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导读:【英语六级翻译练习】 中国是茶的故乡。据说早在五六千年前,中国就有了茶树(tea- shrub),而且有关茶树 的人类文明可以追溯到两千年前。来自中国的 茶和丝绸、瓷器(porcelain)—样,在1000

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【英语六级翻译练习】 中国是茶的故乡。

据说早在五六千年前,中国就有了茶树(tea- shrub),而且有关茶树 的人类文明可以追溯到两千年前。

来自中国的 茶和丝绸、瓷器(porcelain)—样,在1000 年前为世界所知,而且一 直是中国重要的出口产品。

目前世界上40多个国家种植茶,其中 亚 洲国家的产量占世界总产量的90%。

其他国家的茶树都直接或间接 地起源于中国。

【参考答案】 China is the homeland of tea. It is believed that China has tea- shrubs as early as five to six thousand years ago,and human cultivation of teaplants can date back two thousand years. Tea from China,along with her silk and porcelain, began to be known the world over more than a thousand years ago and has since always been an important Chinese export. At present more than forty countries in the world grow tea with Asian countries producing 90% of the world’s total output. All tea trees in other countries have their origin directly or indirectly in China. 中国人使用筷子已经有3000多年的历史了。

中国的筷子夹菜的一端是圆的,象征着天;另一 端是方的,象征着地。


中国有个 古老的风俗,女子出嫁时要用筷子当嫁妆,因为“筷子”与“快子”谐音。

根据中国的餐桌 礼仪,吃饭时一直握着筷子是不礼貌的。


吃饭时,用 筷子指着别人会对其造成冒犯。

翻译词汇: 筷子 chopsticks 维持 maintain 充足的 adequate 嫁妆 dowry 谐音 be pronounced the same as 餐桌礼仪 table manners 不礼貌的 impolite 冒犯 offend 精彩译文: There has been a history of more than 3 000 years for the Chinese to have meals with chopsticks. Chinese chopsticks are round on the eating end which symbolizes the heaven, and the other end is square which symbolizes the earth. It is because maintaining an adequate food supply is the greatest concern between the heaven and the earth. There is an old custom in the past in China, that chopsticks should be a part of a girl’s dowry. Kuaizi (chopsticks) is pronounced the same as “kuai zi”.The latter symbolized “quick” and “son”. According to the Chinese traditional table manners, it is impolite to hold the chopsticks all the time over the meal. As soon as one person sends a bite into his mouth, he should put down the chopsticks. It would offend others to point at them with chopsticks over the meal.


我们知道,一个民族的优秀文化遗产, 不仅仅属于一个民族,它会逐渐传播到世界而成为人类的共同财富。

// 为了更好的推广武 术运动,使其与奥运项目接轨,中国武协和国际武联做了大量的艰苦卓绝的工作。

现在武术 运动已被列为一种具有与保龄球运动和国际标准舞同等地位的奥运表演项目。

//武术的蓬勃 发展,除得益于其项目本身的吸引力之外,早期移居海外的一代武术大师功不可没。

//老一 代武术家在海外播种下了武术的种子, 使武术这门既可以自卫又可以健身的运动很快就在新 的土地上扎下了根。


// 参考译文: Wushu, or Chinese martial art, can be traced back to ancient times. It is a gem of Chinese traditional culture. As we all know, the fine culture of a nation doesn' t belong to the nation alone and it will be spread to the rest of the world and shared by all humanity.// The Chinese Wushu Association and International Wushu Federation (IWUF) have been working very hard to popularize wushu and make the Chinese martial art closer to the Olympic Movement. Wushu was accepted to join bowling and international standard dance as an Olympic demonstration event.// The booming of wushu is attributed not only to the attractiveness of the sport but also to emigrant Chinese wushu masters over the years.// Martial artists of the older generations have sown wushu seeds in foreign countries. Weshu, which can be used as self-defense and can keep practitioners fit and strong, soon became popular on new lands. Today superb wushu masters are active all over the world, and amateurs are on the increase with each passing day.端午节,又叫龙舟节,是为了纪念爱国诗人屈原。

屈原是一位忠诚和受人敬仰的大臣 (minister),他给国家带来了和平和繁荣。



几千年来,端 午节的特色在于吃粽子(glutinous dumplings)和赛龙舟,尤其是在一些河湖密布的南方省 份。

参考译文: The Duanwu Festival, also called the Dragon Boat Festival, is to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a loyal and highly esteemed minister, who brought peace and prosperity to the state but ended up drowning himself in a river as a result of being vilified.People got to the spot by boat and cast glutinous dumplings into the water,hoping that the fishes ate the dumplings instead of Qu Yuan's body. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by glutinous

dumplings and dragon boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes. 狮舞(Lion Dance)是中国最广为流传的民间舞蹈之一。

