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导读:最近中学生进行了一场讨论:周末双休日要不要上课,根据下面阐述你自己的观点。比例 观点30% 要上课60% 不要上课你的意见 …… ……高考前一个月, 要抓 休息好,提高 理由 紧时间复习



比例 观点30% 要上课60% 不要上课你的意见 …… ……高考前一个月, 要抓 休息好,提高 理由 紧时间复习 复习效率Recently,the students of high schools have had a discussion about whether they should have classes on weekends. Abort 30%of them consider it important to have classes because the college entrance examination is put forward by one month. They should concentrate on reviewing in preference to waiting time doing other things. While 60%of the students have the opposite idea, they think having a good rest will do good to study. Only when they have enough energy can they face the examination. In my opinion, I hope we can have more free time to strengthen our bodies in spite of the limited time. Just in this way, we can reduce pressure, which may lead to unexpected problems.书面表达 作为中学生,你肯定经历过多次考试,体验过成功,也遭遇过失败。

请你根据提示内容,简要概 述中学生普遍存在的对考试失败的两种态度, 并结合自身实际,写一篇英语短文来说明你的观点。

消极态度 当考试结果不尽不意时,情绪低 落,丧失信心,不再继续努力 积极态度 你的观点 当考试失败时,……(至少写出 …… 2 种表现)要求:1、题目自拟; 2、词数 120 左右; 3、语意要连贯;不能写成诗歌形式,不能列成表格形式。

范文 As a student,everone has ever failed in the exam. Then what will we do when failing? For some students, they will feel disappointed and art. What’s more, they even abandon themselves to playing computer games. As a result, they stop learning hard and fail again. However, others have the opposite opinion. They will never give up. Instead, they will encourage themselves by saying I will pass it next time. In addition, they will devote themselves to studying, which leads them to success. On behalf of the latter, I think we should up our confidence and bury ourselves in

learning. As the old saying goes “failure is the mother of success”, I believe we will succeed one day.范文 Facing the failure of exams The attitude to the failure of exams can be really different to different people. Some students develop a pessimistic attitude to the failure of exams. When failing in the examination, they will be in a low spirit and lose heart. What’s worse, some students will give up making efforts and drowning themselves in the sorrow for a long time. However, others are optimistic about the failure when losing an exam. What they do is to calm down and analyze the cause of failure. They hold the view that failure is the mother of success. Not only will they regard the failure as a treasure making them stronger but also they will spare no effort to study hard. As far as I am concerned, study consists of not only sunshine but also hard time. Rather than feel sorry for the failure of exams, we should take it as a chance of a fresh start in study. Study hard and the efforts will be paid off finally.书面表达 你校英文报欲征集有关学习经验的小短文。

请以“How to be a good learner”为题写一篇英语短文, 短文应包含以下要点: 1、同学们普遍认为应该:有计划,勤复习;善用工具书(reference books)和资源;劳逸结合等。

2、我的做法及理由:…… 注意:词数 100——120,文章开头已给出(不计词数) Learning methods are very important to every student. Usually a good learner gets twice the result with half the effort. Many students hold the same view. First of all, they think a good learner should set a good goal to study, and do things according to the plan. Besiddes, they think we should spare our time to review what we have learned. In addition, it’s vital to make full use of all kinds of reference books and resources, as many good learners say. What’s more, they think we should combine study and rest, as the popular saying goes, “All study and no rest makes Tom a dull boy”. I think a good learner should learn from each other. During our study, when having problems, we can turn to teachers or classmates for help. A student who is good at asking must be a good learner, and then, we should share our study experience with our students. Only in this way can we all become good learners.书面表达 良好的人际关系是建设和谐社会的关键。

假设你是李华,最近你校对“中学生如何交友?”的话 题展开讨论,大家发表了不同的看法。


为何交友 交友对象 建立良好的人际关系,构建和谐社会 学习上的朋友 生活上的朋友 情感上的朋友 互帮互学,促进提高…… 互助互利,摆脱困境…… 倾诉烦恼,分享喜悦……


