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导读:读后感题目英文图片,英文读后感题目【篇一:老人与海 英文读后感】中国矿业大学外文学院 《美国文学选读》课程论文 论文题目: reading report of man and the sea 2015 年 6 月 徐州 the old reading report of the old man


英文读后感题目【篇一:老人与海 英文读后感】中国矿业大学外文学院 《美国文学选读》课程论文 论文题目: reading report of man and the sea 2015 年 6 月 徐州 the old reading report of the old man and the sea the old man and the sea is a realistic novel written by an american writer ernest hemingway, who won the pulitzer prize and nobel prize because of this novel. nowadays, the novel has been translated into more ten languages and the image of code hero is known all around the world. it is a short novel about an old fisherman, santiago, who has gone for 84 days without taking a fish back. a boy named manolin used to accompany the old man, but he is forced to fish at another boat. on the 85th day, santiago goes out alone and hooks a giant marlin, which takes him quite a long time to conquer it. on his way home, the blood from the marlin leaves a trail for all sharks as wide as a highway, so fighting against sharks is unavoidable. the result is that sharks eat up all the meat of the marlin and santiago only brings the marlin skeleton back. the whole story takes place in four days and nights, describing the pr ocess from santiago’s leaving for fishing to coming back home. when i first read this novel at high school, i think it very boring. simple plot, few characters, and the similar description of sea and the fighting cannot attract my interest to it. but when i read it in english version, i can feel the concise words, which indicates the profound grounding of writer’s ability, beautiful description of natural scenery and vivid portrayal of fighting. after reading the old man and the sea again, i can understand the honorable spirit of santiago and noble humanity inside the story. here, i want to express my understanding of the old man and the sea in two parts, according to the two main characters in this novel. 1 santiago, the code hero

santiago is an old and poor widow though he is good at fishing and has so much valuable experience. he only lives on fishing all his life lonely. on the 85th day of no fishing, he takes his dignity and life to go for fishing. at last, he just brings the skeleton back. people may think he must be a loser, but this result doesn’t mean failing. on the contrary, hemingway uses the skeleton which is the pillar of spirit to strengthen the meaning of the old man’s life. santiago is a strong person who never gives up. he tells us the truth that people are not born to fail, and a person can be destroyed, but cannot be defeated. 1.1 the image of sharks in the novel, we all know that santiago has a fierce fighting with sharks after fishing the huge marlin. on the way back, santiago ties the marlin to the boat. he is exhausted but then, he gets attack from a group of sharks. instead of giving up, the old man takes up his weapon and devotes himself to the fighting against sharks. even though the marlin has been bitten and only head and tail are left, we cannot ignore the bravery of santiago. in this story, the sharks are the symbols of evil forces and difficulties that man must face in his life. it represents the obstruction in the way of realizing ideals and goals. in the novel, the writer uses the sharp comparison between sharks and the old man to emphasize the great bravery of santiago. it also indicates that code hero is not afraid of any force of destruction. 1.2 the image of lion the image of lion plays an important role in this novel even though it only shows up for five times. when santiago is tired to sleep, he dreams of a lion. in fact, the description of lion is not useless. the five descriptions of lion indicate the change of santiago’s psychological process. without sea’s passion and tenderness, and shark’s greed and ferocity, lion has its own confidence and dignity from the bottom of his heart. the old man just likes the lion since he sails for the sea again and again in order to prove himself. the image of lion also makes psychological and spiritual preparation for old man’s going to sea. 2 manolin, the new generation

