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导读:1 Smoking is just a personal choice rather than a moral issue. (主语可以是动名词,不定式和从句) 2 Nowadays, more and more people agree that gambling is an unhealthy hobby. (谓语只能是动词) 3 Junk food impairs people’s


1 Smoking is just a personal choice rather than a moral issue. (主语可以是动名词,不定式和从句) 2 Nowadays, more and more people agree that gambling is an unhealthy hobby. (谓语只能是动词) 3 Junk food impairs people’s health (impair 是破坏的意思,固定搭配health,宾语的组成成分和主语完全 一样。

) 4 In recent years, the Internet has been gaining in popularity at an amazing rate.(定语,这也是个常用词汇) 5 Outdoor activities can greatly improve our health.(状语,修饰动词,修饰形容词,或是修饰整个句子的词 都可以叫做状语。

) 6 Shopping, an necessary activity in everyday life, is far more convenient in the city than in the country. (同位 语,并不是修饰这个名词,而是把这个名词的成分展开来说,是补充说明) 7 I found the employment situation disappointing. (补语,动词加名词,加形容词或分词,是常见的一种结 构) 正确使用四种特殊句式 a 状语提前 Obviously, if elderly people live at home, their children can take care of them and they feel less lonely. Overall, (雅思考官在结尾段的最爱)the function of a building is more important to a building than its appearance. I am fond of the Western culture. Specifically, I think the French culture is really second to none. Most importantly, the government should make sure that citizens can improve their lives. In terms of attitude, Teddy Bear is a very good teacher. (明显让句子变的更灵活, 放在句中的话, 没有这么好的感觉。

) To reduce traffic jams, the government should encourage people to take the subway. (为了达到什么 目的,to do sth.) Living in poverty, these people do not even have money to buy enough food. Without an IELTS score, one cannot get a visa from the embassy. (领事馆) b倒装句 Not only should the parents spend more time with their children, they should also try to communicate with their children more often. (not only 前半句倒装) Only in this way can this issue be effectively solved. c强调句 It is the slits that make a chi-pao really special. It is the traditions in Beijing that attract many foreign tourists. d 虚拟语气 If this were not true, then we would find it impossible to predict how the stock market would develop. The schools would seem very impersonal were all the computers to replace human teachers.1

Cultivate the awareness How should i address you? (称呼) Strictly ban2




(A)IELTS作文复杂句的六种内在关系 1 cause and effect 因果关系 标志词 1) 表示原因的 as , since ; due to , owing to 2) 表示结果的 hence(因此), thus(因此) , therefore(因此) (放在句首不算错,最好 放句中,前面加分号,高级) As a consequence,…(作为结果) As a result,…(作为结果) Consequently…(作为结 果) 3) thereby( 以此达到……的目的) (前面只能用逗号,后面必须加动名词) 1 The ecological problems are being aggravated ; hence , it is imperative that we take measures to curb the pollution of the environment. 2 The government should raise the public awareness of environmental preservation, thereby promoting sustainable development and creating a more livable environment. 2 exemplification 举例关系 标志词 Take…for example.(以……为例) for instance, (比如……) To illustrate,…(例如…..) As an apt illustration,…(作为例证,……)Consider, for example…(以……为例) 1 The Asian countries are getting westernized at a staggering rate. Take China for example, when youngsters go to the movies, it is common for them to choose Hollywood blockbusters over domestic films. 2 Animals are humans’ companions. To illustrate, dolphins often rescue sailors from sinking ships. 3 comparison and contrast 对比关系 标志词 while…/ whilst… /whereas… (句内对比,主句和从句对比) By contrast,… 1 While/ Whilst modern man leads a stressful life, our ancestors could often perform their business in a leisurely fashion. 2 The educational and medical facilities in big cities are mostly very advanced. In contrast, their counterparts in the country tend to be of inferior quality. 4 Concession 让步关系 标志词 Despite/In spite of/Notwithstanding…(尽管…) Nonetheless/ Nevertheless, (尽管 如此) Even though…(尽管) = Although 1 In spite of the disadvantages animal experimentation can bring about, many scientists insist on continuing this practice. 2 The government plays a crucial role in scientific research; nonetheless, private companies hold certain advantages in conducting scientific research. 5 Supposition 假设论证 标志词 provided that…(如果) If … 1 Provided that we can minimize the pain of test animals, animal experimentation should be continued. 2 If large companies are moved to the countryside, the traffic congestion in cities will be alleviated substantially. 6 Modification 修饰关系 that, who, which 1 In this day and age, we have a proliferation of buildings that look exactly like the buildings our ancestors built. 2 Today, teenage students are under increasingly severe stress in their studies, which has disturbed and armed many adults. al 6

