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导读:志愿者英语作文新 志愿者工作英语作文,有关志愿者的英语作文篇一:志愿者英语作文 At present , whenever you visit some tourist attractions or take part in large scale activities , you always see some uniformed people who provide services for you , they are volu

志愿者英语作文新 志愿者工作英语作文
志愿者英语作文新 志愿者工作英语作文

有关志愿者的英语作文篇一:志愿者英语作文 At present , whenever you visit some tourist attractions or take part in large scale activities , you always see some uniformed people who provide services for you , they are volunteers . As a matter of fact , although more and more people from all walks of life participate in volunteer activities , there are more volunteers needed in some major activities . Whether you like it or not , it is here to stay . Generally , it is believed that there are several advantages with joining volunteers . First , since entering in twenty-first Century , people's material comforts were satisfied , but the spirit world didn't get the promotion . Through volunteer activities , most of participant would get satisfaction in spirit and sense of happiness subliminally . What’ s more , volunteers can help sociology save resources . Associated with the fact that many large scale activities were obliged to need human resources , they would be inevitable to waste a little , but volunteers can solved this problem . There are , however , some disadvantages with being volunteers . To begin with , many activities required people to sacrifice personal

time and even money . To make matters worse , sometimes volunteers couldn’t obtain basic respect , some just regarded volunteers as for a free labor . which can’t be accepted . And worst of all , it would be some accidents that we couldn’t avoidIf I have chance to be an volunteer , the first thing I will consider is that what’s the meaning of the volunteer spirit , and how can I do to become a qualified volunteer . Moreover , I will lean the necessary knowledge of first aid and my professional knowledge to provide a quality of service . To sum up , only when you become much better that you can help other people better . 篇二:高考英语话题作文:有关“志愿者”(含范文)高考英语话题作文:有关“志愿者” 例 1:假设你是健康俱乐部的一位志愿者,根据以下要点,写一 篇短文,帮助广大市民更好地了解和预防 H1N1 流感: (1)该流感 已在许多国家爆发,病例每天持续增多; (2)该流感与其他季节性流感传播方式一样,通过咳嗽、喷嚏等在 人群中传播; (3)建议:不随便当众咳嗽、打喷嚏,经常洗手,生病时在家休 息……As we know, a growing outbreak of H1N1 flu has been sparked in many countries. An increasing number of cases are being reported every day。

It’s thought that H1N1 flu spreads in the same way that regular

seasonal influenza viruses do, that is, spreading from person-to-person, mainly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick with the virus。

Faced with this severe disease, here are some everyday measures we should take to stay healthy. First, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way. If you get sick, stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them。

Finally, H1N1 flu is not a terribly deadly disease, which is curable. So, don’t be nervous and just keep calm as usual。

例 2: 你所在的城市即将举办国际贸易博览会。

有关部门现向全社会招 聘志愿者。

要求: (1)具有为国际友人服务的热情; (2)掌握丰富的文化知识,既是服务人员,也是文化的使者; (3)具有流利的英语表达能力,能做好沟通工作。

假如你叫李华,请根据以上要求,写一封想作博览会志愿者的申 请信。

要求:字迹工整,100 词左右。

开头已写好,不计入总词 数。

生词:国际贸易博览会 the International Trade Exposition Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. As the coming of the International Trade Exposition, I’d like very much to be a volunteer。

All our citizens are hosts for this special event. Above all, I promise I should endeavor to serve with enthusiasm our distinguished guests from all over the world. Besides, I have a rich knowledge about Chinese history, so I will be not only a servant but also a carrier for our splendid culture. What’s more, as we all know, English as an international language, will play an important role in communication during the Exposition, and I am good at it. I can express myself fluently and clearly in English。

To sum up, I believe I can be a qualified volunteer. I will value it and do all I can if I could be accepted to be one。

Yours, Li Hua 篇三:志愿服务英语作文 篇一:志愿者 VolunteerNowadays, there is a increasing number for people to join in the activities of volunteering. For instance, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has so many volunteers. They made lots of contribution to the success of opening the Olympics. Moreover, we can often see that there many students go to gerocomium to visit the old to bring

warm to the lonely people. And during Ya‘an earthquake, millions of the Chinese citizen joined the rank of volunteers, delivering their love and care to the victims in the affected areas.Even there are some people’s career is volunteer. They are ready to help others. Although the volunteers are much (转载自:www.BdfQy.Com 千 叶 帆 文摘:有关志愿者的英语作文)more common, we still need to thanks them to admire them devoting themseves to the society.如今,有越来越多的人加入到志愿服务行业。

