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导读:文档鉴赏Unit 1 From her accent I guess she’s from the Northeast. 从她的口音我猜她是来自东北地区的。 It was very clever of her to turn his argument against himself. 她很聪明,使他对自己的论点 I found a couple of sho

现代大学英语精读3lessen 4课文翻译与课后练习答案
现代大学英语精读3lessen 4课文翻译与课后练习答案

文档鉴赏Unit 1 From her accent I guess she’s from the Northeast. 从她的口音我猜她是来自东北地区的。

It was very clever of her to turn his argument against himself. 她很聪明,使他对自己的论点 I found a couple of shoes under the bed but they don’t make a pair. 我在床下发现了一双鞋,但他们不做一双 4. Dr. Bright always takes his time as he examines his patients and treats them with extreme care. Bright 博士总是把他的时间用于他检查他的病人,并把他们的极端护理 5. British companies are trying to avoid the fate their American counterparts have already suffered. 英国公司正试图避免他们的美国同行已经遭受的命运。

6. Wilfred’s remarks confirmed me in my opinion that he was an honorable young man.威尔弗雷德的话证实了我在我看来,他是一个光荣的年轻人 7. The key witness for the prosecution was offered police protection after she received death threats. 检察机关的主要证人在收到死亡威胁后提供了警方的保护 8. I thought that was the end of the matter but subsequent events proved me wrong.我认为这是事情的结束,但随后的事件证明我错了。

9. Having practiced for so long, the New York baseball team stands a chance winning the World Series this year. 经过这么长时间的练习,纽约棒球队赢得了今年的世界系列赛的机会。

10. At the trial , Bob’s teacher, who was called as a character witness, said he was a quiet boy who had never been in trouble before.在审讯中,鲍伯的老师,被称为证人,说他是个安静的男孩以前从未惹过 麻烦。

Unit 2 11. We’ve just had a very fruitful meeting with the management and we’re now much more hopeful about the pay rise. 我们刚刚与管理层有了一个非常富有成效的会议,我们现在对加薪的希望更 大了 12. The book I’m reading explains the evolution of plant and animal life on earth. 我读的这本书解释了地球上动植物的进化

文档鉴赏13. Living in a flat is all right, but it has its limitations—for example, you don’t have your own garden. 住在一个公寓是好的,但它有它的局限性,例如,你没有你自己的花园 14. The two witnesses gave contradictory versions of what had happened that night. 这两个证人给了矛盾的版本,那天晚上发生了什么事 15. Despite the fact that there was almost no hope of finding the missing boy, the search party still went on looking. 尽管事实上,几乎没有希望找到失踪的男孩,搜索队仍然继续寻找 16. Alice intends to go back to work after she has had her baby. 爱丽丝打算回去工作后,她已经有了她的孩子。

17. The report is a bit lengthy; in short, it says that more money should be spent on education. 这份报告有点冗长,总之,它说应该花更多的钱在教育上。

18. Without an official pass, the guides will deny you access to the courthouse. 没有一个官方通行证,导游会拒绝你进入法院 19. Amy was trying to persuade her father to let her drive but she was getting nowhere. 艾米试图说服她的父亲让她开车,但她却一无所获 20. Simon has done a super job and deserves to be promoted. 西蒙做了一个超级工作,值得推广。

21. Sorry the place is so messy; I haven’t had time to clean up. 对不起,这个地方太乱了,我还没有时间打扫。

22. Mr. White found to his dismay that his son had been spending far too much time chatting with his key pals online. White 先生发现他的儿子一直太多的时间与自己的网友在线聊天。

Unit 3 23. In terms of population, Greater New York City is the largest urban center in the United States. 在人口方面,大纽约市是美国最大的城市中心。

24. The article provides a detailed analysis of the root causes of the accident.文章对事故的根本原因进行了详细的分析 25. Many young girls like to keep a diary for recording their private thoughts and feelings.许多年轻女孩喜欢记日记记录他们的私人想法和感情

