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导读:七年级英语冀教版课文翻译 七年级下册英语冀教版翻译,1.这个村子离边境很近,村民们一直担心会受到敌人的攻击。 The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy. 2.这个国家仅用了 20 年的时间就发展成

七年级英语冀教版课文翻译 七年级下册英语冀教版翻译
七年级英语冀教版课文翻译 七年级下册英语冀教版翻译


The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy. 2.这个国家仅用了 20 年的时间就发展成了一个先进的工业强国。

It took the country only 20 years to transform into an advanced industrial power. 3.这个公司已经发展成为这个地区主要的化工生产基地之一。

This company has evolved into one of the major chemical manufacturing bases in this region. 4.鉴于目前的金融形势,美元进一步贬值是不可避免的。

Given the current financial situations, it is inevitable that the US dollar will be further devalued. 5.政府号召市民就控制水污染问题献计献策,但反应却不强烈。

The government’s call for suggestions about the control of water pollution produced very little response from the citizens. 6.天气没有出现好转的迹象,所以政府号召我们做好防洪的准备。

The weather showed no signs of getting better so the government called upon us to prepare for floods. 7.科学家曾一度认为没有比原子更小的东西了,但现在大多数人都知道原子是由 更小的粒子构成的。

At one time scientists thought that there was nothing smaller than an atom but now most people know that an atom consists of even smaller particles. 8.这些同学对世界杯十分关注,每天至少花两个小时看比赛的现场直播。

These students who spend at least two hours every day watching the live matches on TV are very concerned about the World Cup. 9.因为得不到贷款,无法按时开业,这家百货商店损失惨重。

The department store lost out because loans were very hard to come by and it could not start business on time. 10.我们不能到那里散步,因为那里有一个海军基地,禁止游客进入。

We can’t go there for a walk because there is navy base there, which is off limits to tourists. 11.他的确懂得很多理论,但是,一碰到实际工作就显得特别无知。

He really knows a lot about theory, but when it comes to actual work, he seems to be quite ignorant. 12.最新调查表明,大多数市民支持政府再建一个新图书馆的计划。

The latest survey shows that the majority of the citizens support the government’s plan to build a new library. 13.这两个国家之所以能够成功地达成科学技术合作协定是因为他们进行合作的 好几种因素一直在发挥作用。

The two countries could reach agreement successfully on scientific and technological cooperation because several factors favorable to their cooperation had been at work. 14.我在上小学时就看过那部电影,可就是一时想不起它的名字来。

I saw the film when I was in the primary school, but the title just won’t come to mind for the moment. 15.尽管他每天平均工作 12 个小时,他仍然陷于重重债务之中。

He has been stuck with heavy debt though he works about twelve hours every day on average. 16.有必要知道他的身高吗?在我看来,这与他能否成为一个好的律师没有关系。

Is it necessary to know his height? To me, it is not relevant to whether he can be a good lawyer or not. 17.橱柜被安装到墙里,既节约时间,使用起来又方便。

The cupboard is built into the wall so that it both saves space and is convenient to use.18.这些工人挣的钱比我们多,可话又说回来,他们的工作也危险得多。

These workers earn more than we do, but the other side of the coin is their job is more dangerous. 19.海伦在大学里学的是经济学,与此同时她把哲学作为第二专业来学习。

Helen majors in economics at the university and at the same time she studies philosophy as her second major. 20.重要的是你们要自己发现问题和解决问题,我是否到现场去无关紧要。

What is most important is that you must find out and solve the problems by yourselves. It makes no difference whether I go there or not. 21.大多数人都坚信法庭一定会严惩那些银行抢劫犯。

Most people strongly believe that the court will no doubt punish the bank robbers severely. 22.在为我治疗这种疾病而进行的长期探索中,医疗工作者克服了一个又一个困难。

The medical workers overcame one difficulty after another in their long-term quest for a cure for the disease. 23.根据所获得的情报,警察封锁了街道并且抓获了抢劫银行的罪犯。

Acting on the information they received, the police closed off the streets and caught the bank robbers. 24.听说这家刚建成的电视机厂第一年就能生产 50 万台电视机,我们都感到惊讶。

We were amazed at learning that the newly-built TV factory can produce 500000 TV sets in the first year. 25.政府正在调查这么多人下岗的原因,并设法帮助下岗工人再就业。

The government is looking into the causes of so many layoffs and is trying to help the laid-off workers to be re-employed. 26.为了扩大产品的销售,这家公司采用多种措施,开拓市场,改进服务。

To expand the sales of its product, the company has taken up various measures to open up new markets and to improve its services. 27.他的学习荒废到如此程度,要在一个月赶上别的同学恐怕是不可能的。

He has neglected his studies to such an extent that I am afraid it is impossible for him to catch up with the other students in a month. 28.那家烟花爆竹厂由于未能遵守政府的安全条例上个月关门了。

The fireworks factory was closed last month for failing to comply with the government safety regulations. 29.我们的足球队能否战胜对手,还要等到比赛结束后才知道。

It remains to be seen whether our football team can beat its opponents. 30.史密斯先生预言,新近发现的石油储藏再加上新技术的利用,会让原油的价格降下来。

Mr. Smith predicted that the recent oil discoveries, together with the use of new technologies, would lead to a decline in the price of crude oil.