the boy named manolin appears at the beginning and ending of the novel. during the voyage of santiago, he sometimes comes into the old man’s mind. even though there is few description of this boy, he plays a vital role in this novel as the second main character. actually, he is the only person who cares about santiago sincerely, trusts santiago absolutely, and the young boy will inherit santiago’s career and carry his spirit and confidence to next generation. the appearance of manolin is not by chance. during santiago’s long voyage, boy’s encouragement and comfort come into the old man’s mind, which drives his loneliness away. youth is the symbol of energy and hope. hemingway not only tells us that the experience of fishing should be spread from generation to generation, but also expects us to admire, to learn from and to carry on the spirit of santiago. 3 conclusion after reading the old man and the sea, i understand that the life is like an ocean and you do not know what is going to take place at the next moment. difficulties always happen in my life. they are sharks and avoiding them cannot settle the problems. the only way to solve sharks is to fight with them. though the old man is lonely, he is a traveler who walks his way to realize his ideals. but he is not alone at the moment because his will is firm. in the future, i am not afraid of what difficulties i will encounter, i should face them with confidence, persist in the end, and never give up. above all, i realize that the true victory can only be a triumph of the spirit. no matter who makes much material success, they cannot win our respect and thanks. only the spirit of victory moves us and this is the reason why we think highly of the old man and the sea. i want to thank the book, for which i have learned to be a strong will person.【篇二:2014 年中考英语作文题目预测及范文】2014 年中考英语作文 题目预测及范文 一.假如你是一所国际学校校办英文杂志的学生编辑。

你看了下面 这封信后,也想写一篇关于该信的读后感,内容要点包括:你对此 事件的看法;解释你的理由并提出你的建议;向受害者表达尽快康 复的祝愿。

today, i received the reader‘s letter. i was shocked at it. personally speaking, i think we should pay more attention to the food safety. the government must make some necessary laws. what’s more, some businessmen shouldn‘t be only interested in making money. they must care about people’s health. we‘d better not eat anything in dirty places though some food is delicious, because eating unhealthy food does harm to our health. finally, i hope the family in the accident will get better soon。

二.中国西南地区干旱的英语作文 saving water is very important for us. there will be fewer fresh water in the future. we must avoid any chance of wasting water. we should take actions in or daily life. for example, take shorter water at any time, leave the sink running. every time you use water, you should turns off taps after using. we need to be careful and save a little bit of water for years and years. a pale, uneven, parched world, where a motor-car rocks and lurches and churns in sand. a world pallid with dryness, in human with a faint taste of alkali. like driving in the bed of a great sea that dried up unthinkable ages ago, and now is drier than any other dryness, yet still reminiscent of the bottom of the sea, sand hills sinking, and straight, cracked mesas, like cracks in the dry-mud bottom of the sea. if we don’t save water,the last drop pf water will be our tears. 三.毕业感想 初中生活马上就要结束了,三年的初中生活一定给你留下了很多挥 之不去的回忆。


包括时间、 人物、事情经过和事后你的感想(请不要写出真实的学校名称以及 真实姓名)。


three years, memories, one of, one day, think, happy/ sorry how time flies! i have studied in my school for three years. and i will graduate from middle school in a month. i am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you. i had so many memories in three years’ life. on of them impressed me very much. i still remember, when i began to learn english, i found it too difficult. no matter how hard i tried, i still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. as soon as my english

teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn english well. since then, she has kept helping me. little by little, i’ve become interested in english and i’m good at it. i think i am so lucky to become one of her students. i’ve learned a lot from her. i will try to help others when they are in trouble. i think it is a happy thing to help others. 四.目前十堰市正在积极创建全国文明城市,中学生也在为之努力。

假如你是你是某中学的一名学生张通,请根据下列图表所示内容, 给笔友 john 写一封电子邮件,介绍有关情况。

注意:1.邮件内容应包含所有要点,不要简单翻译,可适当发挥; 2.文中不得使用真实姓名、校名等信息; 3.词数 90 左右(邮件中已经写好了的部分,不计入总词数)。

4.参考词汇:civilized 文明的 respect 尊敬 dear john, i’m glad to hear from you. now let me tell you something about our city. nantong is trying to set up a national civilized city. we middle school students are also doing some things for it. we are all polite to our teachers. (in class, we listen carefully to them./ when we meet them, we always say hello to them./…) we also respect the old. for example, we help them cross the streets. we are always ready to help each other. (when one has difficulty with his studies, others will help him at once./...)we often show our love to those in trouble. last month, the students of my class donated money to the earthquake-hit areas. besides, we plant trees to protect the environment and make our city more beautiful. shiyan is my hometown. i will do my best to turn shiyan into a civilized city.zhang tong 五.低碳生活 现在全世界都在倡导“低碳生活”(low-carbon life),即:降低二 氧化碳的排放,采取低能量、低消耗、低开支的生活方式。

