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导读:The paper have 5 parts.一、Use of English(10 道小题,共 10 分) 1、Mr. Wilson said that he did not want to ____ any further responsibilities. (1 分) A、take on B、bring onC、get onD、put on2、Salaries for ________ positions seem


The paper have 5 parts.一、Use of English(10 道小题,共 10 分) 1、Mr. Wilson said that he did not want to ____ any further responsibilities. (1 分) A、take on B、bring onC、get onD、put on2、Salaries for ________ positions seem to be higher than for permanent ones. (1 分) A、legal B、optionalC、voluntaryD、temporary3、The Web provides an environment in which it is quick and easy to ________ ideas with others. (1 分) A、change B、tradeC、exchangeD、know4、I do not intend to follow that, because we shall have an opportunity to do so on another _____. (1 分) A、occasion B、situationC、conditionD、environment5、This article is ______ difficult ______ few of the students can understand it. (1 分) A、too„to B、very, thatC、so, thatD、such, that6、Great changes ______ in our institute in the last few years. (1 分) A、have taken place B、has taken placeC、took placeD、had taken place7、Faced with all the difficulties, the girl ____ her mother for comfort.(1 分)

A、turn overB、turn fromC、turn to 8、He didn’t turn up until we ___________ A、didD、turn up the work.(1 分) B、have doneC、were doingD、had done9、Strict ________ measures have been taken during the President ’s visit.(1 分) A、secure B、securityC、safeD、save10、He’s determined to finish the job ________long it takes. (1 分) A、no matter B、howeverC、wherever 二、Reading(4 道小题,共 40 分)D、whateverIn a job interview, the first question is often a “breaking the ice” type of question. Don’t be surprised if the interviewer asks you something detail. Talking about qualifications is the most important part of any job interview. Your qualifications include your education and any special training you may have received in the past. Your qualifications also include your experience in any previous work. It is important to explain what experience you have in detail. Generally, employers want to know exactly what you did and how well you accomplished your tasks. This is not the time to be modest. Try to avoid some big mistakes in the job interview, such as leaving the mobile on and criticizing previous bosses. The worst thing is you yourself have no questions. you Having no questions shows you are either not interested or not prepared. Remember that interviewers are more impressed with the questions you ask than the selling points try to make. 1. The passage is mainly about ______________________. A) the typical questions asked in job interviews like: “How are you today?” or “What do you think of the weather lately?” Answer the question without going into too muchB) importance of interviewees’ qualifications in job interviews

C) some common mistakes found in job interviewsD) Do’s and Don’ts in job interviews 2. A “breaking the ice” type of question is ___________________. A) a question that makes people unhappyB) an opening question asked to make people less nervousC) a sharp question that makes people angryD) a question asked about serious topics 3. All of the following are considered to be the interviewee ’s qualifications except __________. A) educational backgroundB) all kinds of special training receivedC) social backgroundD) experience in previous work 4. ___________ is not mentioned in the passage as a mistake found in job interviews. A) Leaving the mobile onB) Criticizing previous bossesC) Having no questionsD) Arriving late 5. If an interviewee has no question in the job interview, it may show he ___________. A) is not interested or not preparedB) is modestC) is familiar with the jobD) has good manners

From the earliest times, man has been interested in art.People have often worked together to collect and save the world’s art treasures. Fine art treasures from many countries are kept in an art museum called the Louvre in Paris, France .The works of art have been collected by the many centuries. The Louvre has not always been a museum.The first building was a fort(炮台).In 1190, it was the king’ s castle with high walls and a round tower .It had keep out his enemies. Over the years, the number of buildings around the castle grew.By 1350, the castle was no longer needed as a fort.The Louvre became a palace home for French queens. During times of peace, new treasures were brought in .During days of war, many treasures were stolen, and the buildings were damaged. When Francis I became king of France in 1515, he brought in artists from many countries .One of the artists was Leonardo da Vinci from Italy.Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is the best known painting in the museum today . In 1793, the Louvre became a public museum, just as it is now .It is a place where art treasures have been saved for everyone to enjoy. 1. On the whole,this passage is mainly about____. A) an art museum called the Louvre kings and a moat to people of France overB) an Italian artist named Leonardo da VinciC) a king of France named Francis ID) the best known painting in Louvre 2. Which of the following is not true? A) The Louvre used to be a fort a very long time ago.B) The Louvre was taken by enemies in 1190.C) French kings and queens once lived in it .D) Many treasures were brought into the Louvre over the years . 3. Why is it good for great art to be kept in public museums ? A) It helps people remember who the King of France is.B) It keeps people out of the palaces.

