence for its own sake. Lawyers compensate themselves with the powerful self-affirmation of a job well done. 没有深深内化卓越本身,很少有人能通过严格的法律 教育。


As a matter of both compensation and reputation,an elite firm cannot afford to impede the drive to excellence, even when it’s not cost effective in the short term. This means, for example,that firm management should applaud the writing and rewriting of a brief to the highest standard even

when a cynical perspective would suggest that the extra effort will have practical effect. 作为一种补偿和声誉,精英公司不能妨碍最求卓越,即使它在短 期内不能见效。

这意味着,例如,即使一 个愤世嫉俗的观点会说额 外的努力会有实际的效果, 企业管理者也应该赞同制定以及改写的一 个简短的最 高标准。

Always celebrate superlative work product even when it seems unlikely to make a difference in the outcome. Instead of kowtowing to client demands for super work at a cut-rate price, deliver excellence and expect to be paid for it. 总是赞美最好的工作成果,即使这样最终似乎不太可能起作用。

而 不是磕着头为需要打折的超级服务的客户 提供卓越以期望报酬。

Idealism 理 想 主 义 Think back to law shool. Who remembers talking into the might about how to obtain the highest profits per equity partner? 回想法律学校,谁记得谈论到的如何让每股权合作伙伴获取最高利 润的可能性? More memorable discussion covered things such as advancement of civil rights,the provision of legal services to the poor, the development of a more equitable system of taxation,the promulgation of international norms guaranteeing basic human dignity. Lawyers thirst for justice, and slaking that thirst if is an important element of compensation. Almost by

definition, an elite law firm supports pro bono and public service effort, thereby accomplishing the intertwined goal of compensating its professionals and discharging its institutional obligations to society. 更难忘的讨论涉及到了诸如进步的公民权利,向穷人提供法律服务, 更公平的税收制度的发展 ,国际准则的颁 布保证基本的人类尊严等 问题。


几乎由定义 就决定了 ,一个精英律师事务所支持公益性服务和公共 服务工作 , 从而实现补偿专业人士和履行其机构社会 义务的错中复 杂的目标。

Recognition 识别 Psychic compensation includes recognition, both formal and informal. Rendering such compensation depends on management’s making just a little extra effort to acknowledge achievement. Celebrate important accomplishment and mark important milestones. On occasion, elaborate dinners or parties are called for, but often casual events will serve the purpose. Never neglect to mark even relatively minor accomplishment with a congratulatory e-mail or phone call. 心理回报包括正式和非正式的赞扬。

体现这样的报偿依赖于管理 者的对于承认成就的一点点额外的努力。

赞美重要的成就和标记重 要的里程碑。

有时,精致的晚餐或聚会是被呼吁的,而不是通常意义的 休闲活动可以 达到目的。

永远不要忽视纪念即使是对较小的成就发 电子邮件或打电话祝贺。

Institutional pride 机构荣誉 Finally,a law firm can compensate its lawyers by giving them cause to be proud to be a part of the firm. Law firms, as institution, can outlive,outperform and out contribute any individual. We join firms in order to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. When firm management commits itself to building the firm as an integrate institution,with strong institutional values, and when the firm as an institution, belonging to the firm becomes its own reward. 最后,律师事务公司可以通过使其员工因为是公司的一部分而骄傲 来回报他们的律师。

律师事务所,作为公共 机构,可以超越任何个人 贡献。


当公司管 理者致力于将 其作为一个具有较强的制度价值整合机构建设公司时, 公司作为一个这样的机构,属于公司成为对员工自己 的奖励。

Of course, this requires management to foster a corporate identity that subsumes individual egos--the greater good of the group must take precedence. And the firm as an institution must meet highest standards in every area: excellent corporate citizenship, superb client selfless public service,outstanding reputation. 当然,这需要管理者优化贯穿个体自我的企业形象 ,——必须优先 考虑企业形象。

而且公司作为一个机构必须 在每个方面都满足最高 标准:优秀的企业公民,出色无私的客户公共服务,杰出的声誉。

In sum, lawyers --or , at least, the best lawyers --don’t work for bread alone. And law firm --or, at least , elite law firms --cannot hope to

effectively recruit or retain top legal talent without an attractive package of psychic compensation, which means that law firm managers must attend to the same. 总之,律师——或者,至少,最好的律师——不仅仅为了钱而工作。

而且律师事务所——或者,至少,精英律师事 务所,没有一个有吸引力 的心理回报就无法有效地招募和留住高级法律人才 ,这意味着律师事 务所经理必须 同时加入。


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