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导读:Understanding the text 1 1 He achieved fame for his wit, wisdom, civic duty, and abundant courage. 2 They were thought to be slow learners in childhood, but they overcame their childhood difficulties and made magnificent discoveries that benefit the


Understanding the text 1 1 He achieved fame for his wit, wisdom, civic duty, and abundant courage. 2 They were thought to be slow learners in childhood, but they overcame their childhood difficulties and made magnificent discoveries that benefit the entire world today. 3 His strong will. 4 It means to keep their focus on achieving a positive end result, instead of letting small problems get in the way of good results. 5 Because they have the will to overcome profound obstacles and to work diligently in the pursuit of their goals, and have the passion for success. 6 Because firms preferred to hire less qualified men rather than risk hiring a female lawyer, which was unprecedented. 7 We should never give up on our dream, and one day we can change the world and make it a better place. 8 The secret of success is built upon a burning inward desire – a robust, fierce will and focus – that fuels the determination to act, to keep preparing, to keep going even when we are tired and fail. Critical thinking 2 1 You may have tried and failed many times before you finally get success. But it does not matter. What matters is whether you can summon up (鼓起) all your courage again and again to face the hardships standing in the way of success. 2 Luck, talent, good relationships with your colleagues, etc. 3 • When I have realized that I am pursuing something that is hard to achieve, I would try to stick to the goal. But I will begin to think of what I can do to improve the situation. When it still doesn’t work, I would try to analyze what the problem is and then make some changes and probably reset my goal. • Yes, sometimes we are pursuing the wrong goal which can never be achieved, only to find ourselves in deep frustration and profound fatigue. In this situation, I may give up the wrong goal and set up another goal that is achievable. 4 • Following the guidance of senior people. • Getting sound advice from our parents. • Setting a correct goal. • Achieving success step by step. • Developing good interpersonal relationships. Language focus Words in use 3 1 whereby 2 pursuit 3 inhibit 4 maintain 5 patriotic 6 transcended 7 endeavors 8 dedication 9 prestige 10 nominate Word building

4 Words learned New words formed -ant inhabitant inhabit participate participant attend attendant pollute pollutant descend descendant contest contestant tolerate tolerant result resultant -ful neglect neglectful resource resourceful boast boastful respect respectful 5 1 resultant 2 tolerant 3 pollutants 4 inhabited 5 contestants 6 descendants 7 attendants 8 respectful 9 participants 10 neglectful 11 resourceful 12 boastful Banked cloze 6 1F 2G 3H4J5E6A 7 N8 I 9 K 10 MExpressions in use 7 1 removed from 2 failed in 3 in the pursuit of 4 deviated from 5 precludes; from 6 triumph over 7 work their way into 8 written off Structure analysis and writing Structured writing 8 They say there’s no place like home. In my case, there isn’t much that is good about my apartment. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day I signed the lease, I’ve had to deal with an uncooperative landlord, an incompetent janitor, and inconsiderate neighbors. First of all, my landlord has been uncooperative since the first day I moved to the apartment. He didn’t let me bring my fish into the apartment. He said that pets are not allowed even though it’s just a fish. Because of that, I must leave my fish at my parents’ house. He also forbids me from using water from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Because of that, I must wake up at 7 a.m. every day to take a bath. Of course I complained about this to him, but he said that is the apartment’s rule. Before I leased the apartment, he didn’t say that there are such rules in the apartment. I’ve had problems not only with my landlord but also with an incompetent janitor. The janitor is a retired policeman. He tried to fix the pipe in the apartment, but he flooded the apartment instead.

He also broke my air conditioner when he tried to fix it. Because of that, my apartment becomes as hot as a desert every afternoon. Not only that, but he also broke my antique vase that cost me $100. Even worse, when he plugged his USB flash drive into my laptop to copy my songs, the viruses from his flash drive spread into my laptop. I had to reformat my laptop, and because of that, all of my important documents are gone. Perhaps the worst trouble of all has been with the inconsiderate neighbors who live in the apartment above me. My neighbors are two university students. They have lived upstairs for about one year. They like to party, so I can’t sleep. This happened not only once, but every Saturday night. I tried to speak to them, but they suggested putting in ear plugs when I’m about to sleep. On top of it all, they always turn up the volume of their music to the maximum. Sometimes, my apartment seems like a small, friendly oasis surrounded by hostile enemies. I never know what other trouble is going to come from next: the landlord, the janitor, or the neighbors. Home may be where the heart is, but my sanity is thinking about moving out. Translation 9 世界公民是指一个人承认自己是新兴的全球社区的一分子, 而且其行动对全球社区的价值打 造和实践活动有所贡献。

