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导读:2019年高考英语作文万能开头大全,高考英语作文 10 篇优秀范文对于参加 2019 高考的同学来说,现在开始复习和背诵英语作文完全来得及,教育小编 推荐你高考英语写作优秀范文全集,满满都是套路,掌握后还怕得不


高考英语作文 10 篇优秀范文对于参加 2019 高考的同学来说,现在开始复习和背诵英语作文完全来得及,教育小编 推荐你高考英语写作优秀范文全集,满满都是套路,掌握后还怕得不了高分吗?1.感谢信假设你是李华, 梁教授去年六月推荐你去悉尼大学深造, 现在你已经被悉尼大学化学学 院录取,请写封信向梁教授表示感谢。

【优秀满分范文】Dear Professor Liang,I am writing to extend my gratitude to you. Because of your help,now I am a student of Chemistry Department of Sydney University.Last June, when I applied to become a graduate student of Sydney University, you really gave me a lot of valuablehelp. You not only wrote a recommendation(推 荐) for me to Professor Wells who works in the Sydney University,but also gave me careful and patient instructions on how to fill the application forms and write the application letters.It is your unreserved(无保留的) help that enables me to obtain this splendid (极好的)opportunity of further education. For the following two years I will study

hard to reciprocate(回报) your sincere help and expectations with excellent grades.Yours truly,Zhang Ying2. 道歉信假设你是新华中学的学生李华,你和在上海上学的英国朋友 Tom 约好下周末去北京旅 游,但你因故不能赴约。


注意:1.词数 120~150;2.可适当增加细节。

【优秀满分范文】Dear Tom,I’m very sorry thatI can’t go on a trip to Beijing with you next weekend, I’m writing to tell you the reason for it.which I have promised you.Just now, my cousin, Li Ming, who went abroad for further education last year, informed me that he would return the next Saturday morning. He asked me to pick him

up at the airport with his parents. As you know, we haven’t seen each other for about a year, so I’ll have to help him in the first place.I really hope that you can accept my apologies and understand me.I wouldappreciate it if you allow me to fix another time to show you around some places of interest in Beijing.Wish you have a good time this weekend!Yours,Li Ming3. 申请信假定你是李华,将于今年七月从新星外语学校毕业。

你从报纸上得知 B&B 公司要招聘 一名英文秘书,你很感兴趣,要写一封求职信,包括下列要点:1.年龄:182.2. 学习情况:班级前 5,英语口语好3. 兴趣和特长:打字快,喜欢阅读,听音乐4. 性格特点:积极向上注意:1.词数 100 左右;


【优秀满分范文】Dear Sir/Madam,I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary. I’ m really interested in this position so I am writing to apply for it.I’m 18 years old and will graduate from Xinxing Foreign Languages School this July. I’m an excellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students. I’ m good at English, especially spoken English. I often use the computer and I type very fast. In my spare time, I read a lot. Poems are my favorite. I enjoy music very much too. Being an active young person, I like sports and outdoor activities. Besides, I’m easy to get along with and I like to make friends.I hope I may be granted(授予) an interview, and then I can explain my qualifications(资格,条件) more fully. I am looking forward to your reply.Sincerely/Yours,LiHua


新年即将到来, 为了帮助你校的外国留学生更好地了解中国文 化,学生会将为他们举办一个新年晚会。


时间:下周五 6:00—8:00地点:教学楼 101 室内容:1.唱中国歌2.比赛用筷子3.学习包饺子注意:1.词数不少于 50;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数。

【优秀满分范文】Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please?I’m the chairman of the Students’ Union. As the New Year isaround the corner(即将到来), we are going to hold a New Year party for you, which is intended to enable you to have a better understanding of Chinese culture.During the party, not only can you sing a Chinese song, but you will also compete with each other to see how skilled you are at using chopsticks. What’s more, you’ ll learn at the party how to make dumplings. It sounds great,doesn’t it? The party is scheduled(计划于) in Room 101 of the Teaching Building from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00

p.m. next Friday.Please make sure you won’t miss it. Thank you for your attention.5.邀请信你们班同学打算周六去爬香山。