(B) IELTS 写作 34 个基础句型 前进类 1 benefit from People who look for information can benefit from the amazing development of the Internet. 2 invest in The medical facilities in the rural area are still not very developed; therefore, the government should invest more money in these facilities. 3 promote the development of… The widespread use of English has promoted the development of English training schools in China. 4 It is obvious that… It is obvious that a DVD can hold more information than a book. More importantly, it is more entertaining. 5 play a key role in One’s job and age play a key role in deciding what one wears. 6 enrich one’s experience … Working for a period before going to university can greatly enrich students’ experience and make them more capable in university. 7 keep society safe and stable Harmony can keep society safe and stable, while clashes make a country unlivable. 8 relax their bodies and ease their minds Even though on holiday students spend less time studying, holidays relax students’ bodies and ease their minds. 9 have a duty to do … National sports teams represent(代表) their country; therefore, the government has a duty to invest in these teams. 10 afford people entertainment and pleasure Overall, computer games afford people entertainment and pleasure than trouble. 11 create employment opportunities International business can create employment opportunities. On the other hand, it may damage cultural heritage of a nation. 12 is less time-consuming and more economical Advertising makes our shopping experience less time-consuming and more economical. 13 broaden one’s horizons Not only can traveling broaden one’s horizons, it can relax one’s body and soul as well. 14 fulfill one’s potential Working under pressure can help employees fulfill their potential. 15 remove the barrier for Machine translation has removed the barrier for people who do not speak the same language. 16 promote the cultural communication and interaction between… and … Multi-cultured societies promote the cultural communication and interaction between differentethnic groups 17 curb the proliferation of…. 7

The government should take immediate measures to curb the proliferation of pollution. 18 raise people’s awareness of… The media should raise the public awareness of the significance of preserving the ecosystem.倒退类 1 live a stressful life It seems that the people in developing countries live a more stressful life than the people inindustrial countries. 2 lead to crimes The widespread violence and pornography on TV often lead to youngsters’ crimes. 3 the competition is stiff The competition in modern society is increasingly stiff, which makes many people cold and cruel. 4 avoid … To avoid making mistakes, we should be very careful in answering IELTS questions. 5 suffer from Nowadays, many citizens of Beijing suffer from mental illnesses because the competition is verystiff. 6 stem from Generally speaking, children’s bad behavior stems from imitating their parents’. 7 is a threat to… In terms of employment opportunities, WTO is a threat to many Chinese automakers. 8 have detrimental influence upon Obviously, long-distance flights have detrimental influence upon the environment. 9 be monotonous and unmotivating Many students find the schooling in traditional schools monotonous and unmotivating. 10 cope with= deal with The governments must take measures to cope with the serious terrorism worldwide. 11 There is a definite link between A and B There is a definite link between the adult crime rate and the crime rate of youngsters. 12 spin out of control The situation in the Middle East is spinning out of any control. 13 create tension and conflicts between… Cultural differences between the tourists and local residents(居民) may create tension and conflicts between them. 14 be overly dependent on… Technology has successfully made many individuals overly dependent on it. 15 stifle creativity The traditional education in some Asian countries seriously stifles creativity. 16 the population is booming without effective control, the population boom will result in the lack of resources.8