As more and more details of her private life were disclosed by the media, she was compelled to resign from the post of general manager of the company. 32.她对自己的新工作很满意,因为这份工作正好与她的兴趣相符。

She is very satisfied with her new job as it coincides with her interests. 33.我买了这件衬衣,因为它的价格从 300 元减到了 80。

I bought this shirt because the price was reduced from 300 yuan to 80 yuan. 34.为了把孩子们抚养成人,这位母亲真是历经了各种磨难。

To bring her children up, the mother really went through all kinds of hardships. 35.警方在老太太的死亡案中已经排除了他杀的可能性。

The police have ruled out murder in the case of the old lady’s death. 36.市政府承诺将尽快采取有效措施,解决空气污染的问题。

The local government promised to take effective steps as soon as possible to solve the problems of air pollution. 37.因为腿部受伤,我没有参加上个月学校举行的网球锦标赛。

I did not go in for the Campus Tennis Championships held last month because of my injured leg. 38.要是能得到大多数女生支持的话,你赢得选举成为学生会主席的机会是很大的。

If you can get the support of the majority of the girls, you stand a good chance of winning the election and becoming Chairman of the Students Union. 39.他写的书并非都像这一本这么成功,所以我建议你从图书馆把它借来读一下。

Not all the books he wrote were as successful as this one so I recommend that you borrow it from the library and read it. 40.在 2004 雅典奥运会上刘翔打破男子 110 米栏世界纪录,获得冠军,这个纪录之前是由一 个美国运动员保持的。

At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Liu Xiang won the championship of the men’s 110-meter hurdles and broke the world record, which had been previously held by an American athlete. 5 当海啸(tsunami)袭来时,许多东南亚国家遭受了巨大的损失.(sustain) Countries in South East Asia sustained great losses when the tsunami struck the area. 6 每当做母亲的拿弟弟跟哥哥做比较,弟弟就要抗议.(compare with, protest) Every time the mother tries to compare the younger brother with his elder brother, the younger one will protest. 9.怪不得你最后闯出祸来,原来你从来不听你父母的管教。

(no wonder, end up in trouble) No wonder you ended up in trouble. You never followed your parents’ advice. 10.他花了整整两年的时间才慢慢适应了这个新环境。

It took him two years to adapt to the new environment. 2. 他有创造性 , 对未来也有很好的判断力 , 可就是喜欢秘而宣 .(creative; vision; keep sth to oneself) He is very creative and has a good vision of the future, but he likes to keeps things to himself. 3. 他们来自一个贫穷的小山村,那里的人们远离现代文明.(shut off) They came from a poor village where people were shut off from modern civilization. 4. 我们要努力工作,争取达到我们所订下的目标.(achieve the goals; make an effort) We must work hard and make an effort to achieve the goals that we have set. 5. 我们应该满足于我们所拥有的一切 , 不该对周围的事情过分吹毛求疵 .(be content with; critical)

We should learn to be content with all that we have and should not be too critical about things around us. 9. 稳定的,无冲突的夫妻关系对家庭中的孩子有好处.(stable, conflict) A stable relationship without conflicts between husband and wife benefits the children in the family. 7. 关于那件事你问我再多的问题也没有,因为我是不会回答你的.(it's no use) It is no use asking me any more questions about that matter because i won't answer. 3. 一定程度阅读速度与阅读技巧密切相关 . 有了阅读技巧 , 你就可以更好地应对课外阅读 了.(to a certain extent, relate ...to..., cope with) To a certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skills; and with reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better. 1. 这个婴儿还不会爬,更不要说走了.(let alone) The baby can't even crawl yet, let alone walk! 12. 如果你的英语和电脑技能都掌握得好 , 那么你在谋职时就一定比别人更有优势 .(have advantage over) If you have a good command of English and computer skills, you will surely have an advantage over others in finding a job. 10. 这起事故与三年前发生的一起事故极为相似.(similar to) This accident is very similar to the one that happened three years ago 11. 汤姆昨晚和我聊天,他告诉我他的病已得到控制,不需要做外科手术。

Tom chatted with me last night.He told me that his disease had been brought under control,and there was no need for surgery12 对大多数人来说,财富对建立幸福感没多大促进作用。

For most people ,wealth and do not contribute much to creating a sense of well-being 13 分裂公共是粗鲁的,我希望你能停止这样的坏行为 It is rude to split in public,I want you to put a stop to such bad behavior 14 他们要求更多的电力供应,我们应该满足以释放他们的压力。

They have made a request for more electricity supplies, which we should satisfy in order to release them from the pressure they are under. 15 The school is more concerned withthe education of student's rality and social responsibility than with their academic achievements 学校关心学生的道德和社会责任感的教育多过于他们的学术成就


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