例如,2008 年北 京奥运会有这么多的志愿者。

他们为奥运会的成功举行做了很多 的贡献。

此外,我们经常可以看到,有很多学生去敬老院看望老 人给他们带去温暖。

在雅安大地震的时候,中国数以百万的人加 入志愿者的行列,把自己的爱和关怀给受灾地区的灾民。

在中国 甚至有些人的职业就是志愿者。


虽 然志愿者是越来越常见了,但我们仍然要感谢他们钦佩他们为社 会奉献自己。

篇二:志愿者活动 Volunteer Activity In recent years, the volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people. According to a survey, in 2008, there were about 1,700,000 volunteers who offered service for Olympic Games. Actually, an increasing number of people become volunteers in China every year. 近年来,志愿服务精神已经蔓延在中国人中传播开来了,尤其是年


据调查,2008 年大约有 170 万志愿者为奥林匹克运动会提 供服务。


Volunteering actions are of tremendous benefits to both those in need and the society. Olympic Games are a good example. As is known to all, volunteers played an active role in Beijing Olympic Games. Without them, it would be a tough task to hold this un-precedent Olympic Games. Therefore, we can say that it was those volunteers who ensured the success of these games.志愿行为对于那些需要帮助的人和社会都是有极大的好处。

奥运 会就是一个很好的例子。

众所周知,志愿者在北京奥运会中扮演了 积极的角色。

没有他们,这将会是一个艰巨的任务去完成这史无前 例的奥运会。

因此,我们可以说,是那些志愿者保证了那些运动的成 功举行。

As modern college students, we should get actively involved in volunteering activities. By participating, we can learn how to work well in a team, how to improve our interpersonal skills and organizational ability. Undoubtedly, all of these are critical for our person growth. So, we should take this chance to learn and to grow.作为现代大学生,我们应该积极的参与到志愿活动中来。

通过参 与,我们可以学习如何在团队中有效的工作,如何提高人际交往能 力和组织能力。

毫无疑问,所有这些都是至关重要的在我们的人生 长。


篇三:志愿服务的益处 The Benefits of Volunteering Nowadays, an increasing number of people are willing to serve as volunteers especially the university students in that they consider that volunteering is not only a great contribution to our society and those who are in need, but also improves themselves in many aspects. 如今,越来越多的人愿意成为志愿者尤其是大学生,因为他们觉 得志愿服务不仅是对社会有重大贡献还对那些有需要的人,而且 还在多方面提升了自己。

For one thing, there is no doubt that volunteering makes contribution to our society and people in need. The volunteers provide their assistance without requiring any financial rewards. Their contributions have a great impact on harmony society contribution. 一方面,毫无疑问的是志愿服务对我们的社会做贡献和有需要的 人。


他们的贡献对和谐社会有很 大的影响。

For another, serving as a volunteer is also beneficial to the volunteers themselves. They can improve their communication skills when providing help for others. One of the examples is that the university students who serve in Canton Fair will get a great chance to practical their English and get in touch with different kinds of

people as well as broad their horizon. In addition, by serving as different kinds of volunteers, they are easier to understand themselves and know in which fields they are interested.另一方面,作为一个志愿者,对于志愿者自己也是有利的。

在提 供帮助的同时他们可以提高自己的沟通技巧。

其中一个例子是, 广交会服务的大学生可以得到锻炼英语的机会,还可以接触到各 种各样的人来开阔视野。

此外,成为不同类型的志愿者,他们更 容易了解自己,知道兴趣之所在。

In a word, volunteering has brought many benefits to our society, those who are in need as well as the volunteers themselves. Therefore, let us enjoy the time when serving as a volunteer.总之,志愿服务为我们社会带来了许多好处,也给那些有需要的 人以及自己志愿者带来了好处。

因此,让我们好好享受作为一个 志愿者的时间吧。


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