请给外教 Chris 写一封英文信,邀请他参加此次活动。

具体内容如下:1.时间:8am—5 pm;2.集合地点:校门口;3.交通工具:公交车;4.携带物品:雨具,午餐,相机。

注意:1.词数不少于 50;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

【优秀满分范文】Dear Chris,

I’m writing to tell you that we intend to climb the Fragrant Hill this Saturday and I sincerely invite you to go with us on behalf of our class.We are supposed together at the school gate and set out at 8:00 am. The bus will serve as our transportation. We will climb to the top of the hill and enjoy our picnic lunch there, so please take some food with you as lunch. At about 2:00 pm. we will go down the hill along another path and return to our school at about 5.00 pm. You may equip yourself with a camera to record the beautiful scenery and an umbrella or a raincoat is also necessary in case you are caught in a rain. Please spare some time to join us.Your participation can surely addncolor to our trip and we are all looking forward to your involvement.Yours,Joe6.建议信假定你是李华,你所喜爱的 Global Mirror 周报创刊五周年之际征集读者意见.请你依 据以下内容给主编写封信,内容主要包括: 1.说明你是该报的忠实读者2.说明该报优点:1)兼顾国内外新闻 2)介绍名人成功故事

3.提出建议:刊登指导英语学习的文章注意:1.词数 100 左右,开头语己为你写好;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

【优秀满分范文】Dear Editor-in-Chief,Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of Global Mirror!I’m a regular reader of your newspaper. I like it so much that I hardly miss any copy.There are many advantages of Global Mirror. Firstly, Global Mirrorcovers bothnational and international news. By simply turning the pages, I can know all important things that have happened both home and abroad. Besides, the success stories of world-famous people are also attractive to me, which help me learn a lot from them. In a word, thanks to Global Mirror, we are well-informed and keep up with the changing world.As a young student, I wish that I can be a master of English language. Therefore, I suggest that Global Mirror provide articles about English learning for us.Finally, I hope that Global Mirror will become more and more popular. Thank

you for your time!Sincerely yours,Li Hua7. 求助信假设你是李华, 你的美国朋友 Tom 上个月来到北京学习。

七月份你将去北京参加暑期中 学生英语演讲比赛 (speech contest),你在资料搜集、语言运用等方面遇到了困难。

请根 据以下要点给 Tom 写一封电子邮件:1.询问 Tom 的生活和学习情况;2.谈谈你的困难并请 Tom 帮忙;3.告诉 Tom 你打算赛后去看他。



Dear Tom,How is it going these days? I keep wondering how you feel about your school life in Beijing. Have you got used to the life in China? Are you enjoying your life? I hope you are.Let me tell you a piece of good news: I’m going to take part in an English speech contest of middle school students in July in the coming summer vacation. So I’m busy preparing for it. But now I have some difficulty in collecting useful information and using proper English words to express my thoughts. Besides, I really want to improve my spoken English, especially the pronunciation and intonation (语调). Of course, as a native English speaker, you can give me some suggestions. In addition, I’m going to visit you after the contest.I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together in Beijing! I can hardly wait to see you! I am looking forward to your early reply.Yours,Li Hua8. 投诉信你是李华,两周前你从网上一套书虫系列读物(BookwormSeries)昨天才到货,且包装 破损,数量不足。



1.介绍购物情况2.反映存在问题3.提出解决方案注意:1.词数 100 词左右2.可适当增加细节,使行文连贯3.开头结尾已给出,不计入总词可能用到的生词:投诉 complaint n.【优秀满分范文】To whom it may concern,I am one of your customers(顾客). I ordered(订购)a set of(一套) Bookworm Series on your website two weeks ago, but I didn’t receive them until yesterday. And much to my disappointment, the books were so poorly packed up that the cover of one book was torn. To make matters worse, it is not a complete set, as I found one book missing.I am sorry to have received such poor service, and I believe I have every right to ask you to deal with this problem. I hope that you either return my money or deliver

a new set of books to me. Besides, I’d like to be informed of the process of your dealing with my complaint.Lookingforward to your reply.Sincerely,Li Hua9.祝贺信假如你是李华, 你的好友魏芳在中学生英语演讲比赛中荣获一等奖。

请你根据以下内容, 给她写一封祝贺信。

内容包括:1. 表达你的愉悦心情;2.向她表示祝贺; 3.请她介绍成功的经验。

注意:1. 词数 100 左右; 2. 开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数;3. 可适当增 加细节,以使行文连贯。

参考词汇:英语演讲比赛 the English Speech Contest【优秀满分范文】Dear Wei Fang,I hear that you have won first prize in the English Speech Contest of Middle