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导读:Vampire DairyFor over a century, I have lived in secret, Hiding in the shadows, Alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire. And this is my story.-An hour's drive to hear that crap. You know, it wasn't even a band. A guy with a guitar. An hour each

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Vampire DairyFor over a century, I have lived in secret, Hiding in the shadows, Alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire. And this is my story.-An hour's drive to hear that crap. You know, it wasn't even a band. A guy with a guitar. An hour each way. -He wasn't that bad. He sounded like James Blunt.What's wrong with that? -We already have a James Blunt. One's all we need. So why did you come? -Nicely done. -Because I love you.-What's with all the fog? It'll clear in a second. -Watch out! Are you ok?! -Call for help. -Come on, come on! Please be alive!-We just hit someone! Oh,my god!Oh, my god. There's no signal!Darren! Darren? I shouldn't have come home. I know the risk. But I had no choice. I have to know her. Dear diary, Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable."My smile was "I'm fine, thank you."""Yes, I feel much better."I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents.I will start fresh, be someone new.It's the only way I'll make it through. -Toast. I can make toast. - It's all about the coffee, Aunt Jenna. -Is there coffee?-Your first day of school And I'm totally unprepared. Lunch money? -I'm good. Anything else? A number two pencil? What am I missing? -Don't you have a big presentation today? I'm meeting with my thesis advisor at...now. Crap! -Then go. We'll be fine. -You ok? - Don't start. ---So gram’ telling me I'm psychic. Our ancestors were from Salem, ’ sWhich isn't all that, I know, crazy, But she's going on and on about it, And I'm like, put this woman in a home already! But then I started thinking, I predicted Obama and I predicted Heath Ledger, And I still think Florida will break off And turn into little resort islands. Elena! Back in the car. -I did it again, didn't I? now. --I'm sorry, Bonnie.You were telling me that... --I see... --That I'm psychic--Right. Ok, then predict something. About me.--What was that?!Oh, mygod! Elena, are you ok?-- It's ok. I'm fine.--It was like a bird or something. It came out ofnowhere.--Really, I can't be freaked out by cars for the rest of my life.--I predict this year is going to be kick ass.And I predict all the sad and dark times are overAnd you are going to be beyond

happy.--Major lack of male real estate. Look at the shower curtain on Kelly Beach.She looks a hot --Can I still say "tranny mess"?--No, that's over.--Ahh, find a man, coin a phrase. It's a busy year.--He hates me.--That's not hate."That's "you dumped me, but I'm too cool to show it,""But secretly I'm listening to Air Supply's greatest hits."-- Elena. Oh, my god. --How are you?Oh, it's so good to see you.How is she? Is she good?--Caroline, I'm right here. And I'm fine. Thank you.--Really?--Yes. Much better.--Oh, you poor thing.--Ok, Caroline.--Ok, see you guys later?- Ok! - Bye.-No comment. I'm not going to say anything. Don't take more than two in a six-hour window. -Hey, Vicki. I knew I'd find you here with the crackheads. Pete Wentz called. He wants his nail polish back. —Pete Wentz,huh? How old school T.R.L of you.Carson Daly fan? --Oh, Ty, be nice. Be nice.That's Elena's little brother.--I know who he is.I'll still kick his ass. --Hold up. Who's this?--All I see is back.It's a hot back. -- Your records are incomplete. You're missing immunization records,And we do insist on transcripts. --Please look again.I'm sure everything you need is there.---Well,you're right.So it is. --I'm sensing Seattle, and he plays the guitar.--You're really going to run this whole psychic thing - - Into the ground,huh? - Pretty much.--I'll be right back.--Please be hot. Whoa! Pants down, chick! --Great.It's the first day of school and you're stoned. - No,I'm not. - Chill myself? - Where is it?- Is it on you? - Stop,all right?!--You need to chill yourself,all right? [美国乐团 Fall Out Boy 主唱]Hey,- What is that,Stoner talk?Dude,you are so cool.--Look,stop! I don't have anything on me. Are you crazy?--You haven't seen crazy, Jeremy!I gave you a summer pass,But I am done watching you destroy yourself. --No,no,no,you know what? Go ahead. Keep it up. But just knowThat I am going to be thereTo ruin your buzz every time,you got it?Jeremy, I know who you are.And it's not this person.So don't be this person.-- I don't need this. --Thank you.--You're welcome. --Uh, pardon me.Is this the men's room?--Yes. um, I was just,..Um... I was just...It's a long story.Thank you.