低碳生 活对我们大家都有好处,请你写一篇短文向一家英文报社投稿。

内 容包括:你的具体做法、你的感受以及建议。

提示词语:be good for, everyone, ride a bike, think, make a difference, environment, suggest, reuse

low-carbon life is good for everyone. to help with the environment, i always walk or ride a bike to school instead of taking a car. besides, i will try to use things that can be recycled and i never forget to turn off the lights when i leave the classroom. i think it’s my duty to live a low -carbon life. and even the simplest activities can make a real difference to the environment. so i suggest we should reuse books as long as possible. and we’d better not spend much money on expensive clothes. if everyone does something for the environment, i believe the earth will be a better place. 六.上海世博会对中国的影响 as we all know that 2010 world expo will be held in shanghai , this is the first time that china hosted the world expo. the world expo has a long history but it has never been held in asia. so it is a great honor for our country. it is also a great honor for all the asians. as a host city, shanghai will have more chances to develop quickly. the theme of the expo is “better city, better life”。

we all really hope that shanghai will become more exciting and attractive and that we can enjoy life to the fullest. organizers expected to attract 70 million visitors from all over the world to attend, at the same time it is also the largest in the history of world expo. it is a good chance for china to show its achievements in many fields. 七.how to survive an earthquake if earthquake happened, firstly, don’t panic and calm down. secondly, find some safe place to stay and don‘t run in such a hurry. if in the room, one should hide himself/herself under something hard, such as desk, table or even bed and keep away from shelf and cupboard, and never take a lift to go downstairs. if in the open air, find an open place and never get close to cars or waterside. thirdly, we should help each other when we meet trouble. at last, no matter how strong the earthquake is, if only we have the belief to defeat it and never give up, we must be able to overcome any difficulties.

八.现在越来越多的人在网上购物,网购已 成为流行趋势,二网购 的利弊也成为人们讨论的焦点,请参考下面的信息,并结合就的观 点些一短文,谈谈你的看法。

1. 方便,可以在家买东西,不受时间限制。

2. 有很大的商品信息,可以买到当地没有的商品。


3. 买货容易退货难;实物和图片有差距。


提示词:实物:materiai object now internet shopping is more and more popular in the world. it’s a new way of shopping. it has lots of advertages.the most important is convient. you can shop whenever you like because the online shop are open 24 hours a day. it is often to buy goods and it is also easy to find the things that youcan’t buy in the shop . besides,it’s cheaper . but “ every coin has two sides.” so is internet shopping. you can’t see the material objects or check their quality. usually the pictures are more beautiful than the goods. so when we get the goods and don’t like them, they sometimes are not easy to give back. what’s more , it’s not safe to pay through the internet. so 九. 日本的大地震导致核电站严重受损,核泄漏引起本国及周边国 家人民的恐慌。

上周你校同学就“是否应该发展核电站?”举行了一 场英语辩论会,参加辩论的 a 组和 b 组的同学意见截然不同。

请根 据下面提供的信息,给某杂志社写一篇英语短文,客观地介绍辩论 的情况。


1. 词数 80-100 左右,开头已为你写好,不计入总数 2. 要求观点明确,结构合理,紧凑连贯。

3. 请不要逐字翻译,可适当发挥以使行文连贯。

nuclear power station 核电站 solar energy 太阳能 pressure 压 力 last week, we had a debate about whether we should develop nuclear power stations. during the debate, group a said we should develop nuclear power stations, since it would bring much electricity to people, and reduce the pressure of using electricity in the world. meanwhile, it can create more jobs, while group b thought the government should limit the number of nuclear power stations, since they will cause all kinds of pollution, air pollution included. they thought solar

energy power stations, which are environmentally friendly, should be developed. 十.【网络交友】人们对于学生网上交友持不同意见。

