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导读:篇一:高一英语作文题目及范文 英语作文题目及范文 1、假设你是李华,你的美国笔友 linda 来信说她家搬到了一个新城市,她几乎没有朋友,每 天除了上课就是在家上网,感觉很孤独。请


篇一:高一英语作文题目及范文 英语作文题目及范文 1、假设你是李华,你的美国笔友 linda 来信说她家搬到了一个新城市,她几乎没有朋友,每 天除了上课就是在家上网,感觉很孤独。

请你给她写一封信,劝她多结交朋友,参加社会活 动。

dear linda, i know it’s hard to start a new life in a strange city. however, just staying at home doing nothing but surf the internet is not good for you. you’d better go out and join in some social activities. by doing this, you can get to know more people around. and it would be a good idea to help others if possible and show them you are open and friendly as well. with time going on, people will know you better and like to make friends with you. best wishes! yours, li hua 2、假设你是李华,某中学学生杂志英语习作专栏正在开展主题为“why should we learn english?”的征文活动。



why should we learn english? english is an international language so it is necessary and good for us to learn english. in a word, learning english means a lot. we should work hard and learn it well. 3、假设你是李华,你的美国笔友 hurry 是一名旅游爱好者。

请你根据以下要点,给他写一封 信你暑假期间的西湖之旅。

1)湖光塔影,花木芬芳 2)莺啼燕语,游人如织 3)夜游西湖,赏音乐节 dear harry, how did you spend your summer holidays? i’d like to share my last trip with you. during my holiday, i visited the west lake in hangzhou. bright flowers, green trees, lovely birds and ancient towers attracted lots of tourists from all over the world. to enjoy its beauty, many of them biked around the lake. in the evening, the lake was more beautiful in the moonlight. i took a happy walk and went to a wonderful music festival. i am sure that you will fall in love with this place when you visit it, and i am very glad to be your guide. yours, li hua 篇二:高一英语作文范文及题目 高一作文题目及范文欣赏 试以“can money buy happiness” (金钱能买来幸福吗?)为题写一篇议论文,必须包 括以下内容:1.有人认为金钱是幸福之本(source of happiness) ;2.也有人认为金钱是 万恶之源(root of all evil) ;3.我的看法。

?? 【名师点拨】?? 此文属于议论文体裁,可以分为三段。

不同的人对金钱有不同的观点,两种 态度截然相反, 所以第一段和第二段形成了对立的关系。

第一段, 有人认为金钱是幸福之本, 有钱的人可以享受生活,如吃得好、穿得好、住得好,可以买名牌服装,开好车。

第二段, 有人认为金钱是万恶之源, 正因为有人认为 “有钱能使鬼推磨” , 因此有人为了钱去偷、 去抢、


第三段,我的看法:只有合法的、正道来的钱才能给人带来幸福, 否则为钱而钱,那就是罪恶。

??以 “in what way will internet change the way of our life” 为题写一篇 短文。

(字数:200 左右) 1.在最近的一次主题为中学生课余时间上网的英语班会上,同学们对上网的利弊争论不休, 意见不能统一。


要求: 1. 覆盖以上内容,可作适当发挥; 2. 发言的开头和结尾已给出(不计入总词数) ; 3. 词数:120 左右。

attention, please! i?m going to give you a summary of today?s discussion about whether we should go on line in our spare time. ____________________________________________________________________________than k you. 答案 : attention, please! i?m going to give you a summary of today?s discussion about whether we should go on line in our spare time. many students think we can go on line as much as possible in our spare time because we are free then. through the internet, we can gain plenty of the newest knowledge and the latest information at home and abroad. what?s class colorful and various. on the other hand, a few students partly agree to this idea. going on line is part of our daily life. but they suggest lessons or looking up materials. there are a few students who are often absent from school in order to go on line for fun. 2.假设你叫李华, 是一家英文杂志社的心理咨询师。

某中学生小王给你写信, 提到自己偏胖, 想节食减 肥,征求你的意见。


内容要点如下: 1.健康比漂亮更重要; thank you!2.学生以学习为主,不要过于注重外貌和别人的看法; 3.可通过多锻炼身体保持健康,要改变不良的饮食习惯; 4.健康的心态也很重要。

注意: 1.短文必须包括所有内容要点,可适当发挥; 2.词数:100 左右。

3.参考词汇:state of mind 心态 dear xiao wang, i have received and read your letter, in which you mentioned that you wanted to lose weight by dieting. yours, 3.文明的举止在国际交往中非常重要,因此提高国民修养势在必行。

近日,你班就本话题进 行了热烈讨论,请据以下要点给某英文报写一篇 120 字左右的短文,表明个人观点。

1. 提高国民素质的必要性; 2. 列举你所观察到的一些不文明行为(两种以上) ; 3. 就此做出评论,并提出建议。

参考词汇:behave v 举止、行为、表现 spit vi 吐痰 sometimes some people don?t behave properly in our daily lives. for example, spitting in public places can be seen somewhere. the flowers in public gardens are picked. what is worse, rubbish and plastic bags are thrown on the ground in the street. in my opinion, these bad behaviors will make bad impressions upon visitors to china, which will ruin the good reputation of china as a large country with a long history. so all people should be taught to be well-behaved and every one of us should form good habits from now on. 4. 应英语老师的要求,你要在英语课上介绍小说《百万英镑》给你的同学。