(C) 雅思写作43个高分句型前进类(用来论证好的方面) 1 profit from People the world over can profit from the advancement in motorized flight. ★2 A is an indispensable part of B. Advertising has become an indispensable part of our lives and it has been exerting profound influence on the way we live, work , play and learn. ★★3 something plays a pivotal role in… It is universally acknowledged that education plays a pivotal role in individual success. ★★4 enable somebody to do something Cultural assimilation enables newly-arrived immigrants to get ahead in the new society successfully. 5 get accustomed to something New immigrants must get accustomed to the local culture to succeed.6 Someone can utilise something In this day and age, many individuals can utilise the Internet via computers or mobile phones. ★7 something is in the best interests of someone Preserving the endangered animals is in the best interests of humanity. 8 contribute to… Students should not only learn academic knowledge but also do volunteer work in communities, thereby making contribution to their cities. 9 something consolidates its status as the … English has been consolidating its status as the dominant language in the world. 倒退类(用来论证负面的方面) 1 …is attended by … The staggering advancement of technology is attended by severe pollution of the ecosystem. 2 The more…the more… The more vehicles on the roads, the more traffic congestion to occur. ★3 A can be attributed to B The proliferation of traffic accidents can be in large measure attributed to the traffic law not being stringent enough. ★4 be afflicted with In present-day society, a host of countries are afflicted with chronic poverty. 5 deprive someone of something Modern cities deprive city-dwellers of fresh air and the comfortable pace of life. 6 something impels somebody to do … Peer pressure often impels youngsters to spend excessively on fancy clothes and9

accessories. ★7 A has rendered B + 形容词或者名词, We must ensure that technological innovations will not render us slaves to high technology. The fast-paced way of life has rendered many people alienated from one another. 8 A recent study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences revealed that …( 如果是教育问题用 UNESCO, 如果犯罪问题可以用 the Chinese Ministry of Justice ,交通问题可以用 the Chinese Ministry of Transportation, 建筑问题可以用the Chinese Ministry of Construction,环境问题可以用HSUS and Greenpeace ) A recent study conducted by HSUS and Greenpeace suggested that there were over one million mammals(哺乳动物) in lab cages(笼子) today. 一个数据就说明了人类 现在虐待动物的情况有多么严重。

当然,请注意这里的数据编得不能太夸张,否则 考官就会怀疑数据的真实性了。

9 be addicted to something In present-day society, many individuals are addicted to / preoccupied with various forms of gambling. 10 something is the root cause of… The population explosion is the root cause of water scarcity. ★★11 be confronted with something In contemporary society , we are confronted with a plethora of violent and pornographic TV shows. ★★12 pose a threat to … In the contemporary society, the proliferation of non-biodegradable rubbish poses a threat to humanity. 13 be inundated with something The media are inundated with detailed crime coverage. 14 If ,,,,something will ensue. If parents neglect their offspring, lack of discipline and respect will ensue. 15With the incidence of…hovering at high levels, many have become disturbed and alarmed. With the incidence of driving offenses hovering at high levels, many have become disturbed and alarmed. ★★16 something is unwarranted Experimenting upon lab animals without trying to alleviate their pain is unwarranted. 17 at the expense of… We should not develop economy at the expense of the environment. 8 A is best characterized by … A fine journalist is best characterized by discipline, determination and penetrating observations. 9 A constitutes… Animal experimentation , in some cases ,constitutes cruel abuse of test animals. ★10 someone would be well-advised to do something Parents would be well-advised if they spend more time with their offspring. 解决类 ★★1 give priority to something 10

The government should give priority to the optimization of its financial resources. 2 dedicate A to B The government should dedicate more money to the alleviation of chronic poverty. 3 be likely to fall prey to / be vulnerable to Without proper parental guidance, children are very vulnerable to the violent or pornographic content on TV shows. 4 something should be condemned rather than condoned. Indiscriminate copying of traditional architectural style today should be condemned rather than condoned. 5 it is imperative / crucial / key / essential that… 或者 something is of paramount / overriding importance. To the newly-arrived immigrants, it is imperative that they adapt to the local culture promptly(及时的). 6 something requires / necessitates / calls for … The severe ecological problem requires / necessitates / calls for joint effort of all the nations on the globe. 7 distinguish between A and B Many youngsters lack the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong.辩论类范文11

Some people contend(认为) that advertising has positive impact on society while others think it also has negative influence. Discuss. 开头段 ⑴ Advertising has become prevalent in the contemporary society and vast billboards, TV commercials and flyers(传单) are all exerting profound impact on modern life. ⑵ In the meantime, whether advertising is a blessing or a curse has sparked spirited (激烈的) debate. ⑶ Some people argue (认为) that advertising has only beneficial influence on our lives while many others contend that it has detrimental (有害的)effect as well. (改写原题 观点, 如果原题中只有一个观点, 最好把相反的观点写出来。