C) It gives everyone a chance to enjoy good art .D) It helps people to know who is the greatest artist. 4. From the passage we know that _____. A) it is not possible for treasures to be stolenB) old forts always make the best museumsC) great art should be shared with all the peopleD) king Francis I of France brought in artists from an old fort 5. In the third paragraph the word “moat” probably means_____. A) a high tower built in former times where soldiers watched out for enemiesB) a long and deep ditch dug round a castle and was usually filled with waterC) a long and high wall around a castleD) a cart pulled by horses on which soldiers fought “Cool” can be used to express feelings of interest in almost anything. When you see a famous car in the street, maybe you will say, “It’s cool.” You may think, “He’s so cool,” when you see your favorite footballer. We all maximize (扩大) the meaning of “cool”. You can use it instead of many words such as “new” or “surprising”. Here’s an interesting story we can On one student’s paper was just the one use to show the way the word is used. A teacher asked her students to write about the waterfall ( 瀑布) they had visited. sentence, “It’s so cool.” Maybe he thought it was the best way to show what he saw and felt. But the story also shows a scarcity (缺乏) of words. Without “cool”, some people have no words to show the same meaning. So it is quite important to keep some credibility (可信性). Can you think of many other words that make your life as colorful as the word “cool”? I can. And I think they are also very cool. 1. We know that the word “cool” has had ____. A) only one meaningB) no meanings

C) many different meaningsD) the same meaning 2. In the passage, the word “express” means _____. A) seeB) showC) knowD) feel 3. If you are ____ something, you may say, “It’s cool.” A) interested inB) angry aboutC) afraid ofD) unhappy with 4. The writer takes an example to show he is ____ the way the word is used. A) pleased withB) strange toC) worried abouD) careful with 5. In the passage, the writer suggests that the word “cool”______. A) cannot be replaced by other wordsB) usually means something interestingC) can make your life colorfulD) shouldn’t be overused

America is growing older. Fifty years ago, only 4 out of every 100 people in the United States were 65 or older. Today, 10 out of every 100 Americans are over 65. The aging of the population will affect American society in many ways — education, medicine, and business. Quietly the graying of America. has made us a very different society — one in which people have a quite different idea of what kind of behavior is suitable at various ages. A person’s age no longer tells you anything about his/her social position, marriage or health. There ’ s no longer a particular year in which one goes to school or goes to to work or gets married or starts a family. The social clock that kept us on time and told us when to go to school, get a job, or stop working isn’t as strong as it used a 70-year-old man who has become Public notions are changing. Many people say, "I am much younger than my mother — or my father — was at my age. " No one says "act your age" anymore. Weˊve stopped looking with surprise people who act in youthful ways. 1. It can be learnt from the text that the aging of the population in America____________. A) has made people feel younger at older a father for the first be. It doesnˊt surprise us to hear of a 29-year-old university president or a 35-year-old grandmother, or time.B) has changed people’s social positionC) has changed people’s understanding of ageD) has slowed down the country’s social development 2. The underlined word “one” refers to ____________. A) a societyB) AmericaC) a placeD) population 3. We can infer from the text that if a 25-year-old man becomes general manager of a big firm, the writer would most probably consider it ______. A) normalB) wonderfulC) unbelievable

D) unreasonable 4. “Act your age” means people should _____________. A) be active when they are oldB) do the right thing at the right ageC) show respect for their parents young or oldD) take more physical exercise suitable to their age 5. This passage is mainly about ____________. A) why American society is differentB) suitable behaviors at different age in American ’s eyesC) how older people act in youthful ways in AmericaD) how American people’s ideas about age have changed 三、Conversation(10 道小题,共 10 分) 1、A: Hello, may I talk to the manager now? B: _____________ (1 分) A、Sorry, you canˊt. B、Sorry, he is on another line now.C、No, you canˊt. 2、A:Would you like to go shopping with me? B: _____________.(1 分) A、Yes, I’d like to.D、I donˊt know.B、Yes. Thank you.C、You are welcome. 3、A: Iˊm sorry. Bobˊs not in his office. B: ________ (1 分) A、Would you like to leave a message?D、No. You are so kind.B、Can you take a message for me?C、Are you sure for that?D、Can you phone me?