Once our home state of VirginiaJoined confederacy in ,It created a tremendous amount of tension within the state.People in Virginia's northwest regionHad different ideals than those from the traditional deep south.Then virginia divided in With the northwest region joining the union. [帅哥 在看你] Dear diary,I made it through the day.I must have said, "I'm fine, thanks,""At least didn't mean it once.But no one noticed. 纪念亲爱的双亲 年月日 When someone asks, "How are you?"They really don't want an answer. -- Hi, bird. tht's not creepy or anything.That's what I thought. --You ok?--Were you following me?--No, I, uh, I just... I saw you fall.--Uh-huh, and you just happened to beHanging out in a cemetery.--I'm visiting. I have family here.--Wow. Tactless.I'm sorry. It's the fog,It's making me foggy.And then back there,there was this bird,"And it was all very Hitchcock for a second.That is the bird movie, right, the Hitchcock? I'm Elena.--I'm Stefan.--I know.We have history together.--And English and French.---Right. Thanks.Nice ring.--It's a family ring, yeah.I'm kinda stuck with it. It's weird,huh?--No, no. It's just, I mean, there are ringsAnd then there's that.--Did you hurt yourself?Did you hurt yourself?--I don't know.Oh! Look at that.That is not pretty.You ok? --You should go.Take care of that.--Really, it's nothing. I lost control today.Everything I've kept buried insideCame rushing to the surface.I'm simply not able to resist her. --Working. --Thanks,Vick.--Do you need another refill?--I'd love one. --Please tell me you're not hooking up with my sister.--I'm not hooking up with your sister.--You're such a dick. --Hey, what's your deal?I mean,summer you act one wayAnd then school starts and you can't be bothered.--Look, Jeremy, I really appreciate all the pharmaceuticals,But you can't keep following me around like a lost puppy.--When's the last time you had sex with a puppy?--Hey, keep it down. I don't want to tell the whole worldI deflowered Elena's kid brother.--Yeah, and deflowered and deflowered.--We hooked up a few times in a drug haze. It's over.You gotta back off before you ruin things between me and Tyler.--Oh, come on, the guy's a total douche.He only wants you for your ass.--Yeah?--What do you want me for? times.And I

--His name is Stefan Salvatore.He lives with uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house.He hasn't lived here since he was a kid.Military family, so they moved around a lot. He's a gemini, and his favorite color is blue.--You got all of that in one day?--Oh, please, I got all that between third and fourth period.We're planning a June wedding. --I'm meeting Bonnie at the grill.--Ok, have fun. Wait,I got this.Don't stay out late, it's a school night.--Well done, aunt Jenna-- Sorry, I was about to knock.I wanted to apologize for my disappearing act earlier....I know it was.. strange.--No worries.I get it, blood makes you squeamish.--Um, something like that.How's your leg?--Oh, it's fine.Just a scratch, barely.How did you know where I lived? ---It's a small town.I asked the first person I saw.个 Um, I thought you might want this back.---Oh, I must have dropped it.I...thank you.--Don't worry, I didn't...read it.--No?Why not? Most people would have.---Well, I wouldn't want anyone to read mine.--You keep a journal?--Yeah, if I don't write it down,I forget it.Memories are too important. --Yeah.I'm just gonna,Um, you don't have to stay out there.--I'm fine.Sorry, were you going somewhere?--Yeah, I'm meeting a friend.Do you want to come? -- How's Elena doing?--Her mom and dad died. How do you think?She's putting on a good face,But it's only been four months.- Has she said anything about me? - Oh, no.So not getting in the middle.You pick up the phone and call her.--I feel weird calling her.She broke up with me.--Give it more time, Matt.--More time, huh? --Hey, I'm Matt, nice to meet you.--Hi. Stefan.--So, you were born in Mystic Falls?--Mm-hmm, and moved when I was still young.--Parents?--My parents passed away.--I'm sorry.Any siblings? --None that I talk to.I live with my uncle. --So, Stefan,If you're new, then you don't know about the party tomorrow.It's a back to school thing at the Falls.--Are you going?--Of course she is. --You promised. This was an animal attack.Don't give me that. I know the game.You tear them up enough, they always suspect an animal attack.You said you had it under control.--And I do. --Please, uncle Stefan.Mystic Falls is a different place now.It's been quiet for years, but there are people who still remember.And you being here,It's just going to stir things up.- It's not my intention. - Then what is?Why did you come back?After all this time, why now?--I don't have to explain myself.--I know that you can't change what you are.But you don't belong here anymore.--Where do I belong?--I can't tell you what to do.But coming back here was a mistake.

