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导读:初中英语手抄报内容参考资料初中英语手抄报内容资料 1 . learning : a lifelong career 【学习:一生的事 业(学习无止境,只有努力,努力,再努力,才会成功) 】 as food is to the body, so is learn

读书手抄报参考图(7)      读书手抄报的资料:名人刻苦读书的
读书手抄报参考图(7) 读书手抄报的资料:名人刻苦读书的

初中英语手抄报内容参考资料初中英语手抄报内容资料 1 . learning : a lifelong career 【学习:一生的事 业(学习无止境,只有努力,努力,再努力,才会成功) 】 as food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. constantlearning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times ofuncertainty. once learning stops, vegetation sets in. it is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop for the acquisition of knowledge. on the contrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from the cradle to the grave. with the world ever changing so fast, the cease from learning for just a few days will

make a person lag behind. what's worse, the animalistic instinct dormant deep in our subconsciousness will come to life, weakening our will to pursue our noble ideal, sapping our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire for therefinement of our character. lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization, therefore, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a lifelong career. 学习之于心灵,就像食物之于身体一样。

摄取了适量的 营养食物,我们的身体得以生长而肌肉得以发达。

同样地, 我们应该日复一日不断地学习以保持我们敏锐的心智能力, 并扩充我们的智力容量。

不断的学习提供我们用不尽的燃料, 来驱使我们磨利我们的推理、分析和判断的能力。

持续的学 习是在信息时代中跟时代并驾齐驱的最稳当的方法,也是在 变动的世代中成功的可靠保证。


视学校为汲 取知识的唯一场所是种常见的谬误。

相反地,学习应该是一 种无终止的历程,从生到死。

由于世界一直快速地在变动, 只要学习停顿数日就将使人落后。

更糟的是,蛰伏在我们潜 意识深处的兽性本能就会复活,削弱我们追求高贵理想的意 志,弱化我们扫除成功障碍的决心,而且扼杀我们净化我们


缺少学习将不可避免地导致心灵的停滞,甚至 更糟地,使其僵化。

因此,为了保持心理年轻,我们必须将 学习当作一生的事业。

2.heavy schoolwork【课业繁重】 in my opinion, the schoolwork now being assigned to high school students is too heavy. while it istrue that students need to study, they need other things as well if they are to grow into healthy and well-rounded adults. high school students should be allowed more time for play. playing is not wasting time, as some think. it gives them physical exercise, and also exercises their imagination. which tends to be stifled by too much study. finally, the pressure put on high school students by excessive schoolwork can cause serious stress, which is unhealthy physically and mentally. i do not advocate the elimination of schoolwork. i do think, however, that a reduction of the current heavy load would be beneficial to students and to the society as a whole. 我认为目前高中生的课业实在太重了,虽然说学生的确 应当念书,但是要想长大成为健全的人,他门还需要一些其 它的东西,所以应该给高中生较多从事娱乐的时间。


不如某些人所想的, 是在浪费时间, 它可以让学生锻炼身体, 发挥被繁重课业扼杀的想象力。

最后,繁重的课业加诸在高 中生身上的压力可能引起严重的情绪紧张,这对身心都有害。

我并非主张废除学校课业,但是我认为减轻目前繁重的课业 对于学生和整个社会都是有益的。

3.time【时间】 lost time is never found again. this is something which i learned very clearly last semester. i spent so much time fooling around that my grades began to suffer. i finally realized that something had to be done. it was time for a change. now i have a new plan for using my time wisely. i have set my alarm clock ahead half an hour. this will give me a head start on the day. i have also decided to keep a log of what i do and when i do it. looking back on what i’ve done will give me some ideas on how to reorganize my time. 时光一去不复返,这是我上学期清楚学到的教训。

我浪 费很多时间四处游荡,以致于我的成绩开 始退步。

最后我终于了解到我必须有所作为;该是痛改 前非的时候了。


我 已将闹钟早拨半小时,这将使我这一天的作息提前开始。


回顾我 所做的事情会启发我如何重新安排我的时间。

4.work and play【工作与娱乐】 work and play do not contradict each other; in fact, they complement each other. as the saying goes, "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy." a life burdened with work leads you nowhere, for you would get tired and bored with your daily routine work. on the other hand, proper recreation will relieve the tension and discomfort of our monotonous life because it offers you various ways to let out your pent-up emotions. whati usually do to relax after school is jogging and watching movies. usually i don't spare time for exercise, but i value the physical education class at school. jogging several rounds in the field certainly relieves the day's pressure. on weekends, i'll catch the morning movie for my visual enjoyment. i feel revived and energetic for another week's work-load. 工作与娱乐并不互相冲突,事实上,它们之间的关系还 相辅相成。

