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导读:小学英语(PEP)五年级上册期末测试题I 听力部分 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词。 (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1 . A. peach )2. )3. )4. )5. A. beef A. window A. bread A. our B. tea B. sheep B. yellow B. brown B. mouth C. j


小学英语(PEP)五年级上册期末测试题I 听力部分 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词。

(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1 . A. peach )2. )3. )4. )5. A. beef A. window A. bread A. our B. tea B. sheep B. yellow B. brown B. mouth C. jeans C. queen C. snow C. library C. house D. seat D. sleep D. grow D. break D. mountain二、听问句,找答案,并在答案前标号。

(10 分) ( ( ( ( ) Mr. Wang )She’s thin and nice. ) We have P.E. and math. ) Yes,there are.三、听录音,思考下列问题,选择正确答案。

(10 分) ( )1.What day is it tomorrow? A. Monday ( )2.When does B. Tuesday Sarah C. Wednesdayoften play ping-pong? C. On SundaysA. On Friday (B. On weekends)3.What day is it today? A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday()4.What does not John A. Arthave on Friday? C. Social StudiesB. English( .)5.What does Sarah do on Sundays? A. She does her homework. B. She plays ping-pang C. She reads some books.四、听短文,判断正误,在括号内打√或×。

(10 分) ( ( )1.Kate is a new student. )2.Kate’s home is in England.1

( ( ()3.Her father is a doctor. )4.Her school is near her home. )5.There aren’t any lessons from Monday to Friday.II 笔试部分(60) 一、找出画线部分与其他三个不同的词(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.this )2.A.teacher ) ) )5.A.clock B. that B. river B. short B. window B. come C. those C. her C. fork C. yellow C. class D. think D .dinner D. horse D. snow D. clean二、将汉语与其相应的英文释疑连线。

(10 分) A: curtain trash bin closet mirror end table 垃圾箱 窗帘 衣橱 床头柜 镜子 B: cook the meals water the flowers sweep the floor clean the bedroom do the dishes 浇花 扫地 打扫卧室 洗碗碟 做饭三、从右栏中找出与左栏内容一致的句子。

分) (5 ( ( ( ( ( )1. Is she quiet? )2. What day is it today ? )3. I don't like grapes. )4.Who's your English teacher? A. I do my homework. B No, she is very active. C. It's Tuesday. D. They are sour. E. Mr. Zhao.)5.What do you on Sundays?四、选择填空。

(10 分) ( )1.________ there a path here? A. Be ( )2.Are B. Is C. Are in C. any the D. Am country? D./there ________rivers B. someA. many2

() 3.Arethereany________inthe mountain? D. pandas'A. panda ( )4.This A. of ( )5.There A. is ( )6.Is is aB. pandasC. panda'spicture ________my family. B. at C. in D. on________a pencil and two pens in my pencils -case. B. be C. are D. amthis ________ bedroom? B. her make the C. yours D. meA. you ( )7--Can you A. Can ( )8.Please A. with (bed ?--Sorry ,I________. C. am school. D. / D. don'tB. can'ttell me ________your B. ofC. about)9.--What do you ________for lunch today ? --I have fish and cabbages. A. do B. does C. have D. has()10.I don’t like grapes .They 're________. A. sour B. tasty C. sweet D. nice五、根据汉语,完成句子。

(10 分) 1.我们在周五上英语、数学。

We_________ English, Math on_____. 2.他们在周六通常看电视。

They often __________TV__________ Saturdays. 3.午饭想吃点什么?我想吃茄子和土豆。

What would you ________for_______? I'd like some _______. 4.在家里吉姆能做饭了。

Jim_________ __________the meals at home. 六、连词组句。

(10 分) ________and3, Can.use, computer?a,__________________________________________________ 2. and , Come, look my , curtains. at, new,__________________________________________________ 3.There, a, forest, is, my, in, village. __________________________________________________ 4.near, It's, door. the, __________________________________________________ 5.set, you, Can, table? the,__________________________________________________ 七、阅读下面短文,并根据短文内容填空。

(10 分) We have a new flat. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. In my own room, there is a mirror, a bed and a big closet. There is a beautiful curtain and two end tables in my parents' bedroom. I love my new flat very much. 卧室里有一个镜子, 一 个床和一个大衣橱。

1.There are two ___________, a _________, a __________and a __________in our new flat. 2.There is a _____________,a ____________and a ________________in my own room. 3.There is a __________and two _________tables in my parents' bedroom. 八 、请你写一个有关你房间的小短文。

要求:内容叙述合理,家具描述准 确。

分) (5 This is my room. ________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________Ilove my room very much!4