The battle of Willow Creektook place right at the end of the warin our very own mystic falls.How many casualties resulted in this battle? --Ms. Bennett?--Um...a lot?I'm not sure.Like a whole lot.--Cute becomes dumb in an instant,Ms. Bennett.--Mr. Donovan.Would you like to take this opportunityTo overcome your embedded jock stereotype?--It's ok,Mr. Tanner,I'm cool with it. --Hmm. Elena?Surely you can enlighten us aboutOne of the town's most significantly historical events?--I'm sorry,I... I don't know.--I was willing to be lenient last yearFor obvious reasons,Elena,But the personal excuses ended with summer break.--Therewere casualties,Unless you're counting local civilians. --That's correct.... --Mister... --Salvatore.--Salvatore. any relation to--The original settlers here at mystic falls?--Distant.--Well,very good.--Except,of course,there were no civilian casualtiesIn this battle.--Actually,there were ,sir.Confederate soldiers,they fired on the church,Believing it to be housing weapons.They were wrong.It was a night of great loss.The founder's archives are,uh,Stored in civil hall if you'd like to brush up on your facts. 泰纳老师 Mr. Tanner.什么意思 你从不钓凯子 What do you mean,you never hooked up? 大家都 People look up to me. 我得保持形象 I have to set an example. 承认吧 埃琳娜 Just admit it,Elena. 好吧 他是挺帅的 Oh,ok,so he's a little pretty. 他的眼神很深邃 He has that romance novel stare. 斯特凡深情注视她的双眸 Stefan looked deep into her eyes, 洞悉她的灵魂 Piercing her very soul.你来啦 Hey! you made it! 是的 I did. 去喝一杯吧 Well,let's get you a drink. -我 -来吧- Well,I'm... - Oh,come on. 他在哪 So where is he? 我不知道 I don't know. 我还问你呢 你才是通灵人 You tell me,you're the psychic one. 我差点忘了 稍待 Right,I forgot. Ok,so give me a sec. 祖母说我得集中精神 Grams says I have to concentrate. 等等 你要拿个水晶球 Wait,you need a crystal ball. 来了 Ta da. 怎么了 What? 好奇怪 That was weird. 我一碰你 就看到一只乌鸦 When I touched you,I saw a crow. 什么 What? 一只乌鸦 A crow. 浓雾密布 There was fog, 有个人 A man.

我醉了 I'm drunk. 酒精作用 跟通灵无关 It's the drinking. There's nothing psychic about it. 好了 我得再去添点酒了 Yeah? ok,I'm gonna get a refill. 好吧 Ok. 邦妮 Bonnie! 我又吓着你了?I did it again,didn't it? 对 Yeah. 抱歉 I'm sorry. 你有点不高兴啊 You're upset about something. 不 是邦妮 她...No,it's Bonnie. she's... 知道吗 You know what? 算了 你来了就好 Never mind. You're...here. 我来了 I'm here. 知道吗 你是全镇的话题人物 You know,you're kind of the talk of the town. -是吗 -嗯- Am I? - Mm-hmm. 神秘新人 Mysterious new guy,oh,yeah. 你也挺神秘的 Well,you have the mysterious thing going,too. 满脸哀伤 Twinged in sadness. 为什么觉得我哀伤 What makes you think that I'm sad? 我是在墓地遇见你的 Well,we did meet in a graveyard. 对 Right. 不 准确来说应该是在男厕 Well,no,technically we met in the men's room. 还是不说了 You don't want to know,it's... 不是派对的聊天话题 It's not exactly party chit-chat. Well,I've never really been very good at,uh, 聊天 Chit-chat. 去年春天 Last spring... 我父母的车从桥上坠下 My parents' car drove off of a bridge 掉进湖里 Into the lake. 我当时在后座 And I was in the backseat 捡回一命 And I survived,but... 他们却没这么幸运 They didn't. 这就是我的故事 So that's my story. 埃琳娜 悲伤不会永远存在的 You won't be sad forever,Elena.不行 泰 No,Ty. 我不要靠着树做爱 I'm not having sex against a tree. -别啊 多性感 --Oh,come on,it would be hot. - For who? 不 不行 No,it's not going to happen. 不行 特别是这样的时间地点 It's not going to happen,not here,not like this. 不行 我说不行 No. I said no. 不行 好痛 I said no! ow,that hurts! 放开她 Hey,leave her alone. 你让我有点反感 吉尔伯特 You know,you're starting to get on my nerves,Gilbert. 快滚 泰勒 离我远点 Just go,Tyler,get the hell away from me. 薇姬•多诺万居然会说不 Wow. Vicki Donovan says no.