世界公民相信人类从本质上来说是一个整体, 每个人都有改变事物 的能力。

在我们这样一个相互依赖的世界中,世界公民意识鼓励我们认识到对彼此的责任, 并从对方身上学习。


在当今,全球合作 的力量在使一些人萌发世界公民的意识, 让他们拥有对全球社区的归属感。

这种不断发展的 世界公民意识在很大程度上来讲,要归功于现代信息、通信和交通技术的力量。

世界公民意 识致力于给予人们力量, 让他们付诸行动。

世界公民除了要从世界问题中学习知识和价值观, 还要拥有必需的技能,使他们拥有能力和自信,积极推动世界的发展。

Section B Reading skills 1 2 Denotation: a large project, especially one that is difficult Connotation: Les Brown took his dream as an enterprise, a lifelong career, to which he attached great importance. At the same time, to become a DJ was by no means an easy job. 3 Denotation: take in or absorb liquid Connotation: Soak up implies that Les Brown was eager to seize every opportunity to learn something new in order to be better prepared to become a DJ in the future. 4 Denotation: take or hold sb. / sth. with your hand suddenly Connotation: Grab in this context means to pick up the phone in a very quick movement, implying a sense of anxiety. 5 Denotation: turn over into a different position with a sudden quick movement Connotation: Flip shows that Les Brown had become quite familiar with the machine because he practiced a lot in his free time. 6 Denotation: move, drive or push forward or in a particular direction Connotation: Propel here suggests that Les Brown was driven to go forward by his strong determination and adequate preparation.

Reading comprehension Understanding the text 2 1 C 2 B 3A 4 D 5 D 6 B 7 C 8 D Critical thinking 3 1 Those who are well prepared are most likely to get success. Determination and preparation are two important components of the secret of success. 2 Family background can have both positive and negative effects upon one’s success. Many people believe that a wealthy family should have positive effects on one’s personal development, while a poor family is more likely to cause negative impacts on one’s success. However, sometimes things could be completely different. If born into a very wealthy family, you may lack the iron will to achieve success because everything is there for you and you are born to enjoy all these good fortunes. But if you are brought up in a poor family, you can only depend on yourself, which will strengthen your determination to pursue your dreams. 3 We should judge whether the goal is accessible or not. If the goal is not accessible, we may well give it up. If the goal is accessible and we have not tried our best yet, we should work harder. Language focus Words in use 4 1 indulged 2 propelling 6 renowned 7 eloquent3 aggravated 8 destined4 dazzled 9 scorned5 alleviating 10 applauseExpressions in use 5 1 up 2 in 3 on 4 up 5 to / for 6 on 7 as8 outSentence structure 6 1 He always prefers to start early rather than leave everything to the last minute. 2 She prefers to be the boss, to be in charge and to organize others rather than be organized by someone whom she may not even rate very highly. 3 My brother preferred to take the whole blame himself rather than allow it to fall on the innocent. 7 1 Try as he would, he was not able to think up any way to find the place where the first black men had dug their diamonds. 2 Search as they would, they were unable to find anything that was at all different from other well-known portions of China. 3 Try as we might, we could not get out of the difficult situation that we are in at the moment.

Collocation Warm-up 1 1) repeated 2 1) heroic 3 1) attained2) overwhelming 2) sound 2) fueled3) immense 3) substantial 3) achieve8 1 sudden opportunity 2 immense obstacles 3 amazing determination 4 profound difficulties 5 overwhelming failures 6 poverty-stricken 7 substantial hardships 8 repeated misfortunes 9 sheer persistence 10 dazzle ... audience 11 achieve fame 12 strong will Unit project Objectives • Help students gain deeper insights into the factors that contribute to success. • Develop students’ ability to collect and summarize information from various sources. • Improve students’ analytical skills and the ability to make a public speech. Teaching tips To engage students in the theme of the unit and to provide a good opportunity for students to learn about the truth of success, the teacher will assign the class the current unit project which is to be accomplished by groups consisting of four to five students each. To better conduct the project, the teacher needs to make sure each group finishes the steps exactly as required in the Student’s Book. The following tips are offered for reference. 1 Help each group determine a successful person for their exploration. It is preferable that each group talk about a person different from those of other groups. 2 Encourage members in each group to make joint efforts to collect information about the person they are interested in. They can focus on how he / she started to become successful in his / her professional field or industry; what difficulties he / she has encountered; how he / she overcame them; what achievements he / she has made; and what comments people have on him / her. They should take detailed notes to prepare for the discussion. 3 While the students are working in groups to share and discuss the information collected, tell them to give special attention to the exploration of why the person they are talking about has become successful and to the traits he / she possesses that are critical to his / her success. 4 After the discussion, ask each group to choose a representative who is expected to present a comprehensive report to the whole class. The report is supposed to summarize the common traits

of the successful person they have explored, and reflect on what they can learn from this person and how his / her success can guide them in their future career.


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