请你用英语 写一篇关于学生网上交友的短文,介绍人们的不同观点,并表达自 己的看法。

【参考范文】should students make friends on line? some people say yes. the internet helps make many friends. chatting on line, students can more freely express their feelings and opinions, and even get help with their foreign language studies. others, however, think students should not. they say making friends on line is a waste of time, which should be spent more meaningfully on study. besides, some students get cheated on line. it is my opinion that students should place their study, health and safety before other things. as for friendship, we can readily find it in our classmates and other people around us. 十一。

目前,学生考试作弊现象严重,请围绕以下要点谈谈其中原 因以及个人建议。

原因:1.考试太滥 2.自身勤奋不够 3.把大量时间用在上网和玩游戏 上 4.为了骗取家长和老师高兴 看法与建议:1、作弊有害;2、要做人诚实,学习发奋;3、学校应 减少考试。

要求:1、字数 80-100;2、围绕要点可适当发挥;3、文章开头已 给出,不计入总字数。

参考作文: at present, a number of middle school students have picked up a bad habit - cheating in examinations. there are three main reasons. first, schools have given students too many exams, some of which are too difficult. second, some students are not hard-working and they dont work hard at their lessons. third, they waste a lot of time playing games or surfing the internet. so they havent enough time to prepare for the exams. finally, students have to do so to make their teachers and parents happy. in my opinion, cheating in exams does great harm to our study. we students should be honest and diligent, and only in this way can we improve our study and make progress.

besides, our teachers should offer us fewer exams and more time to study for ourselves. 十二。


请你用英语 写一篇关于学生网上交友的短文,介绍人们的不同观点,并表达自 己的看法。

【篇三:傲慢与偏见读后感(英文版)】love and marriage is a constant topic among human, in pride and prejudice, jane austen told a story about five marriages for us in her rational and humorous writing tone, which explains the truth of marriage: love. marriage should be based on love, while it can’t have access to happiness when just based on money or appearance. and a deeper knowledge is needed when we start our affection . exclude vanity and prejudice, and think about each others moral character objectively, and we can know someone better and more exact---- only good moral character deserves real love. 书中的两对恋人,伊丽莎白和达西,以及简与宾利,他们的婚姻虽 然也不排除相貌与家世的考虑,但主要是建立在爱情的基础上。

尤 其伊丽莎白和达西的爱情故事最为人津津乐道。

他们由相互厌恶到 最终相爱并且结为连理,此番曲折中,他们逐渐相互了解,解除偏 见,抛弃毫无意义的所谓体面,最终认识到并且爱慕上对方的美德。

而伊丽莎白对达西的求爱先拒绝后答应,更是展现了她对无爱婚姻 的蔑视。

相反,伊丽莎白的朋友,夏洛特,她认为自己既不美,又 没有钱,出于经济方面的考虑,选择了与愚蠢而又肤浅的柯林斯结 合,过上有保障但没有乐趣的婚姻生活。

同样,伊丽莎白的妹妹以 及父亲的婚姻也是不幸的,他们在美貌的皮相面前昏了头,忽略了 对方的品德,导致终生遗憾。

the two pairs lovers in the book, elizabeth and darcy, jane and bingley, mainly based their marriage on love and excellent moral character, though thinking about looks and family background to small extent. elizabeth and darcys love story is most relished especially. during twisting journey from they hated each other to finally fell in love and got married, elizabeth and darcy gradually got to know each other, removed prejudice, and discard meaningless so-called face. eventually they realized and fell in love with the virtues of each other in

readers’ expectation and wishes. furthermore that elizabeth refused darcys courtship before accepting, still further show her defiance of marriages without love. on the contrary, charlotte, elizabeths friend, who thinks she is not beautiful besides having no money, chose to combine with stupid and shallow collins out of economic considerations, and lived a ensured but dull marriage life. similarly, elizabeths sister, lydia, as well as her fathers marriage is unfortunate, for they were confused by the beauty of appearance, while ignoring the moral character. they would be bound to regret for their choice all their life . 总而言之,在婚姻面前,我们必须向爱情看齐;在爱情面前,我们 必须以人的品德为准;在品德面前,我们必须客观公正。

all in all, we must be for love alignment in the face of marriage; and we must will be subject to moral character in the face of love; and we must be objective and fair in the face of judging the moral character.


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