2、词数 120 左右,开头已写好,不计入总词数。

How should middle school students make friends? How should middle school students make friends? Recently we have had a discussion about it. As we all know,How should middle school students make friends? How should middle school students make friends? Recently we have had a discussion about it. As we all know, good interpersonal relationship plays an important role in building harmonious society. Many students suggest that they should make friends who are of great benefit to their studies, so they will help each other and make greater progress together. Some believe that they should have friends related to their life. Whenever they have difficulty dealing with problems, they can be helped out. While others agree that they should have friends who will listen to them attentively and share bitterness and joy. What I want to stress is that each of us should have a true friend. To make friends, we should be friendly and learn not to judge people by their appearances. When disagreement does occur, it’s wise of us to talk it over to others. In brief, making true friends can make us improve ourselves.书面表达 假如你是李明,你发现部分同学每次遇到重要考试,都会出现一些焦虑症状。

请你用英语写一封 信向某学生英文报编辑反映该问题。

信的内容应包括下列要点: 焦虑症状:头晕、乏力、睡眠不好、食欲不振等 建议:1、考前制定好合适的复习计划 2、考试期间正常作息 3、睡前洗热水澡,喝热牛奶等有助于睡眠 其他建议(内容由考生自己拟定) 注意:1、根据以上内容写一篇短文,不要逐句翻译。

Dear Editor, I am Li Ming of Senior Three, Guangming Middle School.I am writing to tell you about some symptoms of anxiety among us students before exams. As far as I’m concerned, a majority of students often become dizzy and tired before exams. Sometimes they can’t sleep well as usual. What’s worse, some students can’t anything at all, which has a bad influence on them. In order to solve these problems, I would like to provide some suggestions. First we should make an appropriate plan plan before exams. Second, we must have a good rest. Only in this way can we concentrate on doing things during the exams. In addition, drinking hot milk or taking a hot bath will do us good. And what I think most jmportant is that you should keep confident and believe yourself. Best wishes! Yours,

Li Ming在一堂英语课上,同学们就中秋节是否应该放假进行了讨论。

下面是两种讨论结果的部分 原因。







…… …… 请你代表你小组选择一种讨论结果,并加上另外 1 至 2 点原因,以“The Mid-Autumn Day should be our national holiday”或“The Mid-Autumn Day shouldn’t be our national holiday”为题写 一篇 120 词左右的短文。

One possible version: The Mid-Autumn should be our national holiday As is known to all, the Mid-Autumn Day is our traditional day which is in honour of our ancester Qu Yuan, the great poet in Zhou dynasty. It has become part of our Chinese Culture, What’s more, the family can get together to enjoy the brightest moon and the harmonicious moment of that evening, having the mooncakes. It’s time for our family members to discuss and talk something happily. We can even invite our good friends to have a party and enjoy the moon as well. All in all, China is a country which is rich in cultures and traditional holidays as well. We need to do something to make our special cultures popular around the world. Anyway, we do hope that the Mid –Autumn should be our national holiday. 常见的连接词有:在同一句话题上补充内容:另外, 还有: what is more, besides, also, moreover, in addition 表示转折关系: 但是,然而,相反:but, however, yet, instead, on the other hand, on the contrary 表示因果关系: 因为:since, as, because +从句, because of + 短语 因此,所以:so, thus, therefore, as a result, so that 表示条件关系: 如果,只要:if , on condition (that), as long as 除非,如果不:unless 否则:or else 表示时间关系: 当--的时候 when, while, as 在--之后:after 在------之前:before 直到:until, till 一---就---:as soon as, once 后来,然后:later, afterwards 不久 soon 自--以来 since, ever since 从那时起 from then on 表示特定的顺序关系: 首先,最主要的:above all 首先:first of all, firstly, 其次:secondly 然后:then, next 最后: finally, in the end 换一种方法表述: 换句话说:in other words, that is to say, to put it another way 进行举例说明: 例如,比如: for instance, for example, like, such as 用于陈述事实: 实际上: in fact, actually, as a matter of fact 跟你说实话: to tell you the truth 对一个话题进行总结:总而言之, 总的来说:on the whole, in short, all in all , in general, in a word