文档鉴赏26. There are obvious benefits in allowing each student to go at his own pace.有明显的好处,让每个学生都走自己的步伐 27. The dredger represents a major technological advance in keeping the river clear.挖泥船是保持河水清澈的重大技术进步 28. The tired traveler stopped to catch his breath and make sure of his directions.疲惫的旅行者停下来喘口气,确定自己的方向。

29. Bob didn’t turn up at the party; I had an intuition that something must have gone wrong.鲍伯没有出席聚会;我有一种直觉,一定有什么事不对劲。

30. Roger was quite stubborn and it was almost impossible to convince him of his mistakes.罗杰很顽固,几乎不可能使他相信他是错误的。

31. In history the war between the Union and the eleven Southern states is called American Civil War.在历史上,联盟和南部十一个州之间的战争被称为美国内战 32. The office building was recently renovated for greater comfort and efficiency.办公楼最近进行了装修,以更大的舒适和效率 Unit 41)He always uses my first name , although he is several years my junior尽管他比我小几岁,但他总是直呼我的名字.2)This is just my kind of diet—no junk food , plenty of fruit and vegetables, which I love. 这只是我的一种饮食,没有垃圾食品,大量的水果和蔬菜,我喜欢。

A beautiful newly constructed highway winds its way along the coast of the island. 一个美丽的新建的公路蜿蜒在岛的海岸边4)Vitamin C helps to combat stress either from worry or from intense physical exercise.维生素 C 有助于打击压力,无论是从担心或激烈的体育锻炼 Not only is measles(麻疹) a killer, but it also causes blindness, deafness and mental handicap in thousands of children every year.麻疹不仅是一种杀手,而且每年都会引起失明、耳聋和精神障碍等疾病。

文档鉴赏Click the left mouse button twice and your card design will be printed.点击鼠标左键两次,你的卡设计将被打印 Many beautiful landscapes that glow in the gallery(画廊) are sadly decayed in reality.许多美丽的风景,在画廊的光芒,可悲的是在现实中腐朽 8)Few actors have so fully interpreted the deepest feelings of Shakespeare as Olivier Laurence. 很少有演员如此充分地诠释了莎士比亚作为奥立弗的最深的感情 9)As the patrol commander approached the door of the bank , he spotted a black briefcase leaning against a wall. 当巡逻指挥官走近银行的门时,他发现一个黑色的公文包靠在墙上 10)Money, of course , is no substitute for the loss of life or limb 金钱,当然不能代替生命或肢体的损失 11)The goat twisted its neck to make a grab at a fallen twig(嫩 枝) on the ground. 那只山羊扭着脖子,在地上的一根树枝上抓着一只抓着的树枝 12)As a mother , I give advice when my children need it ,but basically our relationship is one between equals. 作为一个母亲,当我的孩子需要它时,我给的建议,但基本上我们的关系是 一个平等之间的关系 13)The city of Kyoto , the imperial capital, lies surrounded by hills and is frequently bathed in mists. 京都市的帝国的首都,位于群山环抱之中,经常沐浴在薄雾中。

There are at least four companies, perhaps five, that would like to start a 24-hour news channel. 至少有五家公司,也许是四家,想开始一个 24 小时的新闻频道 15 ) Banks raised interest rates five times from mid-1989 to mid-1990,in hopes of squeezing the bubbles in the stock and property markets. 银行加息五次从 1989 年中期到 90 年代中期,在股市和房地产市场挤泡沫 的希望 Unit4 The June3,1996 issue of Newsweek carries a long article about Japan’ s future empress(皇后).新闻周刊 1996 年 6 月 3 日发行的有关于日本未来的皇后陵文章。

Bound hand and foot, the victim was left helpless in the lavatory(盥 洗室).