) ⑷Personally, I am in favor of the former (latter) view. (表示自己的观点) 表示利与弊的英文: advantages and disadvantages strengths and weaknesses the upside and the downside / pros and cons / boons and banes 主体段 1 Admittedly, advertising may also carry considerable potential drawbacks. ⑴ To begin with, a vast number of online advertisements may harm the Internet users’ lives. ⑵ To illustrate, email spamming (群发) may fill up one’s email box with junk emails and worse yet, (递 进)many of these junk emails could destroy PCs with viruses or Trojan horses. ⑶Moreover, a high percentage of advertisements in the media are misleading ones. ⑷ Today, it seems that many drug companies give false information about their products, which has rendered (让……变成什么状态) a host of customers afraid to buy medicine. 主体段 2 Despite this, advertising has brought numerous benefits. ⑴ In the first place, advertisements inform us about the latest products on the market. ⑵ In general, with the help of ads, customers can make shopping more economical and less time-consuming.⑶ In the second place, elaborate (包含了很多劳动,变成了精心制作)advertisements can be a genuine art form. ⑷ Indeed, instead of wasting our time, creative ads can afford us diverse amusements, thereby (后面是动名词)immensely brightening up our lives. ⑸Last but not least, some advertising in the media can motivate people to contribute to charities. ⑹ As a matter of fact, I would be hard-pressed to imagine how charities can get enough funds without the help of non-profit ads. (我很难想象相反的事情发生) 结尾段 ⑴In the final analysis, I concede that the proliferation (扩散) of the advertising industry does not come without any adverse effects. (概括让步段的观点)⑵ However, the benefits created by advertising far outweigh the disadvantages. (说清楚自己更倾向的观点)⑶ Overall, I am convinced that we should further promote the development of advertising and meanwhile get this industry better-regulated.分析类范文 What are the causes of water scarcity? Explain your own solutions to it.12

开头段 ⑴ In present-day society, the human race is advancing at an staggering rate in a host of arenas. (领域) ⑵ However, attending all the benefits created by high-tech innovations have come some sufferings; and the lack of fresh water is manifest among them. ⑶A recent survey conducted by Green peace revealed that over two thirds of the nations in the world were afflicted with severe water shortage.⑷ Hence, it is essential that we ascertain (find) the causes of this phenomenon and identify the effective solutions. hence – thus , therefore, as a consequence, consequently, as a result, accordingly crucial-essential, vitally important, imperative, vital, critical, key ascertain-pinpoint, identify, determine , analyse, explore, examine, investigate phenomenon-problem, situation, worrying issue, disturbing issue solution-remedy 同义词代换 主体段 1 As I see it , the causes of the present water crisis are multiple. ⑴ First of all, it is generally arguable that the population explosion is the root cause of the crisis. ⑵To illustrate, over the past half century, the world population has more than doubled and this growth rate shows no sign of slowing down; therefore, household and industrial use of water has been shooting up since the end of World War II. ⑶ Further, the widespread deterioration (恶化) of the Earth's ecosystem is a major cause of this situation. ⑷ For instance, currently a vast number of factories dump their waste into rivers and lakes, which seriously undermines (破坏)the world’s ecosystem. ⑸ Finally, the over exploitation of water resources plays a pivotal role in water shortage. ⑹ Obviously, today only in very few countries do the citizens have the awareness of the importance of saving water and using water properly. As a consequence, a vast amount of fresh water is wasted on a daily basis. 主体段2 Given the severity of the water shortage, we have no option but to take stringent measures to address this problem. ⑴ To begin with, governments in all countries should give priority to the controlling of the staggering increase of the population. ⑵More specifically, it is essential that other nations learn from China’s success in curbing (抑 制什么不好的东西) its population surge over the past two decades. ⑶ Then, the concept of sustainable development should be propagated in the international community. ⑷ Indeed, any form of overexploiting natural resources must be forbidden while preservation 13

of the ecosystem should be respected, honored and funded. ⑸Last but not least, man must do his utmost to find alternative sources of fresh water. ⑹ For example, research has proved that we can transform sea water into drinking water with the help of modern technology 结尾段 ⑴In sum , causes of the shortage of fresh water are manifold. ⑵ Therefore, we should take effective steps, including birth control, promotion of sustainable development and research about new water resources, to alleviate this modern-day scourge.14