第一次见 That's a first. 我不需要你帮忙 I didn't need your help. 我看未必 It seems like you did. -他只是醉了 -我才醉了- He was just drunk. - I'm drunk. 但我会这样对你吗 Am I throwing myself at you? 不 你更坏 No,you're worse. 你想跟我搭讪 了解我 You want to talk to me,get to know me, 看穿我 不断搞我 See into my soul and screw and screw and screw 直到厌倦我 Until you're done with me. 你这么想吗 Is that what you think? 我就是这样想的 That's what I know. 我喜欢邦妮 像是个好朋友 I like Bonnie,she seems like a good friend. -世上最好的朋友 -而马特- Best friend in the world. - And Matt, 他好像不能把眼睛从我们身上移开 He can't seem to,uh,take his eyes off of us. 马特是我的青梅竹马 Matt's that friend since childhood 与他拍拖 That you start dating 是因为感觉欠了自己什么 Because you owe it to yourselves 想看看能否往下发展 To see if you can be more. 然后呢 And? 然后我父母去世了 And then my parents died, 一切都变了 And everything changes. 不论如何 马特和我 Anyway, Matt and I, 在一起 我不知道 Together we just,I don't know, 不够 It wasn't,um... 没有 It wasn't... 激情 Passionate. 对 No. 没有一点激情 No,it wasn't passionate. 你还好吗 Hey,um,are you ok?你的眼睛 刚才 Your eye,it just,it's-不 没事 Yeah,no. It's,um,it's nothing. 你渴了吗 Um,are you thirsty? 我去拿点喝的 I'm gonna get us a drink.杰里米 Jeremy? 是你吗 Is that you? 杰里米 Jeremy? 在找谁吗 Looking for someone? 当你跟我分手的时候 When you broke up with me, 你说是因为你想独自一人过一段时间 You said it was because you needed some time alone. 你看上去并不是孤身一人 You don't look so alone to me. 马特 你不明白的 这 Matt, you don't understand. It's-没关系 埃琳娜 That's ok, Elena. 你做任何你想做的 You do what you have to do. 我只想让你知道 I just want to let you know that... 我依旧相信我们会相爱的 I still believe in us. 我不会放弃的 And I'm not giving up on that.

马特 Matt. 你在这里啊 Hey! There you are. 你去看过瀑布了吗 Have you been down to the falls yet? 那里的夜晚非常漂亮 Because they are really cool at night. 如果你愿意 And I can show you. 我可以带你去 If you want. 我觉得你喝多了 I think you've had too much to drink. 那是当然的 Well, of course I have. 所以 卡罗琳 So-- Caroline. 你和我 You and me, 是不可能的 It's not gonna happen. 对不起 Sorry. 我还在想是谁绑架你了 I was wondering who abducted you, 现在我知道了 But now I know. 他对所有男生都这样吗 Is she like that with,uh,all the guys? 当然不是 No. 你是新的猎物 You're fresh meat. 她最终会甩了你的 She'll back off eventually. 天呐 开玩笑的吧 God, you gotta be kidding me! 怎么了 What is it? -我弟弟 -喝醉的那个吗- My brother. - The drunk one? 就是那个 That would be the one. -失陪一下 -需要帮忙吗- Excuse me. - Need some help? 相信我 你不会想看这个的 Trust me,you're not going to want to witness this. 杰里米 Jeremy! 杰里米 Jeremy! 杰里米 你要去哪儿 Jeremy, where the hell are you going? 我不想听 I don't want to hear it! 薇姬 不 Vicki? No! 天呐 是薇姬 上帝啊 Oh, my god, it's Vicki! Oh,my god! 不 No! 谁来帮一下 Somebody help! 薇姬吗 薇姬 这怎么回事 Vicki? Vicki,what the hell?! 她怎么了 What happened to her? 谁能叫下救护车 Somebody,call an ambulance! 所有人后退 给她点空间 Everybody back up,give her some space! 看她脖子 什么东西咬了她 It's her neck. Something bit her. 她正大量失血 She's losing a lot of blood. 把这个盖在她脖子上 Put this on her neck. 薇姬 振作 睁开眼睛看着我 Vicki, Vicki, come on, open your eyes, look at me. 发生什么了 What's going on? 有人今晚被袭击了 扎克 Someone else was attacked tonight, Zach, 但不是我干的 And it wasn't me. 达蒙 Damon.