4、A: We are going to have a singing party tonight. Would you like to join us? B: ________________. A、Iˊ m afraid not, because I have to go to an important meeting. C、No, I canˊt. 5、A: May I take your order, sir? B: ____________.(1 分) A、Give me the bill, please. B、But the price is too high. D、Thatˊs all set. (1 分)B、Of course not.I have no idea.C、I like the surrounding here. 6、A: Is that Mary speaking? B: Yes, _____________ (1 分) A、Who are you?D、I’d like some roast beef and chicken.B、Whoˊs that?C、Iˊm here. 7、A: It looks heavy. Can I give you a hand? B: ______________. I can mangage it by myself. (1 分) A、No, thanksD、Whatˊs your name?B、Yes, my pleasureC、No, never mind 8、A: Would you please pass me the dictionary? B: _____________(1 分) A、Yes, please.D、Yes, I doB、Never mind.C、Yes, I do. 9、A: How do you like Steven Spielbergˊs movies? B: ________.(1 分) A、Oh, I love his movies.D、Yes. Here you are.B、Yes, I like it.C、Iˊm watching one for the moment.D、You know him?10、A: I have got two tickets for the match. Shall we go and watch it together? B: ________.(1 分)

A、The tickets must be expensive.B、The match must be exciting.C、Why not? Let’s go. 四、Cloze(1 道小题,共 10 分)D、The place is too far away.As she walked round the large shop, Edith realized how difficult it was to choose a suitable Christmas (1) _ for her father. She wished that he were as easy to please as her mother, who was (2) _ satisfied with perfume. Besides, shopping at this time of the year was a most unhappy to find something cheap ahead of you. Partly to have a rest, Edith paused in front of a counter, where some beautiful ties were on “They are her father. She moved on slowly and then, quite by chance, stopped where a small crowd of men had gathered round a counter. She found some fine pipes on sale and the shapes were very beautiful. Edith did not hesitate for long, although her father only smoked a pipe once in a while, she believed this was (6) to please him. When she got home, with her small but (7) _ her parents were already so 1. (10) (8) _ present hidden in her handbag, it was time for supper and in great table. Her mother was (4) _ silk, ” the shop assistant told her with a smile (5) that her choice of ties hardly ever pleased trying to persuade her to buy one. But Edith knew from past (3) _ . job. People stepped on your feet, pushed you with their shoulders and almost knocked you over in their hurry in order(9) . “Your father has at last decided to stop smoking,” she told her daughter happily. Edith was that she could not say a single word. (253 words) B) cardA) suitC) thingD) gift2.A) neverB) seldomC) alwaysD) scarcely3.A) timeB) showC) boardD) duty4.A) realB) cheapC) poorD) exact

5.A) experienceB) thingsC) booksD) school6.A) hardlyB) impossiblyC) possiblyD) certainly7.A) cheapB) well-chosenC) expensiveD) ready-made8.A) onB) byC) besideD) at9.A) excitementB) angerC) sadnessD) disappointment10.A) gladB) happyC) surprisedD) excited五、Writing(2 道小题,共 30 分) 1、 Translate the following sentence into Chinese. She made a living by working as a waitress. (15 分) 她为了生活去当女服务员。

2、请根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于 80 词的短文。

Write an essay on “Knowledge is Power” (知识就是力量) Outline: 1. 2. 3. 知识越来越重要。

知识重要性具体表现在„„. 方面。


(15 分) If we have no knowledge, we cannot succeed in doing any work. why? because knowledge is power. with knowledge we have conquered nature and invented steamers, trains and airplanes. we can send messages by telegram. we can talk with our friends by telephone. As is well known, we students are the future masters of the nation. she (it) needs us very much. if we do not make efforts to acquire knowledge, how can we render service to her (it)? How to get knowledge? for example: readding, search for knowledge from Internet, larn from anyone and anytime!强烈建议您使用 IE 6.0 以上,屏幕分辨率 1024×768 以上,真彩,小字体浏览