请你根据以下 内容,写一篇讲稿。

[写作内容] 根据以上信息写一篇讲稿,并包括如下内容:小说名、作者、故事梗概以及语言风格。

[参考词汇] 奇遇 fortuitous adventure [写作要求] 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。


[评分标准] 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。

today i am going to introduce to you a novel. ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ this is a brief introduction to the story. hope you will enjoy reading this representative work of mark twain. today, i am going to introduce to you a novel. 讽刺的 sarcastic adj.twain. 5. 如今世界粮食短缺,价格飞涨,给部分地区造成社会动荡。

假设在你校开展的研究性学 习中,你们小组以“world food crisis”为题进行研究,现在请你代表你们小组向全体同学 简要介绍你们的研究成果。

主要内容如下: 造成的原因: 1. 气候变化,造成粮食减产 2. 工业发展,城市化加速,耕地减少 3. 世界能源价格上涨,使用粮食生产生物燃料 应对的措施: 1. 注重环保,改善生态 2. 严格保护耕地 3. 富国支持穷国,促进世界和谐 你如何做出自己的贡献 1.?? 2.?? 注意:1. 内容包括以上要点,但不要逐句翻译 2. 字数 150 左右,文章开头已提供,不计入总词数 3. 参考词汇:城市化 urbanization 生物燃料 biofuels hello, everyone, now i’ll tell you something about our research project the world food crisis on behalf of our group. as you know, food shortages have hit many countries in the world and even caused social uest in some areas. as is to known to us all,the world?s climate is getting hotter and hotter,which is

caused food production not more than the same as before. with the development of industry,the acceleration of urbanization, cultivated land of the world keep decreasing. and it is also a improtant reason that the price of world?s energy continue to rise,led to the use of biofuels. so, how can we solve the food crisis? from nation angle, the government should protect the environment, improving the ecological environment. be strict with protecting cultivated land. and from international angle,the rich courties should supprot the poor countries to promote world harmony. and what should we do as s student? i think we should not waste food and set up a save the grain of consciousness in our mind. persuading our parents and our friends to live thriftily. and we should study hard to develop the science and help solve the food shortage in the future. 下表是某校关于中学生双休日活动现状的一份调查,请结合表格内容,用英语写一篇 120— 150 单词的短文,就中学生应如何过双休日发表你的看法。

学习情况 几乎都在学习 半天学习半天活动 几乎都在做其他事情 16% 24% 60% 娱乐休闲 体育活动 游玩和购物 上网看电视 20% 40% 40% 去图书馆 经常 偶尔 几乎没有 5% 23% 72% 课外兴趣小组 经常 偶尔 不参加 10% 20% 70% 范文 (one possible version) this form displays the result of a survey on how to spend students’ weekend. it says that few students are glued to their schoolwork any more. instead, they prefer to surf on the internet, watch tv, go shopping rather thaninvolve in sports games. library and interest groups are available but not favourable. in conclusion, students should be more scheduled with colorful and fruitful activities. 4. 书面表达热点预猜(说明文) 假如你是李明,你发现部分同学每次遇到重要考试,都会出现一些焦虑症状。

请你用英语写 一封信,向某学生英文报编辑反映该问题。

信的内容应包括下列要点: 焦虑症状 建 议 头晕、乏力、睡眠不好、食欲不振等 1.考前制定好合适的复习计划 2.考试期间正常作息 3.睡前洗热水澡、喝热牛奶等有助于睡眠 其他建议(内容由考生自己拟定) 注意:1.根据以上内容写一篇短文,不要逐句翻译,可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。

2.要准确使用语法和词汇;使用一定的句型、词汇,清楚、连贯地表达自己的意思; 3. 词数:100 个左右。


参考词汇:头晕—dizzy(adj.) dear editor, i’m li ming of senior three, guangming middle school. i’m writing to tell you about

some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. __________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ li ming 范文 (one possible version) i am li ming of senior three, guangming middle school. i am writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. most of us feel nervous whenever we’re taking an important exam. some will feel dizzy or tired, some will suffer from lack of sleep, and some will lose their appetite. in fact, all these symptoms have terrible effects on our exams and we are all eager to get rid of them. first of all, in my opinion, it’s important for us to have a fight attitude towards exams. they are only a means of checking how we are getting along with our studies, so there is no need to worry too much about the results. study hard every day and make careful plans for every exam. in this way we can avoid suffering from the pressure of exams. besides, enough sleep can make us energetic and enable us to perform well in an exam. therefore, during the period of exams, we should not stay up too late. we can also try a warm bath or a cup of warm milk before going to bed. they might help us to have a sound sleep. (we’d better go out for a walk or do some outdoor exercises before and during an exam so that we can keep ourselves relaxed and then concentrate ourselves on exams.) 5. 书面表达热点预猜(5) 在紧张的高三备考阶段,英语老师为了提高复习效率,广泛征求学生意见。

假如你叫张华, 请根据以下提示,给英语老师写封信,表达你们的需求和建议。

●适当放慢进度,留出思考时间 ●反复训练重要、易错知识点