你好 弟弟 Hello, brother. 周围人有点多 你不觉得吗 Crow's a bit much,don't you think? 看我能用迷雾做什么的时候就明白了 Wait till you see what I can do with the fog. 你什么时候到的 When'd you get here? 我怎么能错过你在学校的第一天呢 Well, I couldn't miss your first day at school. 你发型变了 Your hair's different. 我喜欢 I like it. 已经年了 达蒙 It's been years, Damon. 感谢上帝 Thank god. 我可不能再忍受九十年代了 I couldn't take another day of the Nineties. 那个可怕的蹩脚形象 That horrible grunge look? 一点都不适合你 Did not suit you. 记住 斯特凡 远离时尚很重要 Remember, Stefan, it's important to stay away from fads. 为什么你会在这儿 Why are you here? 我想念我亲爱的弟弟了 I miss my little brother. 你讨厌小镇的 You hate small towns. 枯燥乏味 无事可做 It's boring. There's nothing for you to do. 我想办法让自己忙碌起来了 I've managed to keep myself busy. 你知道的 你让那女孩今晚幸免于难了 You know, you left that girl alive tonight. 你真是笨手笨脚的 That's very clumsy of you. 对你来说 这会是个大问题 That can be a problem...for you. 你现在来这做什么 Why are you here now? 我也可以问你相同的问题 I could ask you the same question.然而 我想当确定 However, I'm fairly certain 你的回答能总结为 Your answer can be summed up all into 一个词 One little word...埃琳娜 Elena.我们现在去主流咖啡厅等消息 We're gonna go Mainline Coffee, wait for news.我要带杰里米回家 I gotta take Jeremy home.埃琳娜 我不可能有超能力的 Elena, there's no way I'm psychic.我确定 I know that.但不论如何我所看到的 But whatever I saw,或者我以为我看到的 Or I think I saw,我有预感 I have this feeling...邦妮 是什么 Bonnie, what?这只是开始 That it's just the beginning.她把我的魂都吸引住了 She took my breath away.埃琳娜 Elena.她和凯瑟琳长得一模一样 She's a dead ringer for Katherine.这样做很有意思吗 斯特凡 Is it working,Stefan?在她身旁 进入她的世界 Being around her,being in her world?让你觉得自己还活着是么 Does it make you feel alive?她不是凯瑟琳 She's not Katherine.好吧 但愿不是 Well,let's hope not.我们都记得结局是怎样的