狮为百兽之首,在中国传统中,狮子 被视为是能带来好运的吉祥物(mascot)。

古人将狮子视作是勇敢和力量的化身, 能驱赶邪恶、 保护人类。


在唐代(the Tang Dynasty),狮舞就 已经被引入了皇室。

因此,舞狮成为元宵节(the Lantern Festival)和其他节日的习俗,人 们以此来祈祷好运、平安和幸福。

参考译文: The Lion Dance is one of the most widespread folk dances in China.The lion is the king of animals. In Chinese tradition, the lion is regarded as a mascot, which can bring good luck.Ancient people regarded the lion as a symbol of braveness and strength, which could drive away evil and protect humans. The dance has a recorded history of more than 2,000 years. During the Tang Dynasty, the Lion Dance was already introduced into the royal family of the dynasty. Therefore, performing the lion dance at the Lantern Festival and other festive occasions became a custom where people could pray for good luck, safety and happiness.改革开放30 年来,随着中国逐渐崛起成为政治经济强国,海外人士学习汉语的现象与日俱 增,海外孔子学院也成了人们学习中国语言和中国文化的首选之地。

// 通过学习汉语,他 们对这个和自己文化大相径庭的古老文明产生了浓厚的兴趣,而且有机会了解中国的哲学、 艺术、医学、饮食文化,亲身体验这个文明古国的风采。

// 作为第二文化,中国文化也丰 富了他们的生活和世界观。


越来越多的学习汉语的美国人除了 对中国菜肴赞不绝口之外,也在尝试针灸,草药和武术。

//他们也看功夫电影,学习东方时 装潮流和手工艺,不知不觉的在日常生活中谈及中国的点心,人参、银杏,乌龙茶等。

目前 在美国最热门的中国文化是道家学说和有着神秘色彩的风水学。

参考译文: As China is rising as a political and economic world power, thanks to its three-decade reform and opening up, more and more people in overseas countries start to learn Chinese and turn to a Confucius Institute in their own countries as their first choice learning Chinese language and Chinese culture.// During the learning process, the learners concurrently develop their interest in this ancient land, whose civilization is so vastly different from theirs. And the learners have opportunities to learn about Chinese philosophy, art, architecture, medicine and catering culture and experience first-hand the splendors of this venerable civilization.// As the second culture, Chinese culture has enriched the life and

world outlook of the learners. This trend, so to speak, is gathering momentum and is there to stay. Apart from their love for Chinese cuisine, more and more American learners of Chinese language are turning to Chinese acupuncture ,herbal medicines, martial arts.// They are also interested in Kongfu films,fashions and crafts. Seemingly outlandish words such as dim sum, ginseng,gingko, oolong cha have crept into their everyday language. The latest Chinese cultural icons to make its impact there are Taoism, and ancient school of thought, and fengshui, an ancient art of placement.// 假日经济的现象表明:中国消费者的消费观正在发生巨大变化。

根据统计数据,中国消费者 的消费需求正在从基本生活必需品转向对休闲、舒适和个人发展的需求。

同时,中国人的消 费观在蓬勃发展的假日经济中正变得成熟。

因此产品结构应做相应调整, 来适应社会的发展。


参考译文: The phenomenon of holiday economy shows that Chinese people's consumption concept is undertaking great changes.According to statistics, the demands of Chinese consumers are shifting from the basic necessities of life to leisure, comfort and personal development.Therefore, the structure of products should be adjusted accordingly to adapt to social development. On the other hand, services should be improved to satisfy people's demand for an improved quality of life.吸烟之危害,可谓大矣,其严重性是不能低估的。

吸烟污染空气,损害健康,使肺癌发病 率大大增加。

为了使各国人民关注烟草的盛行及预防吸烟导致的疾病和死亡, 世界卫生组织 已将每年的5月31日定为"世界无烟日"。

瘾君子们说,一天饭不吃可以,一个时辰不抽烟就 难捱了,不能戒。

只要真正意识到吸烟有百害而无一利,于人于己都是一种祸害,就有可能 下决心摆脱烟草的诱惑。


参考译文: Smoking does great harm to human and its gravity should not be underestimated. Smoking pollutes air, damages health, and increases the incidence of lung cancer. To arouse the awareness about the prevalence of tobacco in all the countries and to prevent smoking-induced diseases and deaths, the WHO (World Health Organization) has defined May 31stin every year as World No-Tobacco Day. The tobacco addicts say that smoking is impossible to quit because they could do without meals in a day but would feel tortured without tobacco in two hours. However, when one realizes that smoking is harmful in many ways but beneficial in no way and that it is a curse to others as well as to he himself, he will be determined to resist the temptation of tobacco. To quit smoking requires persistence and so

long as one persists,he'll be rewarded