有句格言说: 「整日工作而没有休闲娱乐,会令


」被工作重担压得喘不过气来的生活,将 使你一事无成,因为你将对一成不变的例行公事感到厌烦。

由另一方面来说,适度的娱乐活动能提供各种管道,来宣泄 你被压抑的情绪,减轻单调生活中的紧张与不悦。


通常我并不特地拨出时间来做运动,但是我很重视学校的体 育课。


在 周末时,我都去看早场电影,享受视觉盛宴。

如此一来,我 将有如再生般的充沛活力,去面对下一星期的工作量。

5.my first job【我的第一份工作】 my first job was at a cramming school. it was three years ago when i just graduated from junior high school and finished the entrance examination. since i had nothing to do that summer, i decided to find a job, tasting the joy of independence. i was responsible for answering the telephone and taking the message. i worked eight hours a day, six days a week. the work was not difficult nor heavy to me and i guess i did well. the most delighted thing was perhaps that i could spend the money i earned all by myself. 我的第一份工作是在一家补习班做事。

那是三年前我刚 从国中毕业,考完联考时的事了。




我一天工作八小时, 一星期工作六天。

那份工作对我而言既不困难亦不沉重,所 以我想我还满称职的。

而最令人快乐的事大概莫过于花全部 由自己赚来的钱了! 6.my favorite sports【我最喜爱的运动】 sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. so i pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis. table tennis is my favorite game. i play it almost every day. table-tennis is an ideal game for us because it brings the whole body into action. it strengthens our muscles, expands our lungs, promotes the circulation of the blood, and causes a healthy action of the skin. besides, it is very amusing and does not cost us much money. table-tennis is very moderate; it is not so rough as football. it is an indoor game and can be played even on rainy days. thus, it is my favorite kind of exercise. 运动能帮助每一个人保持健康、快乐和有效率。

所以我 特别重视运动,特别是乒乓球,乒乓球是我最喜欢的运动。


乒乓球对我们而言,是一项理想的运动,因为它可以使 我们全身运动,它可以增强我们的肌肉,扩张我们的肺部, 促进血液循环,并且使肌肤产生健康作用,此外,它很有趣 而且所费不多。

乒乓球是相当温和适中的,它不像足球那么 粗野。


因此,乒 乓球是我最喜爱的一种运动。

7.fox and cock【狐狸和公鸡】 one morning a fox saw a thought,"this is mybreakfast.'' he came up to the cock and said,"i know you can sing very the cock was you sing for me?'' closes his eyes and began to foxsaw that and caught him in his mouth and carried him away. the people in the field saw thecried,"look,look!the fox is carrying the cock away.'' the cock said to the fox,"mr fox,do youunderstand?the people say you are carrying their cock them it is theirs.''the fox opened his mouth and said,"the cock is mine,not yours.''just then the cock ran away from the fox and fled into the tree.


他想:这是我的 早餐。

他朝公鸡走来,对他说: “我知道,你能唱得非常好听, 你能唱给我听么?”公鸡很高兴。


狐 狸看到这些抓住它放到自己的嘴里走了。


大喊大叫: “看,看!狐 狸抓住公鸡逃走了。

”公鸡对狐狸说: “狐狸先生,你能理解 么?人们认为你叼走了公鸡。

告诉他们这是你的,不是他们 的。

” 狐狸张开她的嘴说: “公鸡是我的,不是你们的。

”就在 那时,公鸡逃离了狐狸的嘴巴,跑到了树底下。

8 . the city mouse and the country mouse 【城里老 鼠和乡下老鼠】 once there were two mice. they were friends. one mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. after many years the country mouse saw the city mouse; he said, "do come and see me at my house in the country." so the city mouse went. the city mouse said, "this food is not good, and your house is not good. why do you live in a hole in the field? you should come and live in the city. you would live in a nice house made of stone. you would have nice food to eat. you must come and see me at my house in the city."

the country mouse went to the house of the city mouse. it was a very good house. nice food was set ready for them to eat. but just as they began to eat they heard a great noise. the city mouse cried, " run! run! the cat is coming!" they ran away quickly and hid. after some time they came out. when they came out, the country mouse said, "i do not like living in the city. i like living in my hole in the field. for it is nicer to be poor and happy, than to be rich and afraid." 从前,有两只老鼠,它们是好朋友。

一只老鼠居住在乡 村, 另一只住在城里。

很多年以后, 乡下老鼠碰到城里老鼠, 它说: “你一定要来我乡下的家看看。

”于是,城里老鼠就去 了。


它把所 有最精美食物都找出来给城里老鼠。

城里老鼠说: “这东西 不好吃,你的家也不好,你为什么住在田野的地洞里呢?你 应该搬到城里去住,你能住上用石头造的漂亮房子,还会吃 上美味佳肴,你应该到我城里的家看看。

” 乡下老鼠就到城 里老鼠的家去。

房子十分漂亮, 好吃的东西也为他们摆好了。

可是正当他们要开始吃的时候,听见很大的一阵响声,城里 的老鼠叫喊起来: “快跑!快跑!猫来了! ”他们飞快地跑开 躲藏起来。


当他们出来时,乡下老鼠说: “我不喜欢住在城里,我喜欢住在田野我的洞里。

因为这样 虽然贫穷但是快乐自在,比起虽然富有却要过着提心吊胆的 生活来说,要好些。