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导读:二单元(7-12) 7what`s your project about 你的课题是什么 Did you have a good rest after out trip ? Are you ready for your project ? We heard a lot about him on the Silk Road 我们在丝绸之路上听说了许多关于他的事情。 My

人教版英语七上starter unit 2《what's this in english》word教案
人教版英语七上starter unit 2《what's this in english》word教案

二单元(7-12) 7what`s your project about 你的课题是什么 Did you have a good rest after out trip ? Are you ready for your project ? We heard a lot about him on the Silk Road 我们在丝绸之路上听说了许多关于他的事情。

My project is about some places of interest in china 我的课题是关于中国的一些名胜古迹 I still can`t believe it They don`t have donuts on the Silk Road You can find donuts anywhere in china 我仍旧不能相信他 在丝绸之路上他们没有面包圈。

你可以在加拿大的任何地方找到面包圈 在我们的旅行之后你好好休息了吗? 你准备好你的课题了吗?The Silk Road is about history and culture ,hot donuts 丝绸之路是关于文化的而不是面包圈 Let`s go to the library and work on our projects 咱们去图书馆继续做我们的课题A jok is something funny you say to make people laugh 笑话是你为了让人们笑而说的一些事情 Can you translate any jokes into English? 8 Marco Polo and the Silk Road Marco Polo was a man form Italy. At the age of 17 ,he went to china. He travelled along the Silk Road with his father and uncle. 他和他的父亲、叔叔一起沿着丝绸之路旅行 Together,they moved goods between Eruope and Asia on the Silk Road. 他们一起通过丝绸之路,在欧洲和亚洲之间运送商品进行贸易。

你能把一些笑话翻译成英语吗?马可波罗和丝绸之路 马可波罗是一个意大利人。

在 17 岁时,他来到中国

Their journey lasted about twenty years. He met the king and worked for him for 17 year . The Chinese discovered coal and invented paper.他们的旅行持续了大概 20 年 他见到了国王并为他工作了 17 年。

中国人发现了煤并发明了纸 他带了一些煤和纸回到意大利。

He brought some coal and paper back to Italy with him. He also brought back a lot of silk ,tea,and other goods他还带回去了许多丝绸,茶叶和其他的货物。

I hope to write a book like that someday. 9 Danny`s School Project 我希望将来某一天写一本像那样的书 丹妮的学校课题 我将描述中国的一些地方 人们很久前修建了他么 他们看起来像一只古代的军队 他们是中国用粘土制作的士兵和马 下一个是一个动物 它是丝绸之路上一种重要的工具 干得好 我正在骑骆驼 这是最后一个 很多东西都是柔软而且鲜艳的 你可以多告诉我们一点吗 你可以用它来制造衣服We wii describle some place and things from China People built them a long time ago They look like an ancient army Are they the clay soldiers and horses from China The next one is an animal It`s an important tool on the SilkRoad Well done I `m riding camel Here `s the last one Many things are soft and colourful Can you tell us a little bit more we can make colothes from it 10 music and dance 音乐和舞蹈 Liming and Wangmei are walking home from school I `m still thingking about our trip to the SRilk Road李明和王梅正从学校往家走 我仍然在考虑我们丝绸之路的旅行

Our culture is so rich and colourful我们的文化是如此的丰富多彩Erhu is a part of ancient Chinese culture 二胡是古代中国文化的一部分 Many Westen people call it the “Chinese violin” They take part in the Spring Festival show together I can`t wait to play music for all my friends Maybe I can wear some traditional clothes The erhu is a Chinese in strument the violin is a Westen in strument 11food in China 中国的食物 Jenny goes online to tell others about the food in china 詹妮上网去告诉其他人关于中国的食物 I just got back from a trip to the SilkRoad in china 我刚从中国的丝绸之路旅行回来 很多中国人把它叫做中国的小提琴 我们能一起参加春节晚会的演出我迫不及待要为我所有的朋友演奏音乐 或许我能穿一些传统服装 二胡是一种中国乐器 小提琴是一种西方乐器My favourite dishes were Beijing Duck and Lanzhou noodles 我最喜欢的食物是北京烤鸭和兰州拉面 They have a lot of history behind them It takes a lot of work The end product is worth it Lanzhou noodles are long hand-made noodles They look good and taste great 它们背后有很多历史和文化 他花费大量的工作 最后的产品是值得的 兰州拉面是手工的长面条 他们看起来不错而且尝起来很棒I saw a show about Lanzhou noodles on TV 我在电视节目上看过一些兰州拉面的 I t was magic Some people eat noodles for breakfast 12 a blog about the Silk Road 它就像魔术一样 在中国一些人早餐吃面条 一个关于丝绸之路的博客

Liming had a good time on his trip to the Silk Road 李明在她的丝绸之路的旅行度过了一段愉快的时光 I just got back from a great trip to the Silk Road 我刚从丝绸之路的旅行中回来 Our country has a very long history and a rich culture 我们的国家有非常悠久的历史和丰富多彩的文化 I saw and experienced a lot on the trip The history of China is so alive in these places 在这次旅行中我看到呵体验到了很多 在这些地方中国的历史是如此有活力I saw my own history and culture in a new way 我用一种新的方式了解我自己的历史和文 I hope to trave more around my country someday 我希望将来有一天能在国内进行更多的旅行 Here are some photos from my trip 这是我旅行时的一些照片