文档鉴赏束缚的手和脚,受害者在厕所里留下了无奈 They have never met, but they have been in correspondence with each other for years.他们从来没有见过,但他们已经互相通信多年。

Quickly picking up the diary, Phil flipped straight to the last entry and began reading it.快拿起日记,Phil 把直的最后一项开始读它。

Her lungs were racked with fever and the doctor sent her to the isolation ward.她的肺部因发烧,医生将她送往隔离病房。

While my wife and kids were away for the long weekend, I had the entire house to myself.当我的妻子和孩子们离开了漫长的周末,我有整个房子给我自己。

The police warned people to be on guard against burglary during the festival.警察警告人们在节日期间提防入室抢劫 Many university students experience severe tension as final exams near.许多大学生在期末考试时遇到了严重的紧张局势。

Mr. Tyler used to eat with a napkin tucked under his chin.泰勒先生过去吃餐巾塞在他的下巴。

We have four hours of English a week, including one session in the language laboratory.我们每周有四个小时的英语,包括语言实验室的一个会话。

Unit 6 43. After a careful examination, the doctor prescribed a new medicine and a three-day rest for her. 经过仔细的检查,医生给她开了一个新的药和一个为期三天的休息。

44. The little girl wore a very thin coat. A sudden gust of cold wind made her shiver. 那个小女孩穿了一件很薄的外套。

一阵冷风使她颤抖 45. With tear gas and fire hose the police scattered the demonstrators. 警察驱散了示威者,用催泪瓦斯和消防管灭火 46. The drink had an acid taste which I found quite unpleasant. 这种饮料有一种我觉得很不愉快的酸味味道 47. The road became so slippery after the rain that several cars slid sideways into the ditch.


48. Andrew held his elderly mother firmly by the arm in case she slipped on the ice. 安得烈紧紧抓住他的老母亲,以防她在冰上滑倒了。

49. Olivia flushed with embarrassment when she couldn’t answer the question. 当她不能回答这个问题时,奥利维亚满脸尴尬地脸红了。

50. The acrobat walked along the tightrope with a water jar poised on her head. 杂技演员走着水罐在她头上准备走钢丝。

51. If I were you, I would take it easy; there is no need to be so nervous. 如果我是你,我会很容易,没有必要这么紧张。

52. Philip and his brothers decided to spend their weekend varnishing their boat. 菲利普和他的兄弟决定度过周末粉饰他们的船。

53. After his father explained the difference to him the boy became slack and relaxed. 在他的父亲解释了差异给他男孩变得松弛和放松 54. Phil was said to have died in the flu epidemic in 1916.Phil 说是 1916 在流感疫情死亡 Unit 8 55. No one trusts Felix, for he is never punctual and often neglects his duty. 没有人相信菲利克斯,因为他从不守时,而且经常玩忽职守。

56. Greater efforts are needed before we can attain our goal of economic reform. 在我们实现经济改革目标之前,需要付出更大的努力。

57. I hope you will not interfere with his work. 我希望你不会干扰他的工作 58. As it turned out, the speaker was shouted down by the hostile crowd. 事实证明,演讲者被敌对的人群喊了下来 59. The events that occurred in his childhood shaped his whole life. 他童年时发生的事件影响了他一生的一生。

60. Martin finally succeeded in projecting the two graphs onto the same screen with an overhead projector. 马丁终于成功地把两个图形投影到同一个屏幕上的投影仪上

文档鉴赏61. Young children may run around and make a lot of noise. Actually they are acting appropriately for their age. 年轻的孩子们可能会跑来跑去,制造很多噪音。

事实上,他们的行动适当的 年龄 62. I enjoy my job, but I’d like to do something more creative. 我喜欢我的工作,但我想做一些更具创造性的事。

63. There is no doubt that these measures will contribute to the solution of the problem. 毫无疑问,这些措施将有助于解决问题的方法。

64. That child’s concentration span is poor—he only listens to the teacher for a few seconds at a time. 那个孩子的注意力集中度很差,他一次只听老师几秒钟 65. The 20th century was remarkable for its inventions. 第二十世纪是其发明的非凡之作 66. He would be seeing Sarah tonight, and a vision of her face suddenly came into his mind. 他会看到 Sarah tonight,她脸上的一个想法突然进入了他的脑海。

67. The singer’s voice soared easily to the top notes. 这位歌手的声音很容易地上升到最高记录On April 12, 1912 this supposedly unsinkable ship hit an iceberg. 1912 年 4 月 12 日,这个号称永不沉没的船撞上了冰山