We both know how that ended.告诉我 你最后一次吃 Tell me something,when's the last time 比松鼠大的东西是什么时候 You had something stronger than a squirrel?我明白你的用意 达蒙 没用的 I know what you're doing,Damon. It's not gonna work.是吗 得了 你一点也不渴望么 Yeah? Come on. Don't you crave a little?算了吧 来吧 我们一起做 Stop it. Let's do it. Together.我看外面有不少姑娘 I saw a couple girls out there.或者 我们直截了当 Or just,let's just cut to the chase,去找埃琳娜 Let's just go straight for Elena!够了 Stop it!想象一下她的血尝起来什么味道 Imagine what her blood tastes like!我能想象到有多鲜美 I can.我说够了 I said stop!真令我印象深刻 I was impressed.我给你打个分 I give it a six.姿势不好看 但还是给了我很大的惊喜 Missing style,but i was pleasantly surprised.你的表情太棒了 Very good with the whole face--真不错 Thing.It was good.对你来说这些都是娱乐 达蒙 是吧 You know,it's all fun and games,Damon,huh?你去过的地方 就有人死去 But wherever you go,people die.-这是宿命安排 -不要在这 - That's a given. - Not here.我不允许 I won't allow it.我想你这是在邀请我 I take that as an invitation.达蒙 求你了 Damon,please.过了这么多年 难道不能收手吗 After all these years,can't we just give it a rest?我答应过让你永远痛苦 I promised you an eternity of misery,所以我只是信守诺言而已 So I'm just keeping my word.离埃琳娜远一点 Just stay away from Elena.你的戒指哪里去了 Where's your ring?几个小时后就要出太阳了 Oh,yeah,sun's coming up in a couple of hours,看来你要灰飞烟灭了 And,poof,ashes to ashes.放松 Relax.它在这里 It's right here.在你觉得自己比我强之前应该考虑清楚 You should know better than to think you're stronger than me.当你决定不再袭击人类时 You lost that fight when you stopped 你已经输了 Feeding on people.我绝不会再试第二次 I wouldn't try it again.我想我们把扎克吵醒了 I think we woke Zach up. hmm.抱歉 扎克 Sorry,Zach.你还好吧 You ok?我打给珍娜了 她在来这里的路上 I called Jenna,she's on her way.那些穿制服的人 Those people in uniforms,上次我发现他们是警察 Last time I checked,they're the police.人们总是针锋相对 杰里米 People are going to stop giving you breaks,Jer.他们不再彼此相互关心

They just don't care anymore.他们不关心我们的父母是否死了 They don't remember that our parents are dead,因为他们要过自己的日子 Because they've got their own lives to deal with.我们得抛下这些 往前看 The rest of the world has moved on.你得努力改变 You should try,too.我看见你在墓地写日记了 I've seen you in the cemetery writing in your diary.这就是你说的往前看吗 Is that--is that supposed to be you moving on?爸妈不会想看到我们这样的 Mom and dad wouldn't have wanted this.你冷静下来了么 Are you sober yet?没有 No.再喝点 我送你回家 Keep drinking. I gotta get you home.我再送我自己回家 I gotta get me home.为什么他不喜欢我 Why didn't he go for me?怎么会这样 You know,how come 我喜欢的男孩都不喜欢我 The guys that I want never want me?我没觉得 I'm not touching that.我是个不合时宜的人 I'm inappropriate.我总是说错话 I always say the wrong thing.还有 And...埃琳娜总是对的 Elena always says the right thing.她甚至都不用去努力 She doesn't even try!他就选了她 And he just picks her.她总是人见人爱 And she's always the one that everyone picks,事事如此 For everything.而我这么努力 And i try so hard,却... And...永远都不是我 I'm never the one.这不是一个比赛 卡罗琳 It's not a competition,Caroline.就是 Yeah,it is.薇姬 Vicki...没事了 Hey.没事了 Hey,it's ok.你会好起来的 You're gonna be ok.马特 Matt-- shh.别说话 好吗 Hey,don't try to talk,ok?你很好 You're fine.吸血鬼 Vampire.亲爱的日记本 Dear diary,我真是大错特错了 I couldn't have been more wrong.我曾经想我能微笑走下去 I thought that i could smile,nod my way through it;装做我没事的样子 Pretend like it would all be ok.我曾经打算 I had a plan.改变我自己 I wanted to change who i was;获得新生 Create a life as someone new,变成一个没有过去的人

Someone without the past.没有痛苦 Without the pain.真正活着的人 Someone alive.但这并不容易 But it's not that easy.坏事纠缠着你 The bad things stay with you.追随着你 They follow you.你摆脱不了它们 You can't escape them,无论你多想摆脱 As much as you want to.你唯一能做的就是等待好事降临 All you can do is be ready for the good.当它们降临 So when it comes,你邀请它们进来 因为你需要它们 You invite it in,because you need it.我需要它 I need it.我知道有点晚了 I know it's late.但是 But,uh...我想知道你没事了 I needed to know that you were ok.要知道 几个月以来 You know,for months,这是每个人想知道的 That's all anyone's wondered about me.我是不是没事了 If i'll be ok.你怎么告诉他们 What do you tell them?我会没事的 That i'll be fine.你真的没事吗 Do you ever mean it?明天再问我吧 Ask me tomorrow.屋子里更暖和一些 我们可以聊聊天 It's warmer in the house. We can talk.你想进来吗 Would you like to